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Best Ghost Recon: Wildlands Mods You Should Be Using Right Now


Ghost Recon: Wildlands is a continuation of the Tom Clancy game that enables players to assume the role of a Bolivia-based professional ghost operator. Similar to many previous Ubisoft sandboxes, the game’s huge environment is filled with optional tasks and goodies. The game offers hours of material for third-person, open-world shooter enthusiasts. Wildlands continues to get updates, including a recently released downloadable content pack starring Jon Bernthal from The Punisher.

Due to its dependency on a persistent internet connection and Ubisoft’s own rules on fan-made content, Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ mod selection is at best limited. However, there are a few excellent modifications available. Players who want to improve the game’s visuals or unlock stuff without grinding have access to a variety of intriguing choices. Notably, none of these modifications are approved by Ubisoft, and installing them often requires modifying game files and launching Uplay offline. Those who desire to experiment with modifications should always back up their original game files in case of complications.

Wildlands is still a popular installment in the Ghost Recon series years after its debut in 2017. Its breathtaking open world is filled with Ubisoft’s trademark mix of goals, ensuring that players always have someplace to go and someone to shoot. Even years after the game’s debut, there are still just a handful of modifications available, but those that are accessible provide some fantastic gameplay enhancements, ensuring that players get the finest covert operations to experience possible. Sadly, this game’s mod support remains one of its worst qualities. However, some inventive fans have discovered methods to modify and trade game data, allowing for the eventual release of further modifications. This page has been updated to incorporate a handful of brand-new Wildlands modifications as well as instructions on how to mod the game properly without destroying its files.

1) [WotC] Ghost Recon: Wildlands: Cosmetic General Assets

The single modification available for Wildlands on the Steam Workshop is a collection of the game’s assets, textures, and polygons. This mod is a vital part of other modifications since it makes it simpler to acquire cosmetics and other game features. The textures are just from the original game and do not contain additional textures like the predator skin.

This collection, compiled by Steam user 3245, comprises all aesthetic and texture elements for Ghost Recon: Wildlands. It also simplifies the game by deleting redundant files, which should be of great use to gamers who want to decrease the amount of hard disc space Wildlands needs. This mod is compatible with and required for getting the most out of other Nexusmods texture updates.

2) First Person_plus Extras

The First Person plus Extras modification by intifofo allows players to play the game from a first-person perspective. This is a welcome choice in Ghost Recon: Wildlands, as anybody who has played challenging first-person shooters knows how drastically it can affect immersion, difficulty, and the overall quality of the game.

The “extras” in the mod’s name refer to a range of further features. These include the elimination of Out of Bounds, the ability to lean when shooting down sights, the ability to utilise locked weapons, and a wider field of view. Overall, First Person plus Extras is a fantastic upgrade in all aspects.

3) The Invisible Deimos Crossbow Mod

Numerous gamers are lured to the Ghost Recon franchise due to its realism and high-octane combat. Wildlands lets players assume the role of ghost operators and strongly emphasises both stealth and warfare, making it an ideal choice for a crossover event with Sam Fisher, the creator of Splinter Cell. One fan, Wander SOTC, produced a mod to eliminate the player character’s second main weapon in part for a cleaner visual and in large part to make them seem more like a true ghost agent.

Normally, while playing in ghost mode, players may only carry one main weapon; otherwise, they have two weapon slots on their character’s back. This mod will make the second main weapon invisible to those who want it. The mod works best with the Deimos crossbow, which is usually regarded as one of the worst weapons in the game.

4) Ultimate Overhauled Ray Tracing GI And Lighting Reshade

It might be difficult to explain why ray tracing and reshade modifications make such a significant improvement. The crucial aspect is that they do. Griffterthefirst’s Ultimate Overhauled Ray Tracing GI and Lighting Reshade is ideal for individuals who don’t want to alter the game’s mechanics but rather wish to enhance its visual appeal.

If reshading modifications are not executed properly, they might make the game seem worse. This effect is notably evident during Ghost Recon: Wildlands’ several night-vision segments. This mod does an amazing job of guaranteeing that the game will look beautiful regardless of whether the player is standing in an open field in broad daylight or creeping through a complex with only the green hue of their goggles to guide them.

5) Ghost Recon WaReshader

Intelfactor’s Ghost Recon WaReshader tries to enhance the colour palette of Wildlands by emulating HDR. Similar mods often end up overdoing colours, causing the game to seem cartoonish or otherwise odd. This is precisely what the WaReshader is intended to improve, and it does so well.

This modification also seeks to prevent unintended sharpening. The result is a game with improved visuals and a tidier interface, but otherwise the same core package as before. Considering the overall quality of Ghost Recon: Wildlands compared to past games in the series, this is not a negative development.

6) Cinematic Excellence Lighting Overhaul

Not only are the maps physically stunning, but they also offer several side missions and treasure boxes holding uncommon stuff. Nonetheless, some fans may choose to upgrade the game’s visuals and give it a new appearance.

The cinematic lighting makeover mod by TheMercsAssassin seeks to make the game seem more like a movie by enhancing the depth of focus, film grain, optional bloom, and lens flares. This highly customisable mod improves Wildland’s visuals by replacing the game’s washed-out filter with a sharper contrast and brighter colours. It is ideal for anyone seeking to enhance the game’s visuals.

7) Adjust FOV for Ghost Recon Wildlands

Adjust FOV for Ghost Recon Wildlands by cowlick035 provides the gamer with far greater FOV flexibility (frame of view). Importantly, the user may choose multiple FOVs for main positions including standing, crouching, aiming, and taking cover. The modification also impacts the vehicle’s field of view.

This mod is not a hack in the same sense that flight or invulnerability would be, but it provides players a distinct advantage in many situations, enabling them to view more of the battlefield than they would otherwise. Due to this, it may not be suitable for difficulty purists, but it is an excellent QoL choice for other players.

8) The Supreme Operator Cheat

Mod support for Ghost Recon: Wildlands is very nonexistent; thus, many of the modifications that do exist concentrate on unlocking the game’s features as opposed to creating new ones. The gold exoskeleton suit is the game’s rarest and most difficult-to-obtain suit, although a hack is possible to unlock it and save the player hours of grinding to reach tier 1 status.

This trick grants players access to the suit without requiring them to restart the game in ghost mode. This will allow users to utilise the suit in single-player, but it may not be compatible with the 2017 addition of PvP. It is recommended to save a copy of the game in its original condition before modifying any game files to avoid any unanticipated complications.

9) Remove Detection Sounds From The Game

The majority of modifications for Ghost Recon: Wildlands are aesthetic packages that merely affect the game’s visuals. Rafi, a fan who was inspired by the invisible Deimos Crossbow Mod, managed to take things to a whole new level. They developed a modification that drastically modifies the real gameplay to provide a challenging obstacle.

The goal of this modification was to eliminate the sound made when an opposing soldier detects the player. Without forewarning, it will be considerably more difficult for players to determine whether they have been discovered. This not only makes battle more realistic, but it also presents a challenging obstacle. Players must maximise their stealth abilities in order to eliminate guards without being discovered.

10) 1 The Lighting Overhaul Inspired By The Game’s E3 Trailer

Frequently, games seem better in their trailers than they do in their final form. The magic of editing and pre-rendered cinematics is excellent at emphasising the better parts of a game while glossing over the less desirable ones. TheMercsAssassin created a Ghost Recon: Wildlands visuals hack that effectively makes the game resemble its 2015 E3 trailer.

This patch increases the depth of field, improves lighting, and enhances textures to bring Wildlands up to the graphical level promised in its video. Wet surfaces in the game shimmer and reflect light, creating an almost photorealistic effect. This modification is ideal for gamers that like Ghost Recon: Wildlands but dislike the game’s appearance.

11) Unlock Tier 1 In Campaign Mode

Players who have invested several hours in Ghost Recon: Wildlands may seek to increase the difficulty or try something different. This might take a lengthy in-game, since a great deal of grinding is necessary to reach tier 1, when every item and feature is unlocked.

There is a mod that will unlock the whole game and enable the player to begin the campaign from tier 1 with everything from new suits to the game’s greatest snipers. This may make the game much simpler, but upping the difficulty and considering the mod as an unofficial new game plus would provide a new element of complexity.

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