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17 Best 7 days to die mods


Mods are used to enhance the properties of weapons, equipment, armour, and vehicles. They may be installed on the aforementioned items’ mod slots. The number of slots ranges between 1 and 4 based on quality. When applied to weapons, mods boost damage by 10% and raise economic worth by 300.

On the following lists, majority of mods are applicable to both weapons and tools. On a mod’s website, you may find more detailed information on where it can be mounted.

How to install 7 Days to Die mods

• Download the desired mods.

• Launch Steam and click to the Library section.

• Locate 7 Days to Die, then right-click and choose Properties.

• Select Local Files and then Browse Local Files.

• Locate the Mods directory. If no Mods folder exists, you may create one.

• Extract the files and place the Modinfo.xml files inside the Mods folder.

• Launch the game to get your mods installed.

1 Better Homes And Worlds – Complete Collection

This mod contains the whole of the Better Homes and Worlds mod series, each of which adds major material to 7 Days to Die. We’ll briefly describe what each mod in this collection contributes.

Army Surplus presents new military equipment, weaponry, recipes, and schematics. Down on the Farm has a Chicken Coop and Animal Traps in addition to innovative farming techniques. Power Plant expands the player’s ability to use electricity to power their structures. Nuts & Bolts offers crafting recipes for essential components. Hoarding increases storage capacity in containers and vehicles.

Modern Cooking adds additional “Campfire” blocks, including functional Ovens, Stoves, Grills, and Microwaves. The Reinforced Doors expansion adds reinforced doors and reinforced windows. Signage enables the crafting and placement of all current signage in the base game, including road signs, store signs, and trader signs. Fashionista adds colour and makes all existing clothing pieces craftable. Finally, Indoor Plumbing provides simple access to water inside the player’s house.

2 RXEL Weapons

Occasionally, weapon mods do not have to be the most realistic improvements available. After all, a significant part of what makes video games interesting is having distinct methods to deal with dangers, which the RXEL Weapons mod does.

This mod adds two new weapons, the RXEL Bolt Action Rifle.223 and the RXEL M9 Pistol, which shoot electrical bullets that shock foes and do significant damage. Despite the mod’s lack of realism, startling adversaries into surrender is definitely the most entertaining aspect of 7 Days to Die.

3. SMX – By Sirillion

While this mod may appear to be nothing more than a simple UI overhaul, the incredible attention to detail in SMX makes it essential for players who want the 7 Days to Die horror aesthetic to be present throughout the entire experience.

This mod significantly overhauls the main menu, HUD, and inventory, making everything in the game appear more menacing and terrifying—a boon for players who want to be truly terrified by this game.

4. Server Side Zombies

Want some new insane zombies with their own unique ability to dominate? Server Side Zombies can help. This mod adds 15 additional zombies to the week. The new zombies have a high number of hit points and will grant you additional experience points upon death. It also includes a fantastic research camera option that increases damage with each new zombie photograph.

Why Server side zombies are enjoyable:

• Fifteen new zombies, such as Bomber, Geist, Scarecrow, and Siren

• Each zombie has a one hundred percent chance of dropping Boss Loot.

• Research camera enables you to get up to 25% more harm with each photograph captured.

5. PhD Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest

Need additional storage room for all your loot? PhDGaming offers the solution for you. The Ph.D. Bigger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest modification will dramatically increase the size of your backpack and storage chests. With all the stuff available in Navezgane, you can never have enough storage or bag space.

Why the PhD Larger Backpack and Secure Storage Chest is entertaining:

• Expand backpack capacity to 120 slots

• Increase the capacity of your Secure Storage Chests to 143 slots

• Applies to all newly built chests.

Reduce the quantity of storage containers in your foundation.


VanillaPlus intends to enhance the feel of the vanilla gameplay while introducing new elements. Here are a few characteristics:

• The capacity to recycle spent ammunition into its raw materials

• Harvestable zombie guts

• Master talents

• More passengers per vehicle

• A Murder Axe that swings like a sledgehammer

• Flowers that provide honey to bees

• Bird nests that can be grown for eggs and feathers

This is just the top of the iceberg. VanillaPlus has you covered if you want to extend almost every element of 7 Days to Die.

7.The Wasteland

The Wasteland mod has Raider, Soldier, and Mutant NPCs, the famous Nuka Cola, as well as Fallout-inspired weaponry, equipment, and places.

If zombies weren’t enough of a challenge for you, hostile NPCs armed with melee and ranged weaponry have been added to the wasteland, making exploration of the enormous landscapes much more dangerous. If you are a huge fan of the Fallout series, this mod is for you.

8.True Auto Shotgun And Improved Pipe Shotgun

The Auto Shotgun is without a doubt one of the most powerful weapons available to gamers. In spite of this, the firing rate of what is purported to be an Auto Shotgun is awful, and the weapon does not really feature automatic fire.

All of this is altered by the following mod, which boosts the Auto Shotgun’s firing rate and transforms it into an automatic weapon. It also enhances the Pipe Shotgun in the game by boosting its magazine capacity to three shots, hence enhancing the use of this dreaded weapon.

9.Double Drum Magazine Extender

It would be difficult to discuss ammunition extensions without including the Double Drum Magazine Extender upgrade. This mod enables players to create a double drum magazine that practically doubles the ammunition capacity of all weapons in the game.

It is quite rewarding to eliminate zombies without having to reload after each shot. This weapon may not be balanced for all firearms, but it may vastly boost the magazine capacity of other firearms.

10. Zombie Loot Drop Increase A19

Speaking of looting, it must be acknowledged that battling zombies in this game may be a total waste of time and resources, given that the zombies themselves do not supply players with anything of value.

However, with this mod installed, hunting for zombies to battle in the world may be rather enjoyable. In the end, these zombies drop somewhat more treasure at more regular intervals, which makes chasing them at least somewhat fun.

11. 30K Stacks

Gathering stuff in 7 Days to Die is a pretty routine task, with players typically avoiding amassing more than 500 of most objects for fear of hoarding them for no purpose.

However, obsessive collectors who don’t want to be limited by the default 500-item restriction may simply install this patch, which raises the limit to 30000. However, bear in mind that some goods cannot be saved in excess of 500, since this restriction is hardcoded into the game.

12. War Of The Walkers Mod

The War of the Walkers mod is a must-have for any player who is tired of the vanilla 7 Days to Die experience, since it introduces a plethora of new and unique gameplay concepts, adds a number of new objects, and makes the environment seem more alive.

Our mod facilitates an enormous amount of mods and additions, making it one of the most outstanding mods on this list by a wide margin.

13. Starvation Mod

The Starvation mod is another mod designed to increase the game’s difficulty. This mod adds several exciting new features, like the ability to teach survivors to work for you, food spoilage, and even pets. The Starvation adds a great deal to the game that you probably did not anticipate.

Why Starcraft Mod is enjoyable:

• Seasonal climate

• Settlements with Non-Player Characters

• Fishing and gillnets

• Advanced agriculture

• Dependence on cigarettes and marijuana

• New office stations

14. War of the Walkers

War of the Walkers is a mod that incorporates even more game features and other great mods than previously. Examine stuff such as Specialized merchants, New health items, new bonuses, and some bizarre new undead. This modification will also have NPCs and bandits. With so many additional features, give this modification a try.

Why War of the Walkers is entertaining:

• New devices

• Brand-new firearms such as the Baretta shotgun and desert eagle

• Crafting station for armour

• Include characteristics of mods such as SMX, CCTV, and bizarre creature packs

15.  More Skill Points

This hack will somewhat expedite the easy difficulty. When you work to level up a character and only get one skill point, you may feel as if your efforts were in vain. You may earn between two and 10 skill points every level using the More Skill Points mod. This might help you get the advantages you’ve been craving even more quickly.

Why More Skill Points is entertaining:

• Facilitates gameplay without altering zombies

• This mod is adaptable pick between 2 and 10 skill points per level to be added

16. HDHQ Overhaul

Alpha 19 is only compatible with the plant and particle modules of this mod. Keep an eye out for an update once A20 becomes available.

With optional modlets including biome overhauls, biome particle effects, biome flora, more goods, new gun skins, and vehicles, HDHQ Overhaul’s core modifies lighting and textures to provide a more realistic and immersive atmosphere for the player.

This mod offers both 2K and 4K resolution settings, and the adjustments to lighting generate more realistic reflections and smooth transitions from one biome to the next.

17. Ztensity’s Unnecessarily Beautiful But Immersive (UBBI)

Although there are several construction materials and things that may be placed in 7 Days to Die, the game lacks the capacity to create visually beautiful homes. This is the mod for you if you wanted to make a lovely foundation.

Not only does this patch provide contemporary facilities such as functional bathrooms, PCs, and televisions, but beds may now be used similarly to bedrolls, rather than being only aesthetic things. It adds a vast assortment of craftable products and construction materials to the game, allowing you to design the perfect zombie-proof house.

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