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14 Best No Mans Sky Mods to play for you


No Man’s Sky is an excellent space exploration game that modifications enhance even more. Modifications are used by players for a variety of reasons, but their primary purpose is to enhance the experience of playing the game. Even more so with the Outlaws update to No Man’s Sky, there is no lack of things to do in No Man’s Sky. Nonetheless, there are several overlapping systems for a game of this size. Mods may improve a certain component of the game.

Numerous upgrades improve the quality of life. They do not drastically alter how the game is played, but they do make some tasks slightly simpler or faster. The game is extensive, thus conserving time is appreciated. There are also visual modifications. Certain of these tweaks can be used by gamers with strong computers. No Man’s Sky’s space is already gorgeous, but some tweaks may make it absolutely spectacular. The exploration of space is the new open-world objective in video games.

Even in 2020, No Man’s Sky won the award for the best continuing game. There is far more material than when the game was first launched. The nicest thing is that it has just been updated and no paid DLC so far. Players do not need to invest more money to get the material beyond the cost of the main game. With the assistance of player-created modifications, the game may be made even better, and the modding community is still thriving years later. It is vital to remember that the following No Man’s Sky modifications are only accessible on PC and not on consoles.


1) Fast Actions

While performing activities inside NMS does not need a significant input of energy as launching does, it does require an investment of time. Even basic operations, such as conversing with NPCs, need many seconds to complete. This may seem absurd at first, but when each action takes one or two seconds, it might get tiresome for gamers. Enter the Fast Actions mod, which provides space travellers with both fast action and immediate action choices for a smoother, quicker experience.


2) No Teleporter

Here’s one for those that want to explore each globe without using quick travel. DarkSideRC, the designer of the mod, believed that having Teleporters at bases and stations made the game too simple. Therefore, he converted both of them into simple save stations.

This mod makes the game much more realistic and suggestive of a road trip, in my opinion. For optimum immersion, the game is most likely intended to be played by constantly requiring me to travel between planets to get my goals.


3) Better Rewards

The process of acquiring resources and learning new languages may be arduous for many players in the early stages of the game. This is mostly owing to the game’s reward system, which provides nothing in the way of assistance for the player’s advancement. Utilize the Better Benefits mod to significantly boost the rewards players get from learning sources, surroundings, and frigate voyages. These increases vary from twice the original amount to more than 10 times the original, making the game much easier for players.


4) Busier Space Mod

We appreciate what No Man’s Sky has to offer, but why is space so dull? Due to the dearth of human players and sentient entities to engage with outside of merchants, it is almost devoid of life. People may now apply the Busier Space mod, which is meant to enhance travel in outer space, to remedy this problem.

This mod will provide three times as many trades spawn and planet fly-bys as the base game. In addition to an increase in the number of pirates, there are now four times as many fly-by spawning in space. In addition, the amount of space fights will increase, so if you want more action and less tranquilly, the Busier Space mod is your ally.


5) Project Potato Mod

Not everyone possesses a powerful gaming PC capable of handling any challenge. If you fall within this group but still want to play No Man’s Sky, you must download Project Potato, a mod optimised for potato computers.

This outstanding mod allows users to reduce the game’s resolution. In addition to removing a large number of presets and effects, the patch eliminates a variety of additional elements. Once the mod is enabled, the game can run at 30 FPS on low-powered computers.


6) Low Flight

How in the world did Hello Games leave this out of the base game? You may now fly as low to the ground as you choose, courtesy to user HytekGaming. It is a trait that even early biplanes have. So why wouldn’t a hyperspeed-capable hyper tech spacecraft be able to glide through the air?

Due to the fact that the game was not meant for this, it is quite probable that you may crash into terrain, trees, and probably even wildlife while admiring the scenery from your cockpit. This mod disables all collision damage when within the atmosphere, thus you need not worry.


7) Reduced Launch Cost 2.2  

This is for people that like exploring but dislike the amount of resources required to launch a ship each time. Launching the player’s ship requires fuel, therefore players will eventually have to spend time gathering materials for fuel. This hack reduces the quantity of launch fuel needed in No Man’s Sky. The players may alter the amount by which it lowers, allowing them to launch a ship with less fuel or with no fuel for a more free-form game.


8) Spaced Out Asteroids

JustSpaceThings, a NexusMods user, has created a mod that solves asteroid navigation concerns. With Spaced Out Asteroids, you will no longer be bombarded with asteroids whenever you reach an asteroid-rich region. Now that there is far more space between them, it is considerably simpler to fly past them without incident.

On the other hand, you will have to work harder to get your resources if you mine them. Certainly, that is a rather trivial matter. Nevertheless, given the number of times I’ve seen people discussing this in online forums, I’m certain that many of you will find this information beneficial.


9) Dark Warp

Dark Warp, created by user Damanique, is a minimalistic modification. In contrast to the vanilla game’s eye-blinding Star Trek-like warp, this version provides a darker and less spectacular warping effect.

Unfortunately, this mod is incompatible with the majority of graphical overhauls, since the majority of them alter the warp effects in some manner. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent spot to begin your modding adventure if you want to begin with extremely basic and straightforward modifications.


10) Exosolar’s Beyond Base Building 

Building bases is one of the numerous activities available in No Man’s Sky. However, there are restrictions on where and how players may construct their bases. This modification eliminates these limitations. Even better, multiplayer compatibility is complete. This enables users to construct sophisticated and engaging bases, which they can then show off to other players. Numerous pieces may now be scaled, created above and below water, their colour and substance can be altered, and they can be placed in locations that were before forbidden. In the event that the mod becomes incompatible with a future update, it may cause unwanted changes to players’ bases. Sadly, this is the nature of modifications and updates regardless of the game being played.


11) Big Things 4

After a sufficient amount of time exploring the cosmos in the basic game, you will notice that every planet looks… identical. Certainly, lifeforms and biomes are formed procedurally. However, the alternatives are so limited that it is difficult not to see parallels everywhere.

This patch claims to restore a feeling of awe to all worlds by increasing the size of certain trees, rocks, and vegetation on certain planets. This gives each individual a sense of grandeur they did not necessarily have before. You will immerse yourself in the beauty of lush woods filled with huge plants and realise, once again, that you are a particle of dust in an infinite cosmos.


12) Retro ’80s Binoculars Mod

Retro ’80s binoculars is a mod that may be downloaded if you want to dramatically alter the visual style of No Man’s Sky and you like the aesthetic of 1980s films. Excellent for people with a taste for the past. Remember that it will only affect your eyesight while using the binoculars or scanner. From our perspective, it is pretty innovative, and we really like it.


13) Deep Space V2

The biggest and most comprehensive upgrade for space flight in No Man’s Sky comes from user Emmett Brown, who has created a mod that promises to make the experience far more cinematic and immersive.

Not only does it darken space and tone down nebulae, but it also raises the level of detail on planets you fly past and modifies colour filters to make everything seem more “realistic.” In addition, scanlines, depth of field effects, and the vignette are eliminated from space flight.


14) Nada’s Starmap Upgrade

While flying through space, the majority of your choices will be made while consulting the Galaxy Map to plot a trajectory and determine where you are in the vast sea of stars. Exosolar, an experienced modder, found this procedure to be quite inefficient and sluggish. So he modified it to make it more entertaining and user-friendly.

You may now navigate the map more quickly and with less downtime while entering and exiting the map screen. It also makes the Red, Green, and Blue star colours easier to distinguish (this minor adjustment has a significant effect!). It may seem little, but after using it for a few hours, you will never want to go back


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