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10 Easy-To-Install Mods That Make Minecraft More Magical


With potion crafting, Elytra, and enchanting things, Minecraft’s original game has a good amount of magic and wonder. If you want to add extra mysticism to your games, there are a number of modifications that give a witchy flavour.

Some of the modifications on this list need you to collect new natural materials in order to harness the energies of nature, while others emphasise rituals done at the proper time and location. Alternatively, why not install them all and attempt to become the most powerful magical entity in the universe? Simply remember to feed your familiar on occasion.

1) Mahou Tsukai

Mahou Tsukai is immensely popular among fantasy-loving Minecraft players and is sometimes referred to as the greatest available Minecraft Magic mod. It has received over 4 million downloads to date and mixes spells and magic into the Minecraft universe, along with a distinct anime-inspired graphic style.

Players may anticipate remarkable features like as mana prices, mana regeneration, spell sizes, and effects. Even incredible familiars may be summoned by players for a spectacular and mysterious gaming experience.

All spells have creative applications, but players will not get spell advancement. The Mahou Tsukai Knowledge Compendium is a craftable in-game manual that players may consult for assistance.

2) End Teleporters

Minecraft is a delight to play, until you discover you spent countless hours going from one location to another. Imagine how widespread RPGs and open-world adventures are now due to the standardisation of quick-travel as a technique.

With the introduction of the End Teleporters patch, modder RealMarkus1002 has enhanced the quick-travel option of Minecraft’s numerous surviving worlds. With this installed, you may position any end portal frame to any location on the globe, and you can even create your own.

3) Magic Dust Mod

The Magic Dust Mod may be difficult to understand, requiring users to read a PDF manual in order to learn how to handle all of its components. However, it’s a simple and entertaining method to change your Minecraft server into a realm of fantastic adventure and magical imagination.

It adds a plethora of incredible magical components to the game, such as mystical items, magic spells, and even magnificent fantasy summons for the players to use. It’s a fantastic magic data pack bundle that any player who like Minecraft and the mystical arts will adore!

4) Dark Chronicle Mod

Before you reject this as just another “dark fantasy” mod, pay attention to Dark Cloud, a great game that many have forgotten about. If you played the PS2 when it was initially released, I suppose that piqued your interest, huh? Obviously, not every player is old enough to recall the fervour around the Dark Cloud series.

So here’s a brief summary: It was one of the first PlayStation 2 games that, although being quite successful at the time, was very niche in comparison to contemporary titles such as Devil May Cry and Resident Evil.

While the “randomised dungeon” feature was omitted from the mod, all weapons, equipment, and ores are present. Unfortunately, it lacks the cel-shaded appeal of the original games. However, this should not prevent you from enjoying Dark Cloud in your Minecraft travels.

5) Mana and Artifice

Mana and Artifice is a great alternative for those who like to concentrate on their character’s magical talents. This mod adds a completely new level of magic to the Minecraft universe, as well as a plethora of legendary and magical features.

With this mod, players may completely reimagine their Mage RPG Minecraft servers, bringing their fanciful characters to life with a variety of incredible additions. The mod adds impressive magic features, including enchantments, spells, magic, additional foes and allies, and much more.

6) Thaumcraft 6

According to the mod’s developers, this modification is all about extracting magic in the form of Essentia from actual items and utilising it to perform miracles. Salis Mundus, a component placed on vanilla bricks to turn them into their magical forms, is the foundation of thaumaturgy. The guidebook is known as the Thaumonomicon, and it contains all the knowledge the player has acquired via physical world inquiry.

In this mod, there are two new biomes to explore, six new enemies to face, and a neutral creature called Pech with whom to do alchemical research. Be wary of maintaining stability while using magic, since Flux Rifts and Taint may cause random occurrences to disturb your environment.

7) Potions Master

The world of Minecraft is packed with potions that provide players incredible skills, bonuses, and more. However, for many gamers, these potions are insufficient. If you want to create even more mystical potions, the Potions Master mod might become your closest friend.

Potions Master enables users to construct very inventive potions utilising magic, including potions that are not feasible in vanilla Minecraft. The Potion of Oresight is an example of such a potion, since it enables players X-ray vision to view ores in the earth. The mod also supports other mods, if they have the proper Forge Tag.

8) Nature’s Aura

The mechanics of Nature’s Aura are far simpler than those of other modifications on this list, however it does not imply that the substance is missing. The power, or aura, of plants and trees is used to generate magical objects and effects. A region rich in natural components will passively expand its aura, resulting in rapid plant growth in farms. Large-scale Aura depletion, however, will result in natural degradation, as leaves despawn and animals perish.

Numerous mechanisms may be automated, such as the bottling of sunlight and ghosts, and the tools created by this mod are immensely handy for terraforming huge regions. Different effects, such as ground pound damage, seeing Aura, and fuelless smelting, may be produced by wearing baubles.

9) Blood Magic

Despite the fact that light elementals and white magic powers are unquestionably famous, some players remain attracted to the darker side of the mystical arts. This mod may be your best pick if you’re seeking for a more sinister experience and wish to employ black magic powers in Minecraft.

It enables the usage of magic powers, similar to many other Magic modifications, with the exception of how power, strength, and energy are obtained. The only way for a player to gain strength is to kill, after which they may obtain blood to enhance their magical skills. However, players should be reminded that, as with other types of black magic, power comes at a price.

10) Inventory Pets

But what is a mage without an adorable familiar to accompany them about and bestow them with weird mini-powers? Inventory Pets is a charming mod that adds inventory-sized, craftable companions. Some may be discovered in procedurally produced, mod-specific structures, therefore it is worthwhile to explore for the more uncommon ones.

There are 52 buddies to gather, each with a unique ability, allowing players to mix and combine according to their current objective. Each pet requires a hotbar and its preferred food to operate, but with benefits like as auto-smelting, elimination of bad effects, lava-walking, and random potion drops, they are well worth the inventory space.

11) Extra Gems

After reaching the Nether, what more is there to do? Downloading the Extra Gems mod will offer extra items for mining and crafting! This mod adds six additional gems, including emerald, ruby, sapphire, amethyst, topaz, and crystal, which may be mined. Each may be used as a beacon and has a secondary function when used in amulets.

The mod author designed these jewels to have diamond-like attributes but iron’s durability. These gems may also be used to construct amusing-looking armour. In amulet form, however, the magic manifests, providing benefits such as enhanced speed, luck, and health.

12) Electroblob’s Wizardry

Electroblob’s Wizardry blends the vanilla characteristics of the mystic arts with the most beloved Minecraft qualities, enabling players to bypass the potentially complicated process of developing specialised magic abilities. The only method for a player to advance is to explore and kill creatures, collecting useful magic items along the way.

This mod adds a plethora of unique spells, wands, scrolls, and spellbooks, as well as other activities and sights. To become real masters of the occult arts, players will also be required to go on quests in search of ancient runes and wizard towers.

In addition, players may get unique goods, armour, and upgrades, among other things. There are other add-on modules for this game that allow players to use even more spells.

13) Ensorcellation

Try Ensorcellation if you don’t want to learn a multitude of rituals or spend days seeking for a unique bloom. This modification adds enchantments, plain and simple. Some of them may be attached to animal armour, making our favoured mounts somewhat safer. Existing enchantments may also be modified, such as making Sword-specific effects accessible on Axes, which might result in significant damage.

Unique abilities include Air Affinity, which removes the mining penalty while the player is not standing on a solid block, and Vigilante, which does greater damage against Illagers, making it ideal for raids. Soulbound and Insight are both highly valuable in general, since they preserve your inventory upon death and increase your experience gain, respectively.

14) Witchery

What about players who fall somewhere in the middle? This mod may be ideal, given its premise is that one may be “black” in terms of magic skills and appearance without necessarily being bad.

It’s a Wicca-inspired take on Minecraft, complete with rituals, nature spells, and potions that can transform you into a vampire or werewolf. Dark fantasy and mythology enthusiasts will find this Minecraft Magic mod to be awe-inspiring and very intriguing due to the aforementioned features.

However, it is important to note that spellcasting is not a key factor. Players may still devote more time to traditional Minecraft activities, such as farming, crafting, and destroying enemies with epic fireballs.

15) Astral Sorcery

This is a lovely mod devoted to the night sky and its stars. You will begin with a comprehensive guide that adds new chapters and unlocks benefits as you progress. You will be able to use a real wand to connect Astral Crystals, project light across great distances, and transform blocks into more valuable substances. Astral Sorcery also enables teleportation through Celestial Gateways, which may be used to traverse huge distances across the Nether, the End, and the Overworld, and can be color-coded accordingly.

There are also a variety of wands to manufacture, each with its own unique effects, such as putting a large number of bricks in a customisable manner, launching the player to the peak of a mountain, and constructing floating spheres out of whatever is available. This mod utilises Marble and subtle particle effects extensively, making it an elegant and practical magic mod.

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