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What Are Insurgency Sandstorm Mods, Get 16 Best Mods


If you’re out there hunting for modifications for this title, then congratulations: you’re a truly hardcore gamer. Insurgency: Sandstorm isn’t truly a game for everyone. The multiplayer tactical FPS DEVELOPED by New World Interactive is unlike any other current FPS on the market. While the game did garner some backlash at release, there’s no doubting that it’s a great and interesting product.

Focused on online play, there aren’t a whole lot of modifications that can be utilised for local games. But if you can discover community servers that make use of the following modifications, contemporary combat will never be the same.

1) FpLegs

Does it annoy you that everytime you look down in-game, you can’t see your legs? Well, thankfully, this mod has you covered.

The function of FpLegs is straightforward. It enables you to see your legs in first-person perspective. This mod may enhance player immersion by allowing them to see their cosmetics, which may seem like a little, irrelevant element.

2) Jump Shoot

In an attempt to create a balance between simulation and action gameplay, Insurgency: Sandstorm does not include a large number of new combat types.

This mod is all you need if you’re accustomed to leaping and shooting simultaneously and want to be allowed to do so in the game regardless of what the creator thinks. Simple to install and a little alteration to the gameplay. Demonstrate to the world that nothing is genuinely holy.

3) More Ammo Mutator

Do you want to pull the trigger repeatedly without worrying about running out of ammunition? The More Ammo Mutator is available to assist you.

This mutator enables you to overcome the maximum capacity of your main, secondary, and underbarrel magazines. You may set the magazine and ammunition count to any figure, so go crazy.

4) Compound City

Feel like taking part in an anti-terrorism op? The map of Compound City has been prepared just for you. This well-designed custom map, which supports the Coop Checkpoint Security and Coop Hardcore Checkpoint Security game modes, pushes you and your team to be at the top of your game at all times.

There are several ideal hiding places, therefore it is tough. And if you are not cautious, they might become the location of your burial.

5) Zombies

Occasionally, you need a game mode that is distinct from those in Insurgency: Sandstorm. This mod allows the player to feel the terror of being pursued by the undead.

The Zombies mod transforms Insurgency: Sandstorm into a post-apocalyptic game. Fight zombie hordes while capturing and defending objectives. However, be on the alert, since you may meet zombies with unusual powers.

6) Trenches

The reality of battle is unlike anything shown in computer games. Not unexpected, given that virtual worlds may get monotonous. The Trenches map enhances the realism of the game. It allows you and your squad to fight in a trench battle as if you were World War I soldiers.

It will absolutely not be a nice situation. As obtaining checkpoints necessitates moving in the open while surrounded by opponents, mastering this level will undoubtedly make you a superior player.

7) Tactical Theaters

Server-side modifications are not especially beneficial for normal players. However, the Tactical Theaters mod is so outstanding that it warrants notice. This mod is essentially a collection of modified loadouts that alter some of the game’s fundamental principles.

The class system, weapon system, and slots system are among the most significant modifications. You have just two options for implementing these changes: create your own server, or pester your preferred server administrator. You will not be let down!

8) Tactical Armory

Tactical Armory includes new attachments, fire support, equipment, weapons, and other enhancements. If you are dissatisfied with the current state of the game, you should absolutely try this mod.

In addition to adding new weapons and equipment, this patch significantly modifies the game by increasing upper-body damage and decreasing player movement speed. This makes the strategy and gameplay somewhat slower and more strategic.


9) Operation Redwood

Only the most extreme of extreme gamers are permitted beyond this stage. Greetings, gents, and welcome to Redwood. Operation Redwood is a challenging co-op checkpoint map designed to be extremely challenging.

There is little to no cover, and goals are separated by great distances. Consequently, collaboration is more essential than ever. And a methodical, cautious pace is the secret to winning. And similar to a genuine military action, there is no need to hurry to your death.

10) Improved AI

The artificial intelligence in Insurgency: Sandstorm may be inconsistent. Occasionally they are a one-touch killing machine, but occasionally they are not. With this mod, you can permanently resolve that issue.

As the name implies, Improved AI makes bot AI smarter, enhancing the gameplay and co-op experience. It enables you to modify the AI’s behaviour and difficulty, giving them a more realistic feel and a little more difficulty for those that want it.

11) Tactical Armory

Disappointed that Insurgency: Sandstorm has not received a significant amount of new content recently? Stop your sulking and investigate the Tactical Armory mod. This mod, yet another server-side modification, radically revamps the class system. It also adds a substantial amount of additional material to the game, including optics, attachments, and fire support.

And if you’re a fan of skins, this update offers new ones for the majority of the game’s weaponry. The main drawback is that a server is required to access all of this additional stuff. However, someone who has survived innumerable wars should have no trouble with this, correct?

12) Macedonia

The name of this map, Macedonia, leads me to believe that it depicts a rural region in northern Macedonia. This map is ideal for practising sniping due to its abundance of buildings and tree cover.

In addition to the dwellings, this map has other topographical characteristics. There are large boulders in open areas that may provide shelter and hills that can provide height for a better perspective of the surrounding region.

13) Shipment

How would Call of Duty: Modern Warfare play if its mechanics were more realistic? This modification sort of addresses your query. Shipment is a precise reproduction of the map with the same name from the now-classic fourth Call of Duty instalment. If you’ve played that game to death, you should have no trouble mastering it.

And if you want to spice things up a little, try the included Massacre mode. In this mode, only the quickest player will emerge triumphant. And hopefully without too many holes in their bodies.

14) Highlands

Highlands is ideal if you’re searching for a pleasant co-op experience, since it is set in a mountain valley in Afghanistan. To gain success, you must march over a cold terrain and a magnificent environment loaded with enemies, capturing all objectives while staying alive.

In the cold setting of Highlands, you may discover a frozen lake, a scrapyard, settlements, and an insurgent stronghold in the woods. Also accessible are other situations, such as Push, Checkpoint, and Domination.

15) Tactical Bots

I don’t know about you, but I detest it when AI-controlled robots act improperly. This Tactical Bots mod eliminates the issue by making the AI far more intelligent at close range.

This is a server-only mod, like many others, therefore you’ll need to find a server that supports it. Or build your own to see if a computer can play war as well as a human.

16) TORO

TORO is a cooperative map with a good mix of long- and close-range fighting. As you traverse the terrain, you will encounter opponents in both open regions and locations enclosed by buildings. There are also modestly forested places with abundant vegetation.

This map is a must-try for all Habibis, as it has beautiful landscape, well-balanced gameplay, and is available to every playstyle.

17) ISMC

If you like playing co-op but feel it lacks variety and substance, you will adore this modification.

The ISMC mod adds a substantial amount of additional material to the game, including weapons, attachments, optics, aesthetics, and more. This mod will significantly enhance your Insurgency: Sandstorm experience.

18) Redwood Reborn

Redwood Reborn is a cooperative checkpoint map set amid a vast redwood forest. Keep your eyes peeled as you pass through a sequence of checkpoints surrounded by high trees and adversaries approaching from all angles.

This map is a welcome departure from the standard desert maps seen in Insurgency: Sandstorm, which are often placed in urban areas and CQC-focused.

19) Wolf-land

Night maps are severely lacking in Insurgency: Sandstorm. And it is difficult to comprehend why. Did the designers believe that warfare is a daylight activity?

The Wolf-land map has a highly realistic environment and a fully working night mode. This will increase the tension of your workouts. Additionally, all game modes are supported by the map. Now is the moment to adapt your eyes to the darkness and take control.

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