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17 Best Summer Car Mods You Need To Try


My Summer Car is one of the most bizarre games to be released, proving that wackiness is not necessarily a negative thing. Your parents have just left you alone for the summer in a home that is completely vacant. Having no idea what to do with yourself, you attempt to repair your father’s wrecked automobile. Imagine this situation as an open-world survival video game. Fun times! However, how might we improve this experience? It’s easy, really: there are many modifications.

Here are the greatest modifications you can apply to My Summer Car to add new features, improve current settings, or do anything else your heart wants.

1) Store and Repair Shop Textures

Store and Service Center Textures just alter the appearance of the two sites, store and repair business. Perhaps you need to liven things up a little, or you don’t like the somewhat run-down appearance of both locations.

With this mod, you can quickly alter the textures and aesthetic sense of the stores, enabling you to try something new. Keep in mind that the signboards may not mesh well with the rest of the game’s graphics, but this is unquestionably a necessary modification.

2) Jonnez ES Red and White Edition

Perhaps the Suzuki PV retexture isn’t your style, and you’d like something more vibrant for your motorcycle. With Jonnez ES Red and White Edition, you will experience the same overall ambiance but with a distinct colour scheme.

The modification is a white and red paint job covering the whole motorcycle. As you zoom about, it will undoubtedly turn some heads. Indeed, we provide a variety of solutions for your two-wheelers, people!

3) Nicotine Gum

Managing a few of the health bars in MSC is just as crucial as keeping that old automobile running. Attempting to get new auto components may sometimes be rather difficult. Therefore, you will need to relax in some fashion.

There are less-than-ideal methods to handle stress, such as consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes, which, if done excessively, may make stress worse. Nicotine gum is an alternate option. It reduces stress levels, even among heavy smokers. Go figure!

4) Clean Tires

Yes, we had to incorporate a modification for OCD players. The Clean Tires mod is just what its name implies. The mod enables players to replace the dirty, text-written tyres in their garage with clean, high-quality tyres.

It helps the garage stand out and is attractive. It may not matter to many gamers, but for us and the clean freak community, it’s a warm welcome.

5) Secure Spare Tire

Secure Spare Tire, a feature you’d want in your actual vehicle as well, prevents you from having to halt your journey due to a little incident on the road.

The mod enables players to carry a spare tyre in their trunk in case of a roadside mishap. When a tyre or wheel is damaged, you may promptly fix it and continue on to your goal, alleviating any inconveniences that may arise.

6) Show Bolt Sizes v2

Now that we have a minor performance improvement, let’s go on to some modifications that will make your next MSC game more enjoyable. First, there is Show Bolt Sizes. My Summer Car is as merciless as any survival game. However, not in the manner you may anticipate.

You are never actually guided in the proper path, so there is no hand-holding. You are responsible for figuring everything out, and it must be simple to figure out how to reassemble a disassembled automobile. Displaying bolt sizes simplifies matters by indicating if the bolts you have are too large, too tiny, or just right.

7) Clearance Tool

The Clearance Tool performs just as advertised. It permits the adjustment of the ground clearance and wheel offset. Simply avoid setting the value too high or too low, since doing so will ruin the game. If you damage your car’s suspension, you must select “reset to default” before repairing it.

As long as you adhere to them, you may modify and enjoy whatever ground clearance you like.

8) Closing Pits Panel

Since this game is mostly about restoring an old Satsuma, you’ll be spending a great deal of time in the garage. Fortunately, your garage is already suitable for auto maintenance. In other words, a fire pit is already established.

This might get difficult if you fall into the hole accidently on occasion. Thanks to the erratic controls. This is facilitated by the Closing Pits Panel, which allows you to easily open and shut the pit by pressing a button adjacent to the garage door.

9) Colorful Gauges

If the GT gauges weren’t exactly your thing, maybe these will be. When it comes to the speedometer and fuel gauge, Colorful Gauges provide a choice of customization possibilities. They will then transform into the colour of your selection and glow at night.

Customizable aspects of the gauges include the backdrop, needles, and numerals. In addition, the colour selection utilises RGB sliders, so you have almost a limitless number of colour options to choose from.

10) Carry More

Similar to previous survival games, you must monitor a number of health bars in this one. Included in them are hunger, thirst, and exhaustion. You will need to make periodic trips to the grocery shop to purchase food.

And you’ll quickly realise that even grocery shopping gets more difficult in this game, since you’re only only permitted to carry one item at a time. That is no longer the case, thanks to modder Wampa842. And honestly, could this not have been vanilla? Carry More provides you with an inventory system that enables you to carry an unlimited number of goods.

11) VHS Player

Mods may be used for much more than simply making things simpler. This VHS player, for instance, may be created in-game and linked to your television in-game.

In addition, it is totally adjustable, so you can pick which films are shown on each tape. You must convert the real video files to ogv before proceeding. Then, you just place them in a game folder and you’re ready to play.

12) Wheel Resizer

Have you ever felt that your automobile was insufficiently robust when driving on Finnish roads? Wheel Resizer is a fast solution to this issue. The hack enables you to alter the Satsuma’s wheel size at any moment.

Make them a little larger and higher for a better perspective of the road, or go completely crazy and create a “monster truck” Satsuma. It will save you a great deal of time if you read the instructions before using this mod, since it has various peculiarities.

13) Car Aerial

While the Cassette Tapes mod is an excellent way to pass the time, you will still be spending the most of your time in the Satsuma.

Due to the age of the vehicle, the radio system isn’t precisely flawless… and isn’t ideal for listening to music while driving. Car Aerial resolves this issue by enabling you to attach a new ModMagnetic antenna to the Satsuma, resulting in improved reception wherever you travel.

14) My Summer Car Satsuma Gulf Skin

My Summer Car Satsuma Gulf Skin is a vibrant racing-style paint job for your Satsuma. The mod gives two aesthetic alternatives, a rusty Satsuma model and a very clean Satsuma. Both of them have paint jobs that are unparalleled.

Car fans will like the mod’s old, rustic appearance, which is provided with a paint job that does not stick out. We don’t know about you, but it’s good to have a vehicle that seems to have all the other “racing”-themed mods in a single package.

15) Call Your Cousin

In My Summer Vehicle, crashing your car is more regularly than you’d imagine, and you’ll likely die frequently from unsuccessful builds. If you are fortunate enough to survive an accident, you will be without a vehicle for the period of the repairs. Therefore, you will need to locate an other mode of transportation.

This is provided by your cousin, with whom you may hitchhike if he ever happens to pass you on the road. It might get tedious to wait for him to drive by… Consequently, this patch provides a straightforward solution. With “call your cousin,” you may contact Peni to pick you up at your home, then again from the payphone outside Teimo’s tavern for a ride back home from town.

16) Rally Spotlights

Check out Fredrik’s Rally Spotlights mod if you want to add even more customising options. The hack adds wide-beam headlights to My Summer Vehicle that function identically to any other placeable car component.

You may buy and install them on your hood, and they are ideal for driving during the dark evenings in Finland. Even the lights may be painted, allowing you to personalise their appearance on your Satsuma.

17) MSC Birthday Trophy

This one is quite ineffective. However, it is a nice Easter egg from the community. It adds a trophy in the shape of a beer bottle to your home’s bookshelves display. The inscription on the base says “happy 2nd year of msc!” since it was created in 2018 to mark My Summer Car’s 2nd anniversary.

It may not be of much use, but having it there is rather nice. As a reminder to the devoted MSC modding community that made all of this possible!

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