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Adept Technologies: Computer Repair, and Website design, Howell, Michigan


Computer Repair/Services

Nothing is more important than having your data be safe and secure. In this day and age, people are at their most vulnerable state, unintentionally leaving their sensitive data available to anyone who has the tools to find them. At Adept Technologies, A.K.A Computer repair Howell MI we strive to keep you and your data protected with the most top of the line security system. Data security for commercial businesses and residential is only one of the many services that Adept Technologies provides. 

We offer Computer repair, Website development, data transfers, faulty part swaps, diagnostics, virus and malware removal and even full built computers built specific for whatever situation it’s needed for. We provide a well rounded diagnosis to your computer and provide the best and most efficient solution that leaves both parties satisfied.Trust is paramount when handing over your computer that’s full of very sensitive data. 

Adept Technologies has a long list of great reviews from extremely happy customers that have learned to put all their trust into this business with nothing to worry about.With real-life experience stopping overseas fraud scams of our current customers, you can put your trust in Adept Technologies.

Website Design & Hosting

In today’s online world; Your website is one of the first things a potential customer will seek out. If you: Don’t have one, it loads too slow, or it lacks functionality, the potential customer might turn to your competition. This is where Adept Technologies comes in A.K.A. Website design Howell MI Adept Technologies offers a range of web services; website design, updates, S.E.O, Hosting, and more.

Need to secure your website? Adept Technologies offers signed SSL certificates. Most modern browsers will alert potential customers to a non-secure website I.E an H.T.T.P site. In the eyes of a potential customer this is a massive red flag. Why should this customer enter any contact or financial details on a site that isn’t secure? They likely won’t. You might be wondering ‘How can I tell if my site is secure?’ That’s fairly easy. Navigate to your website on any modern browser, if your site is secure you’ll see a lock just before the U.R.L. If not then it may not be secured. Contact Adept Technologies today to find out how to secure your website.

Is your current website out of date? Do you need some graphical tweaks? Did your old web developer skip out on you? Adept Technologies has your back. We at Adept Technologies work with all kinds of websites. WordPress, Wix, handmade HTML/CSS you name it we can help with it. Broken links? Broken images? Out of date information? Content improperly loading? These are common tolls time takes on sites. Choose Adept Technologies for website rejuvenation!

Is your current hosting provider charging too much for what’s provided? Adept Technologies offers hosting, not just for websites but any web server you may need. Including but not limited to: VPNs, and Game servers.

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