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Hitman 3 Mods That Will Keep You Playing Longer


Hitman has provided us with some of the most thrilling special agent encounters in video games. It is everything James Bond games aspire to be, without the “hired murderer” element. While the original Hitman: Codename 47 for Microsoft Windows introduced the franchise to the majority of fans in 2000, the 2016 remake has introduced the series to a large number of new fans.

The past three games took opponent artificial intelligence and operational flexibility to a new level. There are a thousand ways to achieve a goal, but your enemies will not make it simple. Hitman 3 (2021) has more missions than I can count, yet even the largest games may get repetitive after time. And moderators are your allies if you want to disrupt the status quo. So let’s take a look at the greatest Hitman 3 modifications and see what they can achieve.

1) Selfie Mode

The Selfie Mod is a very intriguing addition to the game. This is because the mod’s functionality is simple. This mod enables you to snap in-game selfies. This may not be a game-changing feature or even anything that will make the Hitman franchise more epic, but snapping pictures with a freshly murdered man will always be one of my favourite activities. You can also snap selfies with random things on the map, so why not try out this mod?

2) Numbered Barcode

We all remember the barcode and number underneath Agent 47’s uniform. The number identifies him as Agent 47, as opposed to one of the weaker clones. For Hitman (2016), the devs elected to remove it in favour of a more minimalist style with simply bars, and this decision has persisted.

I understand that simplicity is often preferable in these circumstances. However, if you’re going to eliminate the one thing that identifies Agent 47 without a barcode scanner, you may as well replace it with a QR code. This modification by Hoovyspenses and Duckilous makes the barcode mirror the one in Hitman Absolution, which plainly reads “640509-040147.”

3) 47 Is Pissed

The 47 is Pissed mod adds a new bonus mission in which agent 47 is equipped with a baseball bat and you must murder every NPC you come across. This is the finest mission ever introduced to the Hitman series since agent 47 is such a skilled assassin that every player fantasises about seeing the guy with the barcode on his head murdering everyone in his way. The task adds a great deal of enjoyment to the game and justifies the download.

4) Better Contract Mode Target Portraits

Hitman 3 is a visually impressive game with a clean user interface and consistent graphic style. However, there are always areas for improvement. Creator Winnod adds his grain of sand to Hitman 3 by enhancing the Contract Mode target images.

In place of the standard grey backdrop graphics for unique NPCs, you will get visuals derived from in-game intelligence, user snapshots, or challenges. This modification changes 276 photos, such as 16 in Paris, 21 in Sapienza, 15 in Marrakech, etc. It even contains the Miami Mascots!

5) John Wick Mod

The John Wick mod is a relatively simple modification that transforms Agent 47 into John Wick from the film John Wick. This mod makes you feel like you’re playing as John Wick and adds a lot to the game’s atmosphere. This mod may not be the greatest on the list if you have not watched the film John Wick. You do not need to have watched the film in order to appreciate this mod, since the model is really well-implemented and attractive. I believe you should test out the mod anyway to gauge your opinion.

6) No Yellow Braces on Shortcut Ladders and Doors

Since quite some time, games have color-coded difficult-to-spot climbing routes and short-cuts in yellow. Typically, the bright yellow hue draws your attention to small, inconspicuous markings without entirely ruining your immersion. Hitman 3 follows a similar pattern with its own shortcuts, although no effort is made to conceal them.

Yellow bracing on doors and ladders are very visible from great distances. It’s rather helpful for beginners, but it becomes quite annoying as you progress. This modification by HMBM47 simply eliminates them, making the game more tough and immersive.

7) Readable UI

The Readable UI hack makes the user interface simpler to read and comprehend. The only negative aspect of this game is its user interface, and this hack entirely addresses that. The UI has been altered to make it much simpler to read, which is a tremendous assistance to those like me who have trouble reading tiny text. If you have trouble seeing tiny writing on the user interface of this game, you should definitely acquire this mod since it makes it so much simpler to understand.

8) Attack Of The Saints

I’m a simple dude. I believe that adding attractive women in bikinis can enhance practically everything. And due to this mod by TridentSuper, Hitman 3 allows us to test this theory. This enticing mod replaces the guards from Colorado, Santa Fortuna, Isle of Sgail, and Chongqing with swimsuit-clad female models.

You would think this would make the game more relaxing, but being surrounded by beautiful ladies with assault guns and other weapons is nothing short of terrifying. If you like Charlie’s Angels but thought that three were insufficient, get this book.

9) Unrestricted Loadouts

The Unrestricted Loadout mod is a basic and uncomplicated mod. This modification enables you to carry any weapon into any task. This hitman mod is excellent since it allows you to become the loudest assassin with whatever weapon you like. The mod was not designed for silent assassins, but these sorts of assassins may still have fun with it since they can bring any quiet weapon into any operation.

10) Poisonous Item Pack

What kind of assassin would you be if you were employed by the ICA? Certainly, I’d be dead, but maybe you’d choose poison over stress to do your homework. With the OnionSquid Poisonous Item Pack, you may experiment with a variety of techniques utilising a large quantity of tactical poisons such as sleeping agents, emetics, and fatal gas.

In addition to the Sieker Extreme, you’ll have access to the Kalmer Extreme, an enhanced version of the Kalmer 2. These tactical firearms fire sleeping and emetic darts and carry sufficient ammunition for the duration of an entire operation. There are also poison gas flasks to toss when discretion is not a major concern.

11) Simple Realistic

The Simple Realistic mod is an excellent mod that greatly improves and makes the game more realistic in appearance. The mod does an excellent job of retexturing the hitman missions and making the game much more visually appealing. This mod’s sole drawback is that it may not operate on lower-end machines; I had difficulties running it on mine, but I’m certain that most other players will not have this issue. If you have a powerful computer and want Hitman 3 to appear its very best, you should definitely download the Simple Realistic mod.

12) Permanent Shortcuts in Offline Mode

Hitman 3 emphasises replayability. And permanent shortcuts are one way gamers might rethink previously completed quests. This self-explanatory hack by Cybore makes all shortcuts accessible from the get-go when offline play, eliminating the need to unlock them individually.

This is perfect for seasoned assassins as well as those who have lost their save file and cannot stand to repeat missions the same manner. Exploring gorgeous locations without actually murdering anybody is one of my favourite things to do in Hitman 3. All of these entry points and routes being opened increases my independence.

13) Infinite Ammo

The Infinite Ammo mod is a lot of fun to experiment with. This mod may damage the immersion for some, but I like engaging in lengthy gun battles in this game. I believe the finest feature of this mod is the ability to kill any NPC on the whole map without notifying the guards. This is certainly a great mod to experiment with, and I highly suggest it.

14) Zero Gravity

Hitman’s zero gravity mod is quite entertaining. This mod changes the ragdoll effect of all NPCs so that they float in the air. This is a really entertaining mod, particularly while playing inside, since all bodies float to the top. If you are seeking for a light, entertaining mod that will provide you with a great deal of entertainment, you should check out this one because you will not be disappointed.

15) Elsa of Arendelle

I believe I’ve discovered the silliest Hitman 3 mod so far. A large part of what makes modding so enjoyable is experimenting with crazy add-ons. Contract killers require ice-cold blood and steel nerves to live, making the Snow Queen from Disney’s Frozen II an ideal choice.

I wish I could say that this Huckpie modification makes the game more suitable for youngsters, but it does not. They may be traumatised by the vision of Elsa strangling someone to death with a piano chord.

16) Focus

Many weaponry in Hitman 3 include the Marksman perk, which temporarily slows down time while aiming to make it easier to hit moving opponents. This is a fundamental mechanic in many shooters, and it does wonders for your badass ego.

With Atampy26’s mod, you can make the Marksman perk permanent regardless of your equipment. You will be able to “concentrate” when using pistols and sniper rifles alike. Just don’t depend on it too much if you want to return to the original game.

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