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When you visit Dubai, you’ll have to take a trip to the desert on the city’s doorstep if you want to enjoy some of the most memorable activities in the UAE. And spending one or several nights in the heart of the desert is also one of the essential experiences you should experience at least once on your trip to Dubai.

In this short guide, I will introduce you to the different options for overnight stays in the Dubai Desert Safari. Whether it’s hotels (sometimes very luxurious) or desert camps (much more authentic), one thing’s for sure: you’ll definitely find the perfect place to stay overnight on the Dubai Desert Safari!


Exploring the Dubai desert safari is undoubtedly one of the most incredible activities you can do during your trip. When you leave the city, you can quickly reach the desert to enjoy a unique natural spectacle and practice many activities such as 4×4 safari, quad biking, camel riding, hot air balloons or sand boarding.

These activities can be done in a day trip, but I really recommend spending at least one night in the Dubai desert. There are a few simple reasons for this. First of all, it allows you to go a little deeper into the desert. In addition, you will have the opportunity to enjoy the breathtaking sunset and sunrise in the desert and believe me, it is an impressive experience! And finally, your night itself will be unforgettable. You can choose from two types of accommodation:

Spend the night in a hotel, enjoy more comfort and sleep in a particularly privileged and pleasant environment, in the heart of the desert;

Sleeping in a desert camp, an experience that is usually much more affordable (at least half the price) and much more authentic. You will have the opportunity to sleep in a tent after spending an unforgettable night enjoying local food and participating in some typical activities.

In general, hotels are ideal for people who want maximum comfort but also more independence. These hotels are also particularly suitable for family trips, as children will be able to use more extensive facilities. Spending the night in a hotel is ideal for exploring the desert with more freedom and the activities you want.

Campsites, on the other hand, are more suitable for adventurers and athletes who are willing to give up a little comfort for a more realistic experience. Sleeping in campsites is usually part of an organized two-day trip, and therefore a complete program that leaves tourists with less freedom, with hotel pickup, an excursion to the dunes followed by a barbecue and a return to the hotel. next day.

Fortunately, these organized tours are mostly well-organized and comprehensive and will allow you to do almost anything you want on a Dubai desert safari.


The best way to get a taste of what life in the desert is really like is to stay overnight at Desert Safari Dubai deals on a 2-day overnight trip in an authentic Bedouin camp.

There are several providers that offer these types of experiences that are sure to leave you with an unforgettable memory of your stay in the United Arab States. The route I will present to you is one of the most complete:

You will be picked up from the city and driven by 4×4 for a desert safari, during which you can choose to relax and enjoy the scenery or ride a quad bike through the sand.

Your expert guide will take you deep into the desert (customizing the ride to your preferences) and you will also have the opportunity to climb the red dunes.

You will then be directed to your campsite where, after settling down and enjoying a typical coffee, you can head out to enjoy the sunset.

Back at the camp, you can change into your typical Arab clothes and enjoy local activities such as smoking hookah, taking pictures with falcons or getting henna tattoos.

Afterwards, you will be able to enjoy an authentic barbecue with an open buffet with many dishes, and during the meal you will have the opportunity to watch a belly dance show.

After dinner, you can take a beautiful camel ride to a small campfire near the campsite. Here you can listen to your guide tell you many stories about the desert and local life and learn how to make authentic Arabic tea.

You will spend the night in a tent, in a comfortable Bedouin bed, and the next morning your day will start in the most beautiful way, because you will be able to see the sunrise in the desert. Before enjoying a delicious breakfast, you will have the opportunity to take another short camel ride. Before the end of the morning you will be driven back to your hotel in the city by 4×4.


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