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Understanding the importance of non-delivery report


Any eCommerce company in India would come across the terms NDR and RTO on a frequent basis. As a result, it’s vital to know exactly what each of these acronyms stands for. It starts with NDR, which stands for Non-Delivery Report. Non-delivery of orders is one of the most common order fulfilment issues that eCommerce businesses experience. Failed deliveries are those that do not reach the final client successfully the first time.

NDRs are used to report failed order deliveries to eCommerce firms (non-delivery reports). Finally, the NDR panel’s non-delivery report aids in the delivery of the order to the final client. Let’s have a look at RTO now. In logistics, it stands for Return to Origin. “Out of stock orders” are orders that are not deliverable and should now be returned to the origin warehouse. If they survive the journey, they can be refurbished, refilled, and resold once they arrive at their destination. RTOs, however, result in considerable losses for your online business because the client’s money is returned yet the shipping expenditures incurred against you are not.

What Makes a Non-Delivery Report an RTO?

NDR full form is non-delivery report and it is produced in the NDR panel if a delivery agent fails to deliver an order to a client on the first try. When this happens, the carrier schedules a second delivery attempt, which is usually handled by a different delivery worker. The majority of carriers limit the number of delivery reattempts to three. But what happens if an order has three failed delivery attempts (i.e., it has been registered as an NDR three times)? Unfortunately, in logistics, the order is instantly marked as a Return to Origin, resulting in a revenue loss.

What Effects Do NDR and RTO Have on Online Seller Profitability?

We hope that we have given you a basic grasp of how NDR and RTO work in the eCommerce business. However, we decided it would be helpful to break out each function’s negative influence on an online retail organisation in order to have a complete grasp of it. Long-term, the negative impacts of RTO and NDR may be devastating to a company’s growth and profitability. The most important immediate implications of non delivery report and RTO, as well as a concise explanation of how they diminish profitability, are listed below.

The delivery has been rescheduled.

Customers are on the verge of panic until their order is delivered. When an NDR occurs, it is always seen as a further pause in the delivery process. As a result, customers may become more wary, increasing their chances of cancelling their transaction.

Customer Service That Isn’t Up To Par

Sluggish reactions to NDR may result in the order not being delivered at all, even if high levels of anxiety were enough to make clients despise the delivery procedure. Customers will continue to associate your delivery failure with your brand identification, costing you revenue and damaging your image.

Fees for shipping that aren’t required

You don’t want your business to incur any unjustified financial losses. Despite the fact that you have lost a customer, you are still responsible for the forward shipping costs if a return-to-origin in logistics occurs. In addition, there may be unspecified extra expenses associated with the return trip.


Both NDR and RTO have a negative impact on a business’s operations. Hopefully, it is clear what the issue is at this point. You are not, however, obligated to accept the circumstance. Your position as an eCommerce company in India has given you the ability to chart a course for growth while also addressing the issues and pains that so many others face in the industry. And, while neither can be avoided, there is a lot you can do to not just mitigate the harm they create, but also to turn them into opportunities if you are proactive.


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