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14 Best Mods of Age of Empires 3 Asian Dynasties


Since the release of the original Age of Empires game in October 1997, the series has remained immensely popular, having pioneered the way for current real-time strategy games. With the recent release of Age of Empires 3: Definitive Edition, fans of the classic civ builder have seen the addition of more and more amazing material to this legendary game over time.

Since the ultimate version was released in October of 2020, new factions have been added with much-needed quality-of-life enhancements and a large number of important bug patches, as the devs progressively squeezed this relic into more contemporary footwear. The modding community has also been highly active, producing an abundance of amazing and intricate modifications that may add hours of new content or revamp the game. Here are a few noteworthy mods from the extensive list accessible on different modding communities.

1) Struggle Of Indonesia

A trip through the history of Indonesia is a very alluring proposition. With the Struggle of Indonesia mod, players may reenact history with an assortment of exotic civilizations and regions!

Age of Empires 3 enthusiasts desiring a change of pace may like the Struggle of Indonesia mod. The sheer amount of effort invested on the game’s unique civilizations makes it well worth the price of entry.

2) Age of Dynasties (Remake)

Age of Dynasties was among the greatest and most ambitious Age of Empires 3 modifications. After a period of stagnation, a new modder collaborated with the original developer to create a fresh version of this outstanding mod.

Given the vast amount of modifications done by this mod, the game seems practically entirely new. It’s a terrific approach to revitalise the Age of Empires 3 experience.

3) Unlimited Units And Improved Ground Corpses

At times, population constraints in RTS games might be annoying. Despite the fact that Zerglings are meant to inspire you to think strategically about the sorts of units you create and how you deploy them, there is still a certain amount of enjoyment to be gained from using them alone. The adversary is being assaulted by thousands of troops.

This mod by Luissey is ideal for those that appreciate mass attacks. It reduces the regular population cost of a unit to zero, and because the limit is never reached, you effectively have a limitless number of warriors at your disposal. This mod also raises the decomposition duration of corpses from 300 seconds to five minutes, allowing you to see the devastation of big conflicts for a little longer or to serve as a warning to others.

4) Fall Of Civilizations

The magnificence of several civilizations throughout the Middle Ages was really remarkable. This mod seeks to imitate this by modifying the game’s mechanics to portray these wonderful powers before their final demise.

This results in a multitude of unique civilizations for a fresh and fascinating gaming experience. This mod is ideal for Age of Empires 3 gamers who do not want to significantly modify the game’s experience.

5) Hoop Throwers

 Gugovscoccoclegenxp demonstrates that modifications do not need to be too complex or revolutionary to be excellent. This unique expansion grants access to Hoop Thrower troops. The Hoop Throwers are a strong infantry unit that throws flaming rings at targets, melting through the skin of enemy troops and setting buildings on fire after a few throws. They are only accessible during the first act of the Knights of St. John campaign.

They are trained at the Artillery Foundry, and despite their effectiveness against structures, they are classified as siege units, which is a peculiar aspect of the game. They have 290 HP points when equipped with a Corselet, 20% resistance to melee attacks, and can be crafted for 100 food and 50 gold, making them both powerful and inexpensive. So it’s understandable that they’re restricted to the campaign, but if you want more of these molten ring-throwing lads, just install this mod.

6) Hundred Days

The reign of Napoleon was turbulent and chaotic. This mod seeks to emulate Age of Empires 3 conflicts that occurred around the same period.

It’s a rather amusing method to relive the hundred-day battle, even if it’s not entirely accurate. The modifications are rather spectacular and a fantastic time in their own right!

7) Realistic And Improved Sounds

Age Of Empires 3 has been out for a long, and the Definitive Edition modernises it significantly, but some of the sound effects, such as shooting and explosions, may seem a little tinny and unnatural. However, with a few tweaks from the AOE Nexus, you can transform every cannon shot into an ear-splitting roar for added realism.

This patch by Fenriz94, for instance, modifies weaponry and factory noises to give the impression that your industrial facilities have the weight and loudness of a genuine warehouse full of equipment. In addition, the sounds of animals and resource gathering have been altered to make the experience more immersive.

8) Remove AI Handicap

Age of Empires 3 may first seem to be a very straightforward real-time strategy game, but it has a great deal of fascinating complexity. For instance, depending on the difficulty level, the AI on each difficulty is given a concealed disadvantage or advantage.

This implies that on Easy, the AI has a resource collection rate of -70%, which greatly reduces their capacity to manufacture troops. On Extreme, this value increases to +40%, which, in terms of gameplay, leads in the AI steamrolling players in every round, and each match often devolves into battling waves of mass-produced troops. This modification by ZapinZones removes the continual horde and makes the game more engaging by setting the handicap for all levels to 0. This implies that you will face the AI without any benefits, which might result in more engaging battles.

9) The Ottoman Empire Mod

Age of Empires 3’s Ottomans are one of the most fun civilizations to play with. Their background and history are already rather intriguing, and it seems that modders wanted to expand upon this fascinating society.

This mod is fantastic for enthusiasts of the Ottoman Empire. It alters the gameplay of this particular civilization and adds and modifies the structures and troops that players may construct.

10) Conquest New World

Even though it was removed in Age of Empires 4, the Home City mechanism in AOE 3 was distinctive and offered intriguing advantages for its efficient deployment. The concept was to acquire XP by completing story objectives and online games, and then use it to level up your city and win in-game benefits by upgrading buildings and using a convoluted deck-building mechanism.

With AoE 3 modifications such as Conquest New World by francot514, they take on a whole new function inside their own game mode. Conquest New Environment offers a persistent gaming world brimming with tasks that provide experience, which may subsequently be utilised to improve your home city. It may be played alone or with others, and players are free to visit allied towns or assault enemy residences. This open-world approach to Age Of Empires will keep you interested for hours due to the availability of various starting cities.

11) Improvement Mod

Players who do not like to experiment with too many modifications may instead use the all-encompassing Improvement Mod. It is an excellent Age of Empires 3 modification that touches on every facet of the game.

This mod works wonders in terms of enhancing the overall gameplay of the game by introducing a large number of tiny but significant modifications. It’s a must-have mod for those who don’t want wholesale conversions but want the core gameplay to be significantly enhanced.

12) Tri-Corn Hats For Veteran Musketeers

The Age of Empires Community places a significant emphasis on historical authenticity. Despite the definitive edition’s best efforts to keep inside the realm of reality while being entertaining, there are moments when the design of particular troops’ attire simply doesn’t work.

The Veteran Musketeers of the British Empire are a classic example. Since the game advances through the ages, the large stovepipe caps worn by the rifle-wielding men begin to be historically wrong, as the clothing used by soldiers of the era altered with time. This mod by Largo1900 allows players to replace their Stovepipes with a more current (for the era) Red Coat Tricorn Hat, making them seem substantially more threatening and period-appropriate.

13) The Ancient Age

Age of Empires 3’s gameplay cycle may be revitalised with The Ancient Age, a historical complete conversion mod that is rather fascinating in its own right. The modifications made by this mod result in a distinctive and interesting experience across the board.

This mod adds Carthaginians, Celts, Hellenes, Persians, and Romans as five new civilizations. Each culture is distinct and offers for a wide variety of gaming options.

14) Build Limits

This one is a bit more straightforward. In Age of Empires III, particular structures and troops are limited in quantity. This is intended to make base planning and army layout more strategic and less about deploying the maximum number of buildings and troops.

Outposts, Forts, Large Ships, Blockhouses, and Towers, for instance, are restricted in quantity since they are very potent defensive constructions, and having too many of them might throw off the game’s balance. The Construction Constraints mod by Quirkysorous that eliminates build limits is certain to cause havoc, but, if you’re seeking for stupid broken build fun or if you want to construct an impregnable castle.

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