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Google Snake Mods- A comprehensive guide


Snake has been around for a long time, which is why Google decided on the spot to add it to its browser a long time ago. To play it, just type “Snake Game” into Google’s standard search bar, and it will come up. On the other hand, it takes a few more steps to change it.

How to add mods to Google Snake?

Here’s how to add mods to Google Snake:

  • GitHub is where you can get the Google Snake Menu Mod.
  • Save the file called “Moremenu.html” on your computer.
  • If you press Ctrl + Shift + O, your bookmarks will open.
  • Choose the three dots in the top right corner of the screen.
  • Click the Import bookmarks button.
  • Bring in the file Moremenu.html.
  • Switch the file’s name to Snake Game Menu.
  • Type Snake Game into Google to open the game.
  • Click the Settings button once it’s open (cog).
  • Click Snake Game Menu in your list of saved sites. This will add a few mods to the Settings slider.
  • When you have successfully turned on Google Snake Mods for snake games, you can play on different maps and even change the speed. But if you want to get rid of Mods, close the browser and open it again. You could also remove the file for the Snake Game Menu from your bookmarks.

Best Google Snake Mods

Dark Mod

Do you set your phone, laptop, and browser to have dark themes? Then it seems fair to let you play your favourite game with a black background. Because everything looks better and more interesting in black.

You don’t know how to get the Dark Mod. Click on this link and type “window.snake.dark();” in the box. The link takes you to the page where you can download what you need. You also get instructions on how to use the Dark Mod.

Cheese Mod

The “Cheese Mod” adds some excitement to your game of Snake. This Mod gives you a lot of surprises. As the snake only moves around in certain places. When you add this Google Snake Mod to your game, you get twice as much fun.

The same steps are used to get the Cheese Mod as for the Dark Mod. When you type the name, you’ll be taken to the page where you can download the Mod.

Google Snake Animated Color

Having the option to change a game’s colour is a sweet deal. You can do this with the “Google Snake Animated Color” because it lets you change the background colour and the snake’s colour. Choose from blue, black, pink, yellow, and other colours to give the game a fun twist.

Click this link to go to the page where you can get this Mod. When making your dashboard, you will have a lot of choices.

Snake Wall Endgame Sooner

The “Snake Wall Endgame Sooner” is another great choice for a Mod. Doesn’t it make snake games more fun when there are no walls and you can move around for a long time? You can’t lose, and you can play for hours without getting bored.

If you want to find out how to get these Google Snake Mods, click here. Just type “snake. wall every apple ();” and it will work. It will take you to the page where you can get the game to download. Just do what’s asked and you’ll get the Mod.

Google Snake Any Board Size

With this Mod, you can get rid of walls. With “Google Snake Any Board Size,” you can change how big the walls are. You can move them close together or far apart to keep the snake alive a little longer.

To get the Any Board Size Mod, all you have to do is click this link.


With this Mod, the snake will have two heads and a new way to play. “Twin Mod” is not only interesting, but it’s also exciting. The good thing about putting this Mod in is that you can eat the food twice. But each head can kill itself, which is a bad thing.

Like other Mods, Twin Mod is easy to install. All you have to do is search for the term, and you’ll find the download links you need.

There are many more Google Snake Mods than just the ones listed above. What’s the best? The process of downloading is the same. Check out the list below for more Google Snake Mods:

• Classic Mod

• Blender Mod

• Peaceful Mod

• Infinity Borderless Mod

• Modes for Key Unlock, Portal, and Sokoban

This Google Snake Mod Menu gives your classic snake game more fun by letting you change the colours, make the game harder, or just move around.

How does the Google Snake Game Mod Menu work?

In simple terms, a “menu mod” in Google Snake is a way to cheat in a game to get things like different skins and backgrounds.

The Google Snake Game Menu Mod unlocks a few basic benefits and features.

• Snake Skins

• Multiple Background Images

• Change what the Snake eats

• Make the Snake faster and bigger

With this menu mod, you can also enjoy a lot of other things.

Google Snake makes me think of an old Nokia phone game called “Snake” that was very popular back when phones had keypads. But an old Nokia phone didn’t have a way to change the game.

The Google Snake Menu mod is a way to make this game more fun and interesting.

Since it’s not a live game, I don’t see why you shouldn’t use these mods.

Okay, let’s have some fun by downloading and installing these mods to the Google Snake menu.

How to Get the Menu Mod for the Google Snake Game?

This is the new way to do it, and it will work for you for sure. In just 4 easy steps, you can download and make the Google Snake menu mod work.

First, you need to get the mod from the GitHub page. Then, you need to add this mod to your bookmarks.

Make sure not to rush and to go slowly through each step.

Step 1: Get Google Snake Mod Menu from Github and install it.

Only on Github can you find the real and safe mod menu for the Google Snake game.

You don’t have to go to GitHub and look for “Release for Google Snake menu mod”

This mod is called MoreMenu.html, and you can go straight to it by following the steps below.

• On your computer, open the Google Chrome browser.

• Go to Github and click on the file called “Moremenu.html,” which is below the section called “Assets.”

Google snake mod GitHub

• When you click on it, it will start to download an HTML file.

Don’t change the file. Move on to step 2.

Step 2 – Bookmark Snake Mod Menu

In this step, you need to add a bookmark to the Google Snake Game Mod Menu HTML file that you just downloaded in the previous step.

Type Chrome:/bookmarks in the new tab of Google Chrome and hit enter to open the Chrome bookmarks.

Snake mod menu bookmark

• At the top right of the bookmark page, click the three dots (), then choose Import Bookmark from the list of options.

• Now, use the file explorer to find where you saved the HTML mod file you just downloaded from GitHub, and then click “Open.”

How to add a bookmark to Chrome

• When you’re done, you’ll see the Imported folder in the Bookmarks menu on the left.

• If you click on it, things from the More Menu will show up in the middle of the screen.

Step 3 – Rename Mod Menu

By default, this Google snake mod is called “More Menu stuff.” We need to change this so that we can easily find this bookmark in the future.

• Click the three dots to the right of More Menu Stuff, and then choose Edit from the list of options.

Change a Chrome bookmark

• Take “More menu stuff” out of the name box and give it a name that’s easy to remember as “Snake menu mod.” I’m going to change the name to “Google Snake menu mod.”

When you are finished, click “Save” and go to the next step.

Step 4 – Run Google Snake Menu Mod

Your snake game is now ready to use this mod. So, open Google Snake Game in a new tab in Chrome.

Find the Snake mod menu bookmark you made in the last step and click on it once from the top bookmark box. When you’re done, the mod will be loaded into your game, and all of its features will be unlocked.

Google snake game menu mod

Follow the steps below if you can’t find the bookmark box at the top.

• Click the three dots in the top right corner of the Chrome browser, then move your mouse over Bookmarks and click Imported.

Google Snake mod not working

• Click on the new name you gave the Google Snake Menu mod.

After that, go back to your game. BINGO, you’re all set.

If you’re still having trouble after following the steps above, look at the pictures or watch the video.

Should You Change Game Code?

People can express themselves more freely through modding, learn new skills, and bring joy to groups of gamers.

Modding is a hobby for many people who like to make things, come up with new ideas, and change games to make them smarter, easier, or do cool new things.

Modding could be a great way for people who want to get into the field to start.

They Let people see what your real skill is.

When you mod a game, you can try out some of the research that game companies do.

One can try out whatever interests them the most to see if they would like it.

Changes to the game can be made to the visuals, the layout of the stage, the user interface, the sound, and much more.

Improve one’s skills.

If people like what they do, they will want to do it more often and get better at it.

Mods create the skills using the same tools that game designers use to make games.

Another great thing about mods is that users can always share things online for other people to use, and they can get feedback from other gamers right away.

This review could help people improve their skills and find out which players like them.

Chances for a job

Even though modding can help you get started in the gaming industry, it won’t guarantee you a job.

During this time, modders build up a portfolio of unique skills that they can show to game companies when they apply for jobs.

It also helps them show off their creative skills and show that they want to make a career out of making games.

Online game platforms like ROBLOX have shown that modifying games is becoming a job. Because of this, many people think that other games should follow suit in the future when companies try to promote and inspire their designers.

Lastly, some very smart and lucky modders have been able to make their own games based on the ideas they came up with while modding.

How Can the Snake Die in the Google Snake Game?

The “snake” can move in either direction, but it can’t go backwards around itself. If a player needs to stop the game, they should press “p.”

Also, they should remember that pausing the game costs them 10 points.

Wrapping Up

So this is probably the best Google Snake menu mod you can use right now. But if you find the process of implementation difficult, you can easily copy and paste the code from custom.js into Chrome’s developer console and then type the following command in the window that appears. snake.more menu(); and then press enter to turn it on.

In Google Chrome, click on the three dots in the upper-right corner of the browser to open the developer console window. From this page, choose More Tools, then Developer Tools. On Windows, you can also use Shift+CTRL+J to get to Chrome’s developer console.

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