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Simple ways to get Gorilla Tag Mods


In Gorilla Tag, you and your friends play as gorillas and climb and swing from platform to platform. The game is surprisingly fun, and since it’s on the Oculus Quest 2, you should try it out. You can not only play as a gorilla with a torso with arms, but you can also fly through the map. What can be done to make this better?

Well, Mods. Mods are extra files that can be added to a game to make it look different. You can use a lot of different Mods for Gorilla Tag.

What is Gorilla Tag?

In VR, you can run, climb, and jump using a unique way to move that only needs your hands and arms. There are no buttons, joysticks, or ways to teleport. To jump, push off of a surface and squeeze it with both hands. Simple tag is for up to three players, and infection mode is for four or more.

You can either run away from the infected gorillas or outsmart the remaining gorillas to catch them. Parkour up trees and cliffs to get away from or catch people. You can hang out with random people in a low-tech virtual jungle or with friends in a private room. Since there isn’t much at stake, you can just talk or make up your own games. The move is easy to learn but hard to get really good at. You can play with anyone, anywhere, even if they have the Quest version of the game.

Gorilla Tag Best Mods – AirJump

A mod for Gorilla Tag that lets you jump off cubes while you’re in the air! (Oculus Quest port coming soon?). The mod that lets you spawn tiles under your hands:

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Change the size and the material

Look at each other’s tiles

Throw cool cubes into the air.

Gorilla Tag Best Mods – Texturepacks

You can change how Gorilla Tag looks. Change the look of Gorilla Tag with a mod! (The BepInject, Exenject, and Computer Interface mods are needed)

Open Stream and look for Gorilla Tag. Click the gear icon on the far right of the screen. You click “Manage” and then “Browse local files” after clicking it. Drag your pack into BepInEx -> plugins -> GorillaTexturepacks -> Packs.

Gorilla Tag Best Mods – Screw Gravity

A mod for Oculus Quest’s Gorilla Tag that lets you change the gravity. Screw Gravity is a mod for Gorilla Tag that lets you change the gravity settings using the Monke Watch. Instructions:

For options 1 and 2, you have to hold down the A button.

1 Watch option 1: This lets you turn the mod on and off.

2 Watch option 2: You can change the amount of gravity to suit your needs.

3 Watch option 3: You can stop in the air.

4 Watch choice 4: Change the settings for custom gravity.

Gorilla Tag Best Mods – Monke TV

A mod for Gorilla Tag that adds a TV. You can watch videos in Gorilla Tag with a mod. You can add your own videos and then watch them in-game.

How to get Gorilla Tag Mods for the Oculus Quest 2

We need to find a PC or Laptop before we can start getting the Mods for the game. We have to do this because we need a Windows device for it to work. Now, use a USB Type-C cable to connect your Oculus Quest 2 to your PC. After that, you need to do these things.

Enable Developer Mode

Also, you need to be in developer mode to get the Gorilla Tag Mods or any other Mod. Use the steps below to turn on Developer Mode.

• You’ll need to go to the Oculus website.

• When you get there, sign in with your account and sign up to become an Oculus Developer.

• From there, you should be able to follow the steps to get a Developer account.

• Just make an organisation now, and it can be anything you want. Developer mode is now on.

• The developers of Gorilla Tag allow mods to be used in private lobbies or rooms that can’t be joined on the vanilla version of the game, as long as the other players in the lobby are okay with it. You can only play games with these kinds of mods if you are hosting a private game or have been asked to.

• Players can and will report you for using mods even in private lobbies, so make sure everyone is okay with this. If cosmetic modding is a type of modding, make it a private lobby and let people enter modding through the clock. If you were given a Cosmetic Mod, go to Level 1 and check to see if it is possible to equip it.

Download the Quest Patcher.

Quest Patcher is a programme that adds mods to the Quest 2 game. You will need this software if you want to get Mods for Gorilla Tag or anything else. Use the steps below to get it.

• You can download the Quest Patcher of your choice and install it on the same disc as Gorilla Tag. You can download Monke Mod Manager by double-clicking on the EXE file. Once you do that, Mod Manager will find your Gorilla Tag installation and download itself. If the mod manager can’t figure out where you installed Quest, you can use the file manager to get there. Choose MonkeyMapLoader from the list, make sure it’s checked, and then click On Install/Update to add Map Loader to the Gorilla Tag.

• Go to Browse mods in the QuestPatcher app and choose the MonkeMapLoader.qmod file you just downloaded to install it. If you want to use gorilla materials that other people made but didn’t come with the mod, just drag and drop a.gmat file into the Gorilla Tag/BepInEx/Materials folder. Gorilla Tag Mods Discord is where you can get mods.

Getting the Gorilla Tag Mods for the Oculus Quest 2

Once the Oculus Quest and the Quest Patcher are linked, it should say “Modding Gorilla Tag.”

• Click on “Patch my App” now! Gorilla Tag on the Oculus Quest 2 will need Mods after it has been patched.

• The Gorilla Tag Mods Discord is where you can get them.

• Choose the Mod you want to use.

• Make sure you read the Mod before you get it, because it may ask you to do something else. Find a Mod and put it on your game.

• When that’s done, drag and drop the Mod file into the Quest Patcher.

• You can start your game right away.

• If you have a Cosmetic Mod installed, you can equip it on the first floor.

• If it’s a different kind of Mod, make a Private Lobby, and you’ll be able to use your watch to get to the Mod.

• Be careful, because Mods that give an unfair advantage to a player will be banned from Public servers.

• Try these out with your friends in Private Lobbies. Also, your Mods will only be visible to people who have the same ones installed.

This was all about getting Mods for the Oculus Quest 2 game Gorilla Tag. This guide should have been helpful. You can also look at our other guides, such as “How to Play Custom Songs in Beat Saber on the Oculus Quest 2.”

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