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Seattle Wedding Photographers: How to Pick the Best Package for Your Event


Wedding photography is one of the biggest investments you will make on your special day—you want to get photos you will love for a lifetime. Meet with Seattle wedding photographers, look at their portfolios, discuss your options, and choose one whose work you love. Here are some tips on getting a wedding photographer that is the perfect fit for you, your partner, and wedding event space Singapore.

1. Decide Your Budget

How much you are willing to spend on wedding photography will determine who you get to work with. The best way you can estimate how much you will need is to do your research. You can find a few Seattle wedding photographers who post their rates publicly. Although the actual amount might change depending on the specifications of your event, the publicly posted rates will give you an idea of what to expect.

The final quote is determined by the number of hours you want the photographer to be on-site. There will also be additional fees if you would like an additional photographer. Having a professional for photos of the wedding party and an assistant for candid shots of the guests can be the perfect way to capture the day.

2. Pick a Style

There are different styles of wedding photography. Common ones include fine art, documentary, and traditional. Choose a style that both you and your fiancée find appealing. An excellent place to start when picking a style is compiling your favorite wedding photos and asking yourself if they lean towards a particular style. What makes you drawn to them? Can you picture yourself in such a photo?

Once you know what you want, it becomes easy for you to shortlist photographers. When going through their portfolios, be sure to look at photos of weddings similar to your style. For instance, if you are getting married in the summer, check the photographer’s work in sunny weather at outdoor venues. Look for how they balance lighting and pose people in these photos. 

3. Narrow Down Your Options

Now you’ve seen a couple of wedding photographers you might like. It’s time to create a shortlist and contact them. You need to find out if they are available on your wedding day. You’ll also want to ask for a price quote based on the photo package you’re envisioning.

Rather than going with the cheapest photographer, think of it as an investment. Photos are one of the few parts of this special day that will last a lifetime; you want to be happy with them! If you are on an extremely tight budget, consider booking a great photographer for a smaller part of the day instead of hiring a low-quality photographer for the entire day.

4. Build a Relationship

Your photographer should be able to pose you and your fiancée naturally with minimal stress. Since you’ll be working with this professional throughout your special day, you’ll want to have a good relationship with them. If possible, meet them in person before the ceremony and reception. Get to know them and talk about your hopes and anticipations for the big day.

These meetings are your chance to tell the photographer what you are looking for in detail. For example, you can let them know if there are special photos you’d like to get, such as family portraits. They will also give you an estimate of how much time they would like to dedicate to certain shots, such as golden hour portraits.

Seattle Wedding Photographers

Picking your wedding photographer is all about finding someone that aligns with your visual style and one with whom you can have genuine communication. Once you find Seattle wedding photographers with those two qualities, you can enjoy your special day while they capture the moments for you.


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