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The Best Guilty Gear Strive Mods


A high-octane anime beat-em-up, Guilty Gear Strive is the latest instalment in the long-running Guilty Gear series. The game is available for purchase on PC as well as PlayStation consoles; however, those who play the game on PC can take advantage of a variety of mods to spice up the gameplay, which helps to make an already bizarre game even more engaging.

There aren’t as many mods available for Guilty Gear Strive as there are for other PC games, and many of the ones that are available are quite similar to one another. On the other hand, we have combed the entirety of the internet in search of the five best Guilty Gear Strive mods in order to best cater the game to your individual preferences.

How to install mods for Guilty Gear Strive on your own computer

The list that follows contains entertaining additions from both of these sites. Mods that have been downloaded from Nexus Mods can be installed directly into the game’s files; however, mods that have been downloaded from Firstbusinessmagazine may need to be installed and activated using a mod manager.

Are mods for Guilty Gear Strive playable on consoles as well?

No. At this time, mods are only available for download for the PC version of Guilty Gear Strive. Although you can also play the game on PlayStation consoles, those versions are not compatible with the mods that are available on this page.

The top 10 Guilty Gear Strive mods for the personal computer

The following is a list of the top Guilty Gear Strive mods that can be downloaded on a personal computer in 2022:

10. Replace Result Screen with Scrubquotes

The Scrubquotes mod is designed for Guilty Gear players who are sick of winning prestigious titles at the conclusion of each battle. In the world of professional gaming, there is nothing more motivating than adversity.

The players will be welcomed with the phrase “I’m not playing this game to learn” rather of receiving a message or title that would make them feel heroic or proud of themselves. or “You’re no fun. I’m not going to take this sitting down and let myself be combo’d.

After having someone trample you or having been stomped yourself, hearing this is exactly what you need to hear.

9. Replacers for the OST Mod

There are definitely some bangers on the soundtrack for Guilty Gear Strive, but they have the potential to get repetitive very quickly, and the overall musical style of the game may not be to your liking. Using this patch, you will be able to replace the game’s soundtrack with your own customised playlist of tunes.

If you believe that a different artist or track would fit an anime 2D fighting game better than what is included with it, then you should feel free to replace it. Altering the soundtrack in any way may have a significant impact on the overall atmosphere of the game.

8. Guilty Gear Strive Mod Collection Pack 1

Costume packs, which provide the player with the opportunity to experiment with a character while sporting a variety of various skins, are among the most popular mods for the Guilty Gear Strive video game. Alternate costumes are undeniably a popular feature of the current obsession for fighting games, but the ones that fans have created themselves are simply ridiculous.

Green Ranger for Leo, Kamen Rider Kuuga for Zato, Deadpool for Sol Badguy, Berserker Armor for Ky, and Ultraman for Anji Mito are among of the costumes that are included in this collection. Suffice it to say that after installing this mod, a player won’t really feel like they’re missing out on any kind of diversity!

7. Surewin – Goth Gio

Giovanna is another another character in Guilty Gear that gamers have expressed their undying love for. Once players have an understanding of her combat style, she is a fascinating character to use, and playing around with her moveset can be rather amusing in its own right.

This modder made the startling decision to give Giovanna a goth appearance, which fits her personality well. This alternative outfit is the result of an incredible amount of labour, especially considering how little the mod is.

6. OST Replacers

Guilty Gear Strive has some fairly great music, including a substantial original soundtrack, which helps to make each and every battle that much more exciting to participate in. Having said that, seasoned combatants who have played Guilty Gear Strive for a considerable amount of time may discover that the vanilla tunes have lost some of their appeal.

Here is when the OST Replacers enter the picture and make their contribution. It is possible to include music from other popular fighting games, such as Dragon Ball FighterZ and Persona 4 Arena, with very little to no additional development work required.

5. 50 Character Mod Pack Strive

The majority of Guilty Gear Strive mods that can be found on the internet are character skin mods. Even though we could have filled an entire list with them, downloading this mod would be more beneficial for you in the long run.

This one offers 50 unique re-skins for all of the characters in the game, including a significant number of the ones that are available as standalone mods. The 50 Character Mod Pack really opens up the game and gives you dozens of additional customization options for all of your favourite fighters to choose from.

4. The Stranger (Furi) For Nago GG Strive

The original sound track (OST) is excellent, and the game has several battle elements that are really addicting. Furi is one of the most difficult and fun games currently available. This boss rush game is a popular among hardcore gamers, and the modding community for Guilty Gear Strive has given it the recognition it deserves as well.

The Nagoriyuki skin may be swapped out with one that more closely resembles that of The Stranger from Furi if the player instals this mod. Playing the role of this protagonist in Guilty Gear Strive is sure to be a lot of fun since he was a very well-known character in his own right.

3.  21st Century Humor Counter Hit Sound Effect

Mods may not necessarily have to be adjustments that provide new, original material to the game or that resolve any problems that may be frustrating players. Sometimes, mods are created for no other reason than the fact that they are enjoyable, and one such mod that is amusing in this sense is the 21st Century Humor Counter Hit Sound Effect.

It would be laughable indeed to engage in a battle against an adversary while hearing incoherent meme noises. On the other hand, the bizarre and hilarious nature of this mod is what sets it apart as a really one-of-a-kind addition to our list.

2. Jimmles Hud

Any fighting game is not complete without a heads-up display since it is essential for communicating important information to players and providing them with easy access to monitoring their health, special moves, and a variety of other game features. Guilty Gear Strive does this duty, for the most part, in a manner that is at least passably adequate.

If, on the other hand, you feel as if you do not need all of that additional information for your gaming and you want to limit the clutter on the screen so that you can concentrate on the action, you may do so. The Jimmies HUD was designed with you in mind, with its clean and uncluttered look and its delivery that gets right to the point.

1.     Potato Mod

Despite its name, the Potato Mod does not, in fact, transform players into potato-like characters from violent anime. Instead, it decreases the resolution of the game so that it may be played on a larger variety of personal computers (PCs).

Those who possess rigs that do not meet the criteria for this standard will benefit greatly from this. You may also play around with the mod in order to give the impression that you are playing an older video game. Even with the blocky graphics turned off, Guilty Gear Strive still has a great visual style.

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