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How to Score Good Marks in Your Class 6 Exam?


Class 6 is considered an important stage as from this standard, students start preparing for competitive exams. Students of Class 6, while preparing for the exam, are concerned about their scores. The common question among students is how they could score more percentage in the exam. The subjects included in Class 6 are Maths, Science, Social Science, English and vernacular language. These subjects consist of topics and sub-topics in detailed explanations for students studying in Class 6.

To ace their Class 6 exam, students should prepare with the prescribed subject-wise syllabus. The syllabus covers the entire course structure, duration of each chapter, and weightage of marks for each chapter. Once they are done with the syllabus, they should start practising the previous years’ question papers, sample papers, essential questions, notes, etc. Along with it, they should be thorough with their respective subject-wise textbooks. For example, Tamil Nadu Board students can refer to Samacheer Kalvi’s 6th standard books to clear their doubts.

A few tips and tricks for scoring good marks in the Class 6 exam are mentioned below.

Tips to Score Good Marks in Class 6 Exam

1. Be prepared with the syllabus

The syllabus is a crucial study resource while preparing for their exam. It covers all the topics and subtopics of the respective subjects, and all the essential study materials are designed as per the syllabus. Even the final exam paper is created accordingly. So, thorough syllabus knowledge will help students score well in their exams.

2. Maintain a proper study plan

Giving equal importance to all the subjects makes them well-prepared for their exam. Students should start creating their study plans as they get their exam timetable. It will ensure that they don’t skip any crucial topics from the exam perspective. Maintaining a proper study plan will help them distribute equal timings to all the subjects weekly basis.

3. Follow prescribed textbooks

Students should be thorough with their prescribed subject-wise textbooks. Textbooks are considered a crucial resource, as they explain each concept in detail with suitable examples and theories. It helps in clearing the doubts of complex and tricky concepts. For example, Maharashtra Board students should follow the Maharashtra State Board 6th Std Books PDF to clear their concepts and doubts.

4. Solve previous years’ question papers and sample papers

Previous years’ question papers give an overall idea of the question paper pattern, weightage of marks for each section, types of questions asked and essential topics. By solving these papers, students will learn which topics they should give more time to and which topic they can allocate less time to. Sample Papers are designed according to the question paper pattern and syllabus.

5. Revise regularly

Revision is the best tool for exam preparation. It is compulsory to revise all the subjects to avoid missing out on any crucial topics. Make it a habit of revising all the subjects to be thorough with the complete syllabus. Students should allocate at least one month for revision before the exam.

Students of Class 6 can ace their exams by following the tips mentioned above. These tips can also be utilised while preparing for the Class 5 exam. Class 5 results will determine whether students will be promoted to the next class or not. So, study well and pass the exams with flying colours.

Students of the CBSE Board, ICSE Board, and the State Board can follow these tips when they begin their Class 6 preparation. All these boards provide study resources like sample papers, books, syllabus, previous years’ papers, etc. For instance, Maharashtra Board Class 5 students can download Maharashtra State Board 5th Std Books from the official website.

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