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Plan Your Strategy: Greedfall Mods


Greedfall may not be the most inventive role-playing game, but its scenario is certainly among the most original. How many games do you know that are set in a fictional setting inspired by the 17th century?

There is still an active Greedfall modding community, which arose quickly after the game’s debut despite its low size. And there is a multitude of modifications worth investigating. Where even do you begin?

With this list, naturally. Prepare to populate the island with more efficiency than ever before!

1) Camera Overhaul

There is a reason why this mod is at the top of the Nexus database’s rankings. GreedFall’s camera could need some TLC, and this patch fixes a number of flaws with the original configuration. It addresses many issues:

• Maximizes the field of view slider, providing enhanced peripheral vision

• Eliminates many camera movements (no more fight trembling!)

• Normalizes several changes, such as when you unsheathe a weapon or engage in combat

If the camera in GreedFall has you down, this mod is for you.

2) No Mana Cost

These incredible talents that we like using so much are powered by mana… Then why do our heroes devour it in Greedfall for normal ring attacks?

The solution to this question may never be discovered. The No Mana Cost mod, which eliminates all mana charges for standard ring assaults, may put a stop to this perplexing scenario, though. However, this keeps the skill level unchanged. A little adjustment that is certain to make battle far more enjoyable.

3) Increase (or Decrease) Party Size

If you feel guilty leaving behind any of your pals, don’t! This mod enables you to choose the size of your party.

If you’re having trouble going through a given area or just want to observe how things play out with a larger or smaller set of friends, this mod will assist you. This mod has already been updated many times since its release, so check back often for the most recent version.

4) Fight Like Your Life Depends On It

If you believe you have mastered the fighting in GreedFall, you have likely never played the game with a certain mod loaded. Fight Like Your Life Depends On It adds a legitimately difficult mode for the game.

In addition to the usual stat adjustments, this update features a large number of AI enhancements. With this mod enabled, your foes will now parry and counter more often, heal more frequently, and approach you in a somewhat more strategic manner. And even get access to player-only abilities.

5) Companion Battle Chatter Silencer

Perhaps the war cries of GreedFall’s companions are purposely unpleasant in order to drive the player to explore non-combat choices. Whether it’s intended or not, you’re likely sick of hearing, “Things are going to become tricky!”

Utilize this mod to replace any battle cry you’re sick of hearing with the sound of quiet. This GreeFall modification disables lip sync for character models, allowing you to transform Kurt, Vasco, and your other allies into silent, murderous statues – exactly like the lord intended.

6) Precious Metals

If anything in the world is genuinely bad, it must be RNG-powered mechanisms. When I have a 0.5% chance of obtaining the required things, do developers expect me to continue trying? While our Precious Metals hack cannot rescue the world from these bothersome pests, it makes GreedFall much simpler to play.

The mod boosts the quantity of gold, ammunition, ore, obsidian, rubies, and potions dropped by monsters. Because nothing in the world is more valuable than your own health. Included in-game.

7) More Carry Weight

Simple and direct: never again should you forget your valuables! One of the most difficult aspects of any RPG is picking which equipment and stuff to bring and which to leave behind. This modification allows you to forget all of that and just carry everything.

Make GreedFall the packmule simulator you’ve always wanted, and carry a weapon for every conceivable situation. Or, you may merely add a little more weight to your load as necessary. That also works.

8) Remove Brown Filter

No one appears to like the bizarre atmosphere-altering visual filters used by game developers. However, they continue to appear in each and every game.

Remove Brown Filter totally eliminates the unattractive filter that makes GreedFall seem slightly dingy, and even allows you to modify a few settings to customise the appearance of the unfiltered game. Just be careful not to overdo it, since you may end up with something worse.

9) Sheathe

There are really numerous “visible sheathed weapons” modifications on Nexus, but as of this writing, this is the finest. It’s a little aesthetic detail, but it adds to the realism of GreedFall.

This mod just makes all of your character’s equipped weapons visible, even when they are not in use. Some firearms, swords, and axes appear better than others, depending on your equipment. It is a modest but fantastic addition to the visual of the game.

10) Easy Increase Reputation

Reputation is important in the GreedFall universe. And the faster you get it, the simpler it will be to engage with other groups. More lucrative, even.

The Easy Increase Reputation mod modifies the reputation system such that it requires fewer reputation points to enhance the connection rank between team members and factions. Just make sure you have a solid plan for how to use all this goodwill; you do not want it to go to waste.

11) Vasco Less Tatts

Always desired a relationship with Vasco but were intimidated by his facial tattoos? Surprisingly, a mod can assist with it! You may be astonished, like us, by how much more you enjoy Vasco’s appearance after these “little aesthetic adjustments.”

These modifications are what make PC gaming fascinating. Modifications range from “huge revamp” to “small little tweak,” although sometimes the latter is the most important. Although it is a matter of personal preference, this mod has the potential to be indispensable.

12) Companion Battle Chatter Silencer

Please, all of you. A moment of quiet for our brothers who are no longer able to speak. The Companion Battle Chatter Silencer ultimately silences your allies in combat, replacing their battle cries with a quiet file and deleting lipsync entirely.

This manner, it does not seem as though they are just making noise for no reason. Their voices may be unpleasant, but you do not want them to seem foolish when battling a dangerous monster!

13) No Skill and Talent Points Requirements

If you just want to experience all of GreedFall’s talents, then this mod is for you. It eliminates the need to spend points on the game’s many abilities and talents, enabling you to just choose the ones you choose.

Yes, this will make your character highly powerful, but it also enables you to play with the many quest and goal completion choices. Don’t use it on your first playing, but try it on your second attempt.

14) Romance Hints

I really wish a similar mod were available for the most challenging game of all: real life. Romance Hints is a simple modification that puts indicators before each conversation option. This shows the option to choose if you want to woo a partner.

It may seem redundant, but in GreedFall, it is not! As it is so simple to accidentally shut oneself out of a romantic route. What do you mean by grumpy?

15) OMG XP

I dislike grinding in role-playing games as much as anybody else. Nevertheless, the OMG XP mod may have gone a little too far. This provides a permanent benefit of fifty times the normal number of experience points earned. And course, you will level up really quickly.

If you’re not in the business of breaking games, you may instead choose the x5 multiplayer mode. Which should not be as game-breaking, but will let you advance much quicker.

16) More Talents on Capes

Did you know capes contain hearts? And even talents? No? Then then, welcome to Greedfall. More Skills on Capes adds talents to capes, as the name says.

The mod includes a variety of settings that allow you to add extra abilities without damaging the game, or go all out and become Superman! If you choose the balls-to-the-wall option, you must remove all other equipment, since equivalent talents will cancel each other out.

17) More Carry Weight Mod

Weight modifications are required for role-playing games that continue to employ an obsolete inventory weight restriction mechanism. When exactly did this begin, anyway? More Carry Weight raises the maximum weight restriction from 500 to 5,000, allowing you to loot almost all goods without having to abandon them.

And those who have played RPGs with infinite inventory know the agony of having to discard goods. Many folks really detest it. I value myself beyond all others!

18) Increase Party Size

Let’s expand this party, shall we? Obviously, we’re not talking about your birthday party, but rather your group of GreedFall explorers.

This patch will allow you to boost the size of your party and force all members to participate in events and dialogues. Or simply delete them completely and play the game by yourself. Why not, if you’re a lunatic seeking a challenge?

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