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20 Best Blade and Sorcery mods


Blade and Sorcery is a virtual reality fantasy sword-fighting game with some of the greatest combat you’ll ever encounter in a virtual reality game. Extremely savage and realistic violence, along with an abundance of weapons and spells, make for some of the most entertaining gaming available. Obviously, with games like this, you’ll discover some of the weirdest and coolest mods you’ve ever encountered.

Here is a list of the mods I’ve downloaded and experimented with, with links to where you can get them yourself. Make sure to support the mod developers!

1.The Outer Rim

For two reasons, I’ve been avoiding Star Wars mods on this list.

The first is that there is an excessive number of topics to cover. The second motive?

The Outer Rim mod already has the greatest ones.

This ambitious effort by Kingo64 tries to convert Blade & Sorcery into a Star Wars-themed combat simulator. And the majority of it is successful.

It features weaponry like as lightsabers with replaceable Kyber crystals, in addition to some conventional blasters (which will actually hit their targets).

In addition, a number of new battlegrounds based in locations like as Tatooine and Naboo.

If you don’t enjoy Star Wars, I’m not sure how that’s possible, but there are plenty of other amazing mods on this list for you to try.

However, if you are a fan, you must install The Outer Rim as soon as possible.

2 Bloodborne-Hunters’ Arsenal

Blade and Sorcery doesn’t put you against werewolves or eldritch creatures (yet), but who said Bloodborne’s hunting tools couldn’t be used in other games? The Hunters Arsenal mod features trick weapons from all shops, as well as their fully functioning converted versions.

Whether you’re a fan of the Whirligig Saw or the Threaded Cane, there’s something fresh and somewhat crazy for you to utilise. Hunters Arsenal is compatible with U10, so why not give it a go if you have the most recent update installed?

3. Bloodborne Trick Weapons

Although very demanding and difficult to finish, the horror action game Bloodborne provides good and nerve-wracking pleasure.

To reproduce these weapons in sword and sorcery is unfathomable, and to duplicate their functionality is mind-boggling, yet the bloodborne trick weapons exceed all expectations.

4. Katana Megapack

The use of magical weapons is acceptable. But I’ve been watching anime since I was a child, and I know that there’s no cooler weapon than a katana.

This modification by Siilk not only adds katanas to the game, but also a variety of other Japanese swords!

Such as the half-lance half-sword Nagamaki, the compact and multipurpose Wakizashi, and even the tiniest of knives, the Tanto.

The degree of attention to detail in the blades is astounding. You’ll feel like a true Samurai while using them in combat.

4. Mythical Weapon Pack

The Fantasy Megapack previously covered a “magical weapons” mods.

However, this Mythical Weapon Pack by Sushin goes one step further by developing really enigmatic weapons that need interaction to comprehend.

There are a total of 20 distinct weapons, some with relatively basic powers such as life draining and elemental damage, and others with more complex magic such as mind control.

Even a weapon with a consciousness of its own stands ready to defend your life.

It’s one of the most entertaining mods available, which has gained it a great deal of popularity in the modding community.

5. Heartbreaker

Occasionally, you need a little bit more to finish off a particularly annoying wave of foes, and this mod satisfies that need. Heartbreaker grants you a unique magic ability that enables you to literally ‘phase’ through things with your hand, as shown by your arm seeming to tremble swiftly.

Phasing allows you to glide your hand through your adversary’s chest, where their heart is practically in the palm of your hand. Heartbreaker has been upgraded and is now compatible with U10, although the InputSteamVR Patch is required for all of its capabilities to function properly.

6. Fort Toth – Map by Drags

Fort Toth is a massive map mod built amid snowy mountains that resemble those seen in the freezing northern region of Skyrim. Multiple interconnected paths within the castle and a performance-friendly visual style that not only combines well with the game’s aesthetic but also looks excellent on its own combine to create an immersive experience in which you can practically get lost.

You’ll have enough to do between pitched assaults atop the walls and all-out melees in the cold courtyard, where spawn-books are situated everywhere. Fort Toth, although requiring a rollback to U9.3, is well worth the time and effort to explore.

7. Electrical

If you’re not a huge fan of Iron Man but favour Ivan Vankor, the electrical upgrade will make you thrilled.

If you’re not a huge fan of Iron Man but favour Ivan Vankor, the electrical upgrade will make you thrilled.

You may fire lightning bolts at your foes and lift off the ground while wreaking havoc on those whose eyes are filled with hatred.

If you are in the mood to spread fear, approach your opponent, grab them by the neck, and electrocute their brains.

Yes, become the Ivan Vankor you’ve always desired.

8. Dark Chains

Due to Blade & Sorcery’s excellent gameplay mechanics, the game’s creators and community have been able to supply every conceivable resource for its fans.

Nobody believed telekinesis would be viable in the game, but black chains make it plausible.

By just signalling with their hands, players may suffocate or even sever the necks of NPCs.

Bring your adversaries to the ground by lifting them up. Utilize your creativity or let it go wild.

9. Trials Of The Shinobi (Naruto)

Another piepop101 complete conversion mod inspired by a famous anime.

Trails of the Shinobi includes a large number of melee weapons pulled directly from the anime. It also includes four new maps and a formidable collection of jutsu techniques for you to play out your ninja fantasies.

10. Medieval Megapack

Our second weapon modification grants us access to almost 300 more weapons. Trying out all of these will add countless hours to your total playtime!

There is a vast selection of realistic to utterly fanciful weaponry, as well as a few absolutely commonplace weapons, with which to conquer your adversaries. My particular favourites are the iron skillet and the rolling pin.

11. Fantasy Megapack

The Fantasy Megapack, also by Sushin, includes over 90 fantasy weapons with a variety of effects that put the “Sorcery” in Blade & Sorcery.

The weapons are mostly identical to those included in the Medieval Megapack.

However, we now have magic qualities that induce blood loss, such as Shredding. Or Volcanic, which carries the power of fire and causes explosions when it comes into touch.

Occasionally, an adversary may spawn with a super-powerful weapon, so be vigilant.

12. SharpAI

Since we’re already altering the fighting mechanisms, why not also boost our opponents’ artificial intelligence?

SharpAI by modder Siilk includes almost 1800 more C# lines of code.

All of this sophisticated programming allows them to dodge your strikes and counterattack by exploiting any opening.

They will also be less likely to lose their weapons, and pushing them about will be less effective.

This is required if you have even the tiniest fighting skill or if you want to increase the difficulty.

13. Lashing

Lashing is one of the most intriguing Blade and Sorcery mods due to the fact that it has a staggering amount of uses, depending on the player’s whim. Connect foes and objects, zipline or swing over the battlefield like Spider-Man, or make explosives that violently pull everything in the explosion radius together like a singularity from Mass Effect.

These new features are so unique and entertaining that every gamer must experience them. Lashing 2, an improved version with more capabilities, is U10-ready and a tonne of fun to use in dungeons, so keep it in mind.

14. Dark Messiah Arena

You’re unsatisfied with the standard arena map included with the basic game. Would you rather see an epic battle in a magnificent Colosseum surrounded by a wide ring of antique statues? This map, converted from a renowned Arkane Studios game, Dark Messiah of Might and Magic, has just what you want.

This vast arena has a survival game option, interactable braziers, several spike traps, and a central platform that offers a convenient escape route if you need to catch your breath. The terrain is tuned for performance and does not contradict with the game’s artistic approach. Ensure you have downloaded the proper version of the game, since the most recent release is compatible with U9.3 only.

15. Death Pit Fortress

As with all mod articles, we must list both appearance-altering mods and custom map mods.

The death pit fortress is a difficult custom terrain that makes you more fearful than combat-ready.

The map is littered with a succession of treacherous, tiny pathways that will kill you with a single misstep.

Utilize your intellect while standing in this difficult stronghold. Currently, you may be standing, but will you be the last one standing?

16. Bickle’s Skyrim Weapons

Skyrim is regarded as the most sought-after fantasy game ever made, thus it is only fitting that players have the ability to duplicate its weaponry in other games as the game is developed.

This is possible using the bickle’s Skyrim weaponry modification.

The mod contains eleven weapons from Skyrim, such as the Celtic Katana, the bastard, and the Daedric sword.

It is also textured in HD so that the weapons do not seem out of place. This makes it seem much more incredible in VR.

17. Yondu’s Yaka Arrow (Guardians Of The Galaxy)

Remember that incredible sequence in Guardians of the Galaxy when Yondu shoots his arrow through dozens of rebels? This modification renders the scene in virtual reality.

It may not be the most apparent option for a Marvel-inspired mod, but it is really welcome.

18. Spider (Spider-Man)

Have you ever pondered what it might be like to web-sling in virtual reality? How about spinning webs around the nasty guys?

That is what this modification is! Channel your inner Spider-Man by tripping, disarming, and web-webbing random things to your adversaries!

19. Slugga’s Combat Overhaul

Combat in Blade & Sorcery is by no means subpar.

However, there is always potential for improvement, particularly if you want the most authentic experience imaginable.

Combat Overhaul by modder Slugga17 modifies the game’s gameplay in various ways to make fights more realistic and immersive.

Some of the mod’s features include improved ragdoll physics, greater damage when striking crucial areas such as the head and body, and the ability to knock down an opponent with a leg sweep or shield smash.

There is also an ultra-realistic version for those who are truly dedicated. It also enhances immersion, which is a huge bonus.

20. Energy Sword

As a child who was just beginning to play “big boy” games like Halo, the Energy Sword wielded by Sangheili Elites appeared like the game’s greatest weapon.

And I recall pretending to have one during fake fights with my buddies.

Thanks to this mod’s developer, SyfeFireshard, I can now handle my ideal weapon in a virtual reality setting and take my pretend Spartan dreams to the next level.

Obviously, this item will slice through your foes with ease. And it’s so clever that the energy blades only emerge when you take up the weapon and vanish when you set it down.

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