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God of war: 15 Best Mods


The Adventures of Kratos and Boy are epic, but are they entertaining? The breakdown between father and son and Kratos’s aversion to smile may make the situation a bit too grim or dismal. Mods have enabled PC players to make deicide with a Norse flavour more appealing. God of War is, after all, a four-year-old game. Its narrative has already been told, and the game will soon begin to show its age.

At the time of writing, God of War’s mod library is rapidly expanding, and it’s only a matter of time until more crazier modifications are released. These God of War hacks vary from gameplay or graphic enhancements to inside jokes and dubious character cosmetics. Some of them may even be humorous enough to make Kratos laugh, much to the joy of Boy.

1) God Stick By Starscar

Even today, the Leviathan Axe remains one of the most recognisable weapons of the previous generation. There are not many games where tossing an axe into an adversary and then calling it back is as thrilling as it is in the Marvel Cinematic Universe film Thor.

What if you substituted a stick? The God Stick lacks a blade, thus Kratos kills monsters and deities with a piece of wood decorated with jewels.

2) Kratos Blue Tattoos

Every system has its own mascot. They are distinguishable based on their armour, personalities, and tattoos. In any lineup of video game characters, Kratos may be identified by his blades, the Leviathan axe, and the tattoos that cover his whole body.

The blue tattoo mod transforms Kratos’ red tattoos into blue ones, as its name implies. It seems more appropriate for the Norse context, so if he wanted to blend in more, this may be useful. If your favourite colour is blue, you should be happy regardless of whether or not the deity is.

3) Less Annoying Item Cards

When you gather certain goods or upgrades, a card will appear on-screen. When it displays, the game is paused to warn you, and it might be a little slow. It becomes more difficult when you must go through several item cards from chests containing an abundance of items for Kratos and Atreus.

This modification reduces their annoyance by increasing their speed. By accelerating it, you may skip it more quickly and return to slaughtering creatures. Although it does not take a great deal of time, it forces you back into the game to locate more riches, slay monsters, and argue with your kid.

4) God of War NG Plus Save File (PS4 Import)

Over the last four years, it has been difficult to resist viewing plot summaries, spoilers, and gameplay footage for God of War. It’s a little late for PC gamers to experience all the shocks and turns, thus some may race through the game to get to the fun gameplay sections, like in NG+.

God of War gamers have already seen all the game has to offer on consoles or via streaming. Using the God of War NG Plus Save File, some PC gamers may import a save file from PS4 with a virtually full advancement and download it. It’s hardly a mod, but if you think about it, modifications that distribute all the goods do almost the same thing.

5) Himmelklyvning – The Golden Ivory Axe

This mod adds a custom model for Himmelklyvning, an exquisite ivory-and-gold axe, into the game. The recolored Leviathan Axes and Blades of Chaos are adorable, but this unique weapon model is a brand-new, breathtaking weapon.

With elaborate gold embellishments, this axe is worthy of Kratos, THE battle god. Also, blood is readily removed from gold, which is a wonderful advantage.

6) Kratos No Eyebrows No Beard now new with Dead Eyes

Do you ever long for the days when Kratos shaved his beard to prevent his opponents from pulling on it? This was the case in ancient Greece, and there were practical reasons behind it. Even in God of War 4, Kratos’s beard might readily betray him if captured by an adversary.

Therefore, make him more combat-ready by shaving his beard and giving him a Tom Selleck-style caterpillar moustache. The No Eyebrows, No Beard mod for Kratos is ideal for this. It also removes his eyebrows, but that’s okay; just believe he has so much testosterone that even his eyebrows have been affected by male pattern baldness.

7) God of Dad Jokes

Christopher Judge’s humorous voice lines are inserted into Kratos’ audio files by God of Dad Jokes. This modification is our top selection since it is very amusing.

With this loaded, players will be periodically surprised with dad jokes or snarky Kratos comments flawlessly incorporated into the game’s plot dialogue. “Hello, _____, I’m dad” is one of the God of Dad Jokes’ masterpieces. We don’t want to ruin the enjoyment by giving away too much information; trust us and download this mod immediately.

8) Invisible Shield

It’s still strange to see Kratos with a shield and a defensive fighting technique after his glory days as a relentless attacker in Greece (he did have a shield and spear weapon in the PSP games though). This is likely the reason why some gamers prefer a Kratos without a shield or magical device on his arm that forms a circular aegis.

The Invisible Shield mod does this by removing Kratos’ shield model and shield armband. Obviously, he can still use it, and it will just vanish. Players will be able to enjoy those angsty chains far more after Kratos obtains his original Blades of Chaos.

9) No TAA No DOF

God of War’s aesthetics are still stunning four years after its debut, due to enhanced PC graphics. It utilises various controversial visual technology, such as TAA or Temporal Antialiasing. While this one effectively minimises screen jaggies, it blurs everything.

Consequently, gamers that run the game at resolutions greater than 1080p may choose to use the No TAA No DOF mod, which eliminates TAA and sharpens the game’s aesthetics. In addition, it eliminates Depth of Field, a simulation of how the eyes concentrate on things. Each feature has its own toggle that allows players to easily activate or deactivate it.

10) Ultimate God of War Modded Starter Save

This Starter Save File is a God of War NG+ save file that includes necessary unlocks and modifications for an excellent experience. Finally, a save file that includes visual modifications, game unlocks, and completion of the tale. The invisible armour mod is one of the greatest modifications for enhancing Kratos’s experience; this save file also has every shield and the Zeus armour.

Enjoy the enhanced challenge of NG+ with its associated stat boosts. This does not result in a god-mode easy playing, but it does increase your chances of survival.

11) Clean Invisible Armor And Wrist Armor

In addition to the shield, some diehard Kratos fans may also prefer Kratos in his previous attire, which consists of a loincloth, greaves, and arm bracers. Because it is colder in Midgard, the leggings and shoulder armour are necessary.

Clean Invisible Armor And Wrist Armor eliminates the models of such armour and restores Kratos’ youth. This modification removes his shirt, revealing his terrifying Spartan pectorals and the bulk of his Spartan tattoo. It may be difficult to keep track of whatever armour he is wearing, but at least he is now more attractive.

12) JG’s Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos Recolors

The Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos Recolors modifies the main colours of two classic God of War weapons. Due of their destructive potential and screen time, the Leviathan Axe and Blades of Chaos are the true protagonists of the game.

With this mod loaded, players have the option to decorate their blades with fresh, vibrant hues. Kratos’ adversaries will be scared by the combination of the Leviathan Axe’s vivid green engraving and the Blades of Chaos’ glaring red colouring.

13) Less Fog and No Fog

Occasionally, the atmospheric effects in God of War seem excessive, particularly in Alfheim, where the fog lights the area excessively and obscures portions of the surroundings. This may be a bothersome effect for many, and individuals with impaired vision might benefit from less thick fog.

Less Fog and No Fog have arrived to save the day. Depending on the player’s choice, this mod either lessens the fog in the game or eliminates it entirely. With this modification, HDR will no longer function, resulting in less vibrant or accurate colours.

14) Young Kratos Reskins

Young Kratos Reskins transforms the spirit of Sparta to resemble how he appeared in God of War II and God of War III. For gamers that want to restore the Greek to God of War. This modification makes Kratos seem younger, offers the ability to change the colour of his tattoos to blue, and more.

The sensation of playing as the original god of war (sorry, Ares) in this Norse environment is enjoyable, despite a tiny cosmetic modification. In all honesty, this mod makes Kratos and Atreus resemble brothers rather than father and son.

15) Vulkan Launcher

God of War is a well-optimized console version that plays smoothly even on five-year-old hardware, although gamers can squeeze a few more frames out of the game. It turns out that the PC version of God of War lacked an official Vulkan API option, which is very useful for AMD graphics cards.

Thanks to the Vulkan Launcher, a little adjustment and DLL file modification are sufficient to do this. It’s a cool file that players must place in the game directory in order for God of War to operate on the Vulkan API. On Nvidia cards, the improvement may be minimal, but on AMD cards, some users have reported an average boost of 10 FPS, which is considerable.

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