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Tekken 7 mods and how to install them


It didn’t take long after Tekken 7’s PC release for remarkable modifications to be developed for the game. Over the years, modders have gone to great efforts to develop some of the most inventive and aesthetically gorgeous fighting game modifications. Many have now mastered the skill and constantly develop new patterns.

There is a mod for almost every aspect of Tekken 7. Characters, levels, music, heads-up displays, and even gameplay mechanics have been modified. There are several solutions available, the great majority of which are free to download. We have compiled the most remarkable, adventurous, and outlandish Tekken 7 modifications for you to explore.

What are the modifications in Tekken 7?

They are alterations that alter some parts of the game. In reality, a mod is an extra code that creators let be added to their product.

There are several varieties of mods:

• Tekken 7 music modifications – to alter the musical score

• Tekken 7 costume modifications let you customise the combatants’ outfits. For instance, Tekken 7 King modifications offer King new outfits.

• Tekken 7 character modifications may introduce new characters to the game (by changing the appearance of the existing characters)

• Use Tekken 7 stage modifications if you wish to battle on unique stages (the same as with characters, these mods are rather cosmetic, they do not change the physical features of the stages)

• Tekken 7 HUD modifications – to alter the user interface in-game

Some (terrible) modifications provide unfair advantages to players. Yes, it is potentially possible for players to employ cheating modifications. These alterations are abhorrent! They spoil the experience for everybody concerned, including the users themselves (you always know those victories are fake, and you never can enjoy the game). These tweaks are commonplace in shooters. Thankfully, fighting games are highly safeguarded against such alterations.

Included in this category are Tekken 7 rank modifications that alter your rank. It is preferable to enhance one’s talents and get high Tekken 7 rankings when they are really deserved.

Many modifications are not accessible for Internet-based multiplayer, since they can only be loaded on a single machine. Online Tekken 7 modifications may be required for such customised bouts. However, the majority of modifications operate offline or in our custom games.

Also, don’t mix mods (modifications) with modes; they merely sound similar but are completely different. Check out the post on DashFight on Tekken 7’s modes.

Tekken 7: how to install mods?

Modifications are exclusive to PC gamers. One can argue that it is a limitation of the consoles. Still, many console players see this as a tremendous advantage, since they dislike tampering with the creators’ ideas (and being vulnerable to cheating).

The following is a detailed guide on how to install Tekken 7 mods:

1. Find a mod that you want to utilise. This Deviantart website is among the most popular hubs.

2. Install the mod.

3. Copy the file(s) to the directory… Steam->steamapps->common->Tekken 7->TekkenGame->Content->Paks->~mods. Typically, the Steam folder is located under Program Files. The mods folder must be manually created, therefore use the same name.

4. Launch the game, and the mod should be there.

Installation of Tekken 7 modifications is as simple as pie. It may be more challenging to pick from such a large assortment.

Visual Enhancements

OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset

The Tekken series has long been recognised for its cinematic presentation and high-octane action. Tekken 7 is no exception; modders have discovered methods to improve the aesthetics of the game. The OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset modifies the majority of the game’s aesthetic elements.

The OrdinaryTekken Reshade Preset modification provides a visually appealing enhancement.

Realistic lighting, shadows, and background features such as torch flames have been included. The addition of new hit effects and cinematic attack angles transforms the game into a martial arts blockbuster.

Tekken Reborn

The visual design of Tekken 7 is excellent, but longstanding fans of the franchise will always want nostalgia. Thel3arracuda, a modder, has you covered if you’re a gamer wishing for the past. Their Tekken Reborn modifications transform the whole presentation of the game to resemble a series classic. The scoreboards, soundtrack, character selection screen, costumes, and announcer’s voice have all been retrofitted. There are mods for every prior Tekken game, but Tekken 4 Reborn is by far the most popular.

Bound Mod Tekken 7 Mod

In Tekken 7, the screw attack was added as the main means to lengthen combinations. This replaces the Bound system introduced in Tekken 7 This hack reinstates the Bound system without eliminating the screw attack in Tekken 7. You may combine the screw and bind attacks in the same sequence.

It is a great method for innovative gamers and content developers to pull off ridiculous combinations, despite the fact that the mod does not support online play.

Familiar Faces in Tekken 7 Mods

Traditional Yoshimitsu Garments

Yoshimitsu is a Tekken series fixture, having featured in every instalment. He is the only character whose visual design is fully redesigned for every game. The renowned swordsman has donned some of the series’ most memorable clothes, yet none of them have returned as defaults in Tekken 7. Thankfully, a number of modders have rebuilt them with improved visuals to modernise Yoshimitsu’s most iconic appearances.


Mokujin, a sentient wooden training dummy, is one of Tekken’s most peculiar characters. He lacks a distinctive fighting style and instead replicates the exact moveset of a different character in each round. Mokujin debuted in Tekken 3 and returned for Tekken 5 & 6, but is gone from Tekken 7. This mod modifies the look of any character in the game to create the impression that he is “copying” their motions.


Ogre is one of Tekken’s most renowned characters, despite only appearing in one of the series’ major games. The last boss in Tekken 3 is a monstrous entity resembling an evil old god.

The figure has two incarnations: the humanoid Ancient Ogre and the monstrous True Ogre. Modder VictorSelkovtsk has introduced both Ogres to Tekken 7, along with Ancient Ogre’s unique move set.

Tekken 7 Customization Mods

We have picked just a few instances of game modifications for this page. We invite you to use the download links for Tekken 7 modifications, test them out in your battles, and then check out the other incredible works of your other players.

1. Forgotten City

The Forgotten City is the mother of all Tekken 7 level mods ever published.

Why, you ask?

This level is not based on any of the vanilla levels. It is constructed from the ground up utilising 3D models, high-quality textures, and incredible lighting.

This generates a mood that wouldn’t be out of place in titles such as NieR!

Too bad 2B can’t make it into Tekken 7 (yet).

2. Trace Arena

Are you sick of seeing the same Arena?

Or maybe the frenzied crowd and its cries no longer energise you as they once did?

No issue; it’s time to modify the set.

Trace Arena modifies the Arena add-on by modifying some of its aspects in a really elegant manner.

Honestly, the stage doesn’t alter all that much.

However, the slightly modified aesthetics should suffice for another ten thousand or so bouts.

3. Geometric Plane Mod

A peculiar emptiness filled with geometric forms.

You are unaware of how you arrived here. However, you are aware that you will need to battle your way out!

The Geometric Plane mod adds the lighting from the Forgotten Realm stage, making the scene even more intriguing.

It is hard to comprehend that such a little change could have such a significant impact!

4. Mishima Arena

The Mishima Building is impressive in and of itself.

However, it is inconceivable that the influential Mishima family does not possess an actual arena. In reality, they actually own one.

The Mishima Stadium is an incredible stage upgrade that fully transforms the Mishima Building into a scream-filled arena.

And they want nothing more than for you to win every match in which you compete.

Which you should definitely do. The finest thing you can do for these folks from all over the globe is to offer them what they want.

5. Male Fundoshi Mod

Ok, now that we have a mod showcasing the lovely physique of Tekken 7’s female characters, let’s have something from the male characters. These men exerted a considerable amount of work to create their incredible muscles, so why cover them up? Let them only fight while wearing traditional Japanese underpants, fundoshi. It’s a fantastic substitute for Tekken 7 modifications without clothes!

6. G. Corp Arena Stage

Combine two Tekken 7 levels; with this patch, the G Corp. Helipad will be drastically updated with Arena components.

7. Jungle Castle Outpost

Remember when every 3D fighting game in the late 1990s demanded a stage set in the wilderness?

Those days have finally returned!

The Jungle Castle Outpost is a modified stage that transports the King of the Iron First tournament to… the jungle!

There are two variations of the stage: a day version and a night version. And both are accessible online.

Therefore, you will be able to use it as the background of your online triumphs and maybe even take screenshots of them.

Just avoid loss here: no one will hear your cries for assistance.

8. Purple Galaxy Azure 2

There is nothing more lovely than a night sky filled with stars. With blood on the ground!

Purple Galaxy Azure 2 is not the most complicated Tekken 7 level ever created.

However, it is among the most attractive.

This downloadable bundle contains many variants of the level that vary in minor details. However, I would choose the mountain variant to make things even more awesome.

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