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Top 12 Mods For Metro Exodus


The first-person shooter game Metro Exodus is one of the most intriguing open-world games (that a tonne of people are sleeping on). Fans were fairly anxious to see how the Metro franchise would flourish with an open world since the Metro series in general has been nothing short of an undervalued treasure. Fans truly liked the Metro Exodus experience from beginning to finish, so there was really no cause to be concerned about anything happening during that time period.

As a result of the introduction of the Enhanced Edition, players now have the option of either playing the game for the first time while taking advantage of the game’s newly enhanced visuals or playing the game once again. There is no disputing that installing a few modifications will unquestionably make the whole experience more enjoyable, and this is true despite the fact that these gamers may be in a variety of different positions. With this in mind, the following is a list of some of the top modifications that gamers may download in order to enhance their experience while playing the game.

1) Metro Exodus Redux

When it comes to the game’s improved aesthetics, the player is unlikely to make a mistake by selecting Metro Exodus Redux. Modifications that are considered to be comprehensive often include a number of different enhancements as part of their purpose. There are several tweaks that, when used improperly, might result in a visual appearance that is radically different from its original state. One of the key attractions of Metro Exodus Redux is that it still preserves the broad aesthetic concept of the original game.

Enhancements have been made, among other things, to the colours, shadows, tone mapping, and sharpness of the image. This modification does an excellent job of improving the visuals if that is something you are seeking to achieve.

2) No-Intro Videos Fix

The bombardment of unpleasant beginning screens that gamers have seen many times is the most frustrating thing that they have to deal with when starting a game, and it’s also the thing that they have the least control over. When a developer’s name appears for the first time, it is instructive; nevertheless, when it appears several times in a row, it may become quite unpleasant.

Players who do not want to be confronted with this vexing issue each and every time they launch Metro Exodus have the option of using the “No-Intro Videos Fix” instead. This modification, which lives up to its name, frees gamers from the obligation of watching these same boring introduction movies over and over again.

3) Minimalist Reshade

The Minimalist Reshade is a fantastic modification that may be used instead of the one that was previously installed. The Minimalist Reshade hack, much as Metro Exodus Redux, does not make any significant alterations to the standard artistic style. Instead, the patch features a variety of minor adjustments and enhancements that, when taken collectively, provide the game much cleaner aesthetics.

The look of hazy textures has been significantly toned down, which has resulted in Metro Exodus having a presentation that is far more refined. The update also makes adjustments to the game’s colours, giving the environment of the game a more lively appearance without resorting to excessive means.

4) All Weapons – Modded Savegame

Due to the fact that Artem has very little equipment on him at the beginning of Metro Exodus’s gameplay, players will find themselves in a very tense state. Because of this, it is very necessary for the player to use both their weaponry and their brains throughout the early encounters of the game in order to make certain that they do not find themselves in a situation in which they are trapped between a rock and a hard place. However, there may be players who wish to go all out during a game repeat or just want to experience the game’s fighting at its greatest level from the very beginning of their playthrough. This custom save game is the answer to all of these gamers’ problems, and they can use it right now.

With this particular save game, players may begin the game at the very first open area, already equipped with all of the weapons, upgrades, and modifications that are even remotely possible to get at that point. Tearing through Volga with such an imbalanced character is undoubtedly a pleasure, and it provides for a really unusual way to play a game that, in general, focuses on tense moments and restricted firepower when players are engaged in combat situations.

5) Collectors Save Game

Collectibles are a common feature in a wide variety of video games, especially those that have an open-world setting. There are a lot of fans that appreciate the treasure hunt concept that this trope symbolises, despite the fact that the occurrences of this trope aren’t always mind-blowingly amazing.

However, the Collectors Save Game mod is the perfect solution for gamers who don’t feel like putting in the effort required to complete all of the side quests in Metro Exodus. It should come as no surprise that this is a save game in which all of the collectibles have already been located. In addition to that, every single weapon mod, as well as every armour and utility mod, has been gathered. Those players who wish to start a New Game Plus without any complications will find this mod to be quite helpful.

6) Anna Mod Pack

Because of the bond she has with Artem, Anna is one of the most essential characters in the game, and that connection is responsible for a sizeable portion of the narrative progression. Therefore, it should come as no surprise to anybody that players would value the chance to modify Anna in order to improve the quality of their own experience while playing Metro Exodus.

This is possible with the Anna Mod Pack, which gives players the ability to customise Anna’s appearance in any way they see fit by providing a broad variety of different outfits and customisation options to choose from. Naturally, this modification is one of the more subjective additions on our list; for the vast majority of players, Anna already has an appealing appearance and does not need any kind of customization in any way, shape, or form. Despite this, it is still an interesting method to spice up the appearance of the game in some manner.

7) All Weapons – Modded Savegame

If we are going to talk about weaponry, don’t you think it would be great to have the most lethal ammunition early on in the game? Along the same lines as the previous mod, the All Weapons-Modded Savegame provides players with access to all of the available hardware in Metro Exodus without requiring them to make any further effort.

When players begin a new game at the Volga level, they will have access to every weapon and every upgrade that is linked with that weapon. This also remains true for adjustments to equipment, armour, and helmets, among other things. Being overwhelmed never felt so amazing.

8) Change Difficulty If Selected Ranger Difficulty

The Ranger Hardcore difficulty setting in Metro Exodus is the most challenging option available, and it transforms the experience of playing the game into a tense one in which even the smallest mistake might result in the player’s death. The worst part about this difficulty is that players can’t reduce it if they bite off more than they can chew; these unfortunate players need to either go through the hardest mode at a gruelling place or start the game over again at a lower difficulty setting. The fact that players can’t reduce this difficulty if they bite off more than they can chew is the worst part about this difficulty.

Because to this mod, however, players won’t feel any remorse even if the Ranger Hardcore difficulty level proves to be a little too challenging for them to manage. This modification provides a simple workaround that players may use to avoid the limitations that come with remaining on Ranger Hardcore. This is a fantastic approach to make the most tough level available without having to resort to penalising the player.

9) High Performance Reshade For Only DX11

Another reshade modification, this add-effects on’s have the potential to have a shockingly obvious influence on the colour palette used in the game. The High Performance Reshade For Only DX11 hack modifies the lighting, shadows, and colour effects of the game to make the atmosphere lighter and more captivating.

To be more exact, the mod reduces the tendency of some areas of the game to have a yellowish tinge. Scenes depicting snow now have a more vivid appearance and include less grey. It’s a notable change that the vast majority of fans will probably be happy to see implemented.

10) More Authentic Textures

Given how immersive the environment of Metro Exodus really is, some players may want for the attention to detail that is there in this game to be perfectly perfect in every way. However, there are certain sections of the game that aren’t totally true (mostly due to causes that are outside the control of 4A Games), such as the Russian Federation being referred to as the USSR in some textures. This is an example of one of the inaccuracies that may be found in the game.

The goal of the More Authentic Textures mod is to replace these textures with ones that are intended to provide a more authentic and engaging experience for players as they go through the game. This mod could seem to be nothing more than a texture replacer for uniforms, train cars, and posters, among other similar aspects in the game; yet, players who pay close attention to these minute details will discover that their immersion is much increased with this mod.

11) A Photo-Cinematic Metro

As was previously indicated, the aesthetic appearance of a game may be significantly altered by a wide variety of reshade options. A Photo-Cinematic Metro is a mod that, as its name suggests, aims to give the game the look and feel of a film and makes significant improvements to the game’s presentation.

The improved graphics are indeed amazing, particularly with regard to the lighting and shadows that have been included. Before you give this mod a try, make sure that the installation instructions provided by the mod’s creator are followed to the letter.

12) Performance & Gameplay Enhancer

There is no game that does not have its fair share of glitches and other annoying flaws. Naturally, Metro Exodus is not an exception to this rule. The good news is that gamers won’t have to seek very hard to find an all-encompassing mod that eliminates at least some of these unpleasant interruptions in the experience.

The Performance & Gameplay Enhancer mod implements a number of changes that improve the game’s overall quality of life. The modification itself is a genuine configuration file that “disables unpleasant effects,” such as fake mouse input delay, motion blur, and foliage shadows. As a consequence of this, both new players and veterans of the game should give serious consideration to using this mod.

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