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15 Best Witcher 3 Mods


When discussing some of the finest video games ever created, it is only a matter of time until The Witcher 3 is brought up. CD Projekt Red began from very humble beginnings with the first game in the series, which paved the way for a sequel and ultimately culminated in the third and final game in the trilogy, which is regarded by many as an excellent open-world action role-playing game that is still highly playable and enjoyable.

When discussing some of the finest video games ever created, it is only a matter of time until The Witcher 3 is brought up. CD Projekt Red began from very humble beginnings with the first game in the series, which paved the way for a sequel and ultimately culminated in the third and final game in the trilogy, which is regarded by many as an excellent open-world action role-playing game that is still highly playable and enjoyable.

Playing The Witcher 3 on a PC is undoubtedly the finest way to enjoy this masterpiece, mostly owing to the ability to incorporate a vast array of modifications to enhance the experience. Keeping this in mind, the following are the greatest modifications for The Witcher 3 that a player may install to enhance their gaming experience.

1) Fast Travel From Anywhere

The vanilla version of the game contains a built-in quick travel system, but in an effort to make it a more immersive mechanic, it is only accessible via reaching waypoints. It is understood, and considering that Roach may be contacted at almost any time, it is not a significant hassle. The Fast Travel From Anywhere mod by JupiterTheGod makes things far more easy by enabling players to disregard signposts, as stated.

It’s a simple mod that makes a significant effect, since it provides players greater flexibility to explore without having to account for a lengthy journey back to a fast travel point. Notify players that this mod may cause issues in a few missions, including a mainline quest, and that it is advisable to investigate remedies first.

2) Always Full EXP

Have you ever accomplished a difficult task only to get little experience points? Numerous Witcher 3 users share this problem and want a more balanced gameplay experience. The Always Full EXP mod provides several settings for modifying the experience points gained from all tasks.

Always Full, Always Difficulty, Always Mixed, Always DLC, and Always Neovalen are the five variations of this mod. Depending on the level of difficulty, the kind of mission, etc., each option will result in a different amount of experience. This mod is for any gamer who desires a more balanced EXP system for their next playing.

3) All Quest Objectives On Map

Wolfmark’s All Quest Objectives on Map is not as significant as quick travel from any location on the map, but it’s a basic addition that makes touring The Witcher 3 more convenient. This patch permanently adds all places of interest to Geralt’s map. It’s possible that it makes the map excessively congested, similar to the Assassin’s Creed and Far Cry titles from Ubisoft.

However, it saves the hassle of remembering where certain businesses and the like are located, particularly while travelling crowded metropolitan towns such as Novigrad. Combining this with simple rapid travel is a significant improvement to the game’s quality of life, similar to what Skyrim’s many mods have done. Even better, the patch may be configured to display or conceal various symbols to assist reduce clutter and offer concise task summaries.

4) High Quality Faces

The Witcher 3 and the whole Witcher series are renowned for their captivating plot and fascinating characters. The High Quality Faces mod aims to improve the presentation of these characters by enhancing the facial quality of almost every character and NPC in the game.

According to the mod creator, the mod is almost complete, since it affects all Main and Secondary characters as well as around 80 percent of popular NPCs. Use this mod to take your gaming to the next level, as you’ll now be able to discern which way characters are facing, resulting in a more comprehensive experience.

5) Over 9000 – Weight Limit Mod

A weight/burden system for equipment may be a contentious characteristic. On the one hand, it might be seen as an intriguing technique to urge players to consider inventory management, as well as an immersive method of grounding the game. In the context of just playing a game, it might also be seen as an unnecessary nuisance by others.

GiecuMan’s Over 9000 – Weight Limit Mod largely eliminates this restriction by increasing the weight limit to 9000. The Witcher 3 and other role-playing games have a propensity to encourage players to loot various consumables and goods from the game’s environment, therefore this patch is essential for those who want to do so freely.

6) E3FX

Post-processing enhancements may greatly enhance the aesthetics of a game. E3FX is among the most effective post-processing modifications for The Witcher 3. It is a Reshade frameworks package designed to improve the visual quality of your game.

The mod offers a variety of options, since its shader presets come in five distinct styles. We have all loved the published preset trailer, which had vivid colours and spectacular imagery. All of that atmosphere is available in the current game!

7) Auto Apply Oils

Gathering oils for Geralt’s weapons is one of the more inventive combat elements in The Witcher 3. These potions are designed to be successful against certain sorts of enemies, providing a pleasing feeling of strategy.

However, as fascinating as this gameplay might be, rummaging through Geralt’s inventory every time players attempt to concentrate on the job at hand can get tedious. Auto Apply Oils by SheepDarklord eliminates this variable by automatically applying the finest oils in Geralt’s inventory whenever he enters battle.

8) Beautiful Grass Mod V3

We feel that modifications that aim to enhance a game’s graphics have the biggest effect when they improve the sections of the game that the user constantly interacts with or views. In light of this, the Beautiful Grass Mod V3 satisfies this need, since you will continuously be surrounded by vegetation as you traverse the Northern Kingdoms.

This patch enhances the visual quality of the grass in the game and upscales it to 4K resolution, giving you a more immersive experience as Geralt dashes through the vegetation in his armour adorned with gleaming metals.

9) Script Merger

9) Script Merger After installing their fair number of modifications, the majority of players will likely encounter mods that are so obsolete, outdated, or ineffective that they make the game seem worse than it should.

This is when the mod Script Merger comes into play. It’s not the most ideal approach, but it gets the job done by integrating modules with conflicts so that players may have the best of both worlds while enjoying some mods without having to make sacrifices.

10) Friendly HUD

It is not surprising that a comparable heads-up display hack from The Witcher 2 would function even better in The Witcher 3. The many HUD components that appear on the screen during gameplay provide vital information, although they might seem crowded at times. Six years after its release, The Witcher 3 continues to be a visually stunning game.

And for a robust fantasy world, gamers will want it to be shown to its fullest capacity. The Friendly HUD mod for Wasteland Ghost is very customisable, allowing players to choose which portions to download and install based on what they want to see on-screen, or not.

11) Increased Draw Distance

The Witcher 3 has some breathtaking vistas. It’s unfortunate that you cannot see them from a greater distance! Who knows whether this is related to rendering, however the Increased Draw Distance mod aims to enhance it. It performs just as advertised. It lets players to adjust the draw distance and amount of detail of distant objects inside the game.

You may now enjoy the game’s scenery without encountering any issues. This is also one of the modifications that uses the previously mentioned Bootstrap patch, so if you wanted to check it out, make sure to download that one as well.

12) Better Trophies

There are various trophies that may be earned by beating some of the game’s most difficult creatures. Despite the fact that these spoils of battle are visually appealing, the majority of the benefits they provide are uninteresting and easily forgotten.

The Better Trophies mod seeks to solve this worry by granting each trophy a 5% enhancement to attack damage against a certain adversary, in addition to other unique perks. Clearly, trophy management will become an enjoyable aspect of the game if this feature is implemented.

13) TradeMan

Having in-game merchants with limited and changeable replenishment rates of monies available to purchase from and sell to Geralt is, at least on theory, a smart method to immerse the player in the environment and its inhabitants. It roots things to make this dark fantasy environment seem more genuine, yet it might be inconvenient when the player wants to purchase or sell from a village merchant but is low on crowns.

TradeMan, created by GiecuMan, makes this procedure more efficient by ensuring that merchants have more cash on hand, eliminating the need for Geralt to go to the next suitable town. Like Friendly HUD, it is also customisable, allowing users to set how often merchants refill crowns, how much their beginning and maximum cash may be, the value of their items, and the value of Geralt’s wares.

14) 1000 Times Better Reshade

There are a multitude of shader modifications for The Witcher 3. They’re really simple to install (the majority just need you to download the files and drag them into the game directory) and may drastically modify the appearance of the game. Numerous popular ones, such as E3FX and others, provide the game a much more fantastical appearance with more saturated colours and vivid bloom. 1000 Times Better is essentially the inverse of this, since it makes the whole game seem much more balanced by eliminating the strange lighting colours of the original game and updating the presentation.

15) The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition 

The remaster for The Witcher 3 will presumably improve the game’s combat, which is one of its worst aspects while being decent enough. The Witcher 3 Enhanced Edition by the mod’s dedicated W3EE Mod Team allows users to modify the current version’s fighting features.

It is a complete rework from top to bottom of the present combat system in order to make things far more entertaining. It also has other modifications, but combat is the most significant, particularly the removal of auto-aim. Now, Geralt must manually target each strike, which raises the difficulty but provides more exciting possibilities to destroy foes. These options are accompanied by new spectacular animations that make them feasible.

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