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Are international students eligible for online degree programs in Canada?


Canada’s new International Education Strategy aims to diversify the education sector, strengthen innovation capacity, promote global relationships, and foster a vibrant economy. The strategy focuses on drawing students from all parts of the world to Canada, where they can sign up in various schools and programs at all educational levels. Subsequently, online degree programs in Canada help students develop global competencies, skills, and networks that set them on the path to a promising future.

That’s why many international students find Canadian universities ideal for tertiary education, as they welcome them into their online degree programs. Additionally, Canada’s educational system gives overseas students an abundance of choices in earning a degree, such as online mode of delivery, no scheduled classes, self-paced learning, recorded mini-lectures, case studies, projects, and so on.

In addition, fees for online degree programs also vary based on the program type and the study levels. Costs can also differ depending on the institution and program type. Access to an internationally recognized education from top educators in the world makes Canada more appealing to international students looking for international exposure from the comfort of their homes.

According to Statistics Canada, the national statistics office of Canada, 621,565 international students held study permits for different levels in 2021. The number of international students currently enrolled in higher education in the nation has climbed to 388,782, suggests Statistics Canada.

Now that you know international students can sign up for online degree programs in Canada, read on to explore the benefits of applying for online courses in this nation.

Pros of studying online degree programs in Canada

Here are the top advantages of opting for an online degree program in Canada:

  • Access to high-quality education without a physical presence

Canada is among the top nations widely known for offering students a high-quality education. Top-ranked Canadian universities prepare students for various job opportunities in Canada and around the world. They provide a cutting-edge curriculum to give students a competitive edge in the global labor market. Moreover, enrolling in an online degree program in Canada offers students access to world-class education without a physical presence in the classroom. Students also have the opportunity to learn at their own pace.

  • Canadian degrees add value to resumé

In today’s job market, potential employers treat an online degree as equal to a traditional one. At the same time, Canadian degrees, either earned online or on campus, continue to be highly valued globally. Thus, earning an online degree from a top-ranked Canadian university makes you more employable in the global marketplace. Pursuing an online degree also develops core competencies, including problem-solving, leadership, time management, and practical communication skills.

How to sign up for the course

To enrol in an online degree program in Canada, complete an application form for the university you want to enter as an international student. You can also contact the international office of the Canadian university regarding admissions requirements. Browse now!


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