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Astrological tips to attract money 


Meta Description: Money is one of the most important things in our lives, and we would be lying if we said we do not need it. It is important for survival. Some people are blessed with it in abundance, while others spend their whole lives working and waiting for it. 

Introduction: While hard work and authenticity are key to earning money, there may also be other factors that might be hindering money. There are ways to improve your financial status or attract money. Astrology has been known to have remedies or tips for every problem of humankind and can be used for this. 

Astrological tips to attract money 

  • Ensure that your house’s cash locker or cash cupboard is placed on the south or southwest wall, and make sure that the locker opens in the north direction. North is the direction for Lord Kuber and ensuring that the locker opens in this direction can mean that he can fill it repeatedly. 
  • Place a mirror in front of the cash locker to reflect the locker. This is another tip for attracting money. 
  • You should never take anything free of cost nor offer any of your services free of cost. There should be some compensation involved money-wise.
  • The most important thing is to be authentic and not fall prey to false means. Money earned through fraudulent means never stays. It would be best if you always kept this in mind during all your dealings. 
  • Ensure prosperity and happiness in your house and life by making Goddess Lakshmi happy. To earn her blessings, ensure to donate some of your earnings every month to charity. 
  • According to astrology, the Kuber Yantra should be placed on a red piece of cloth in the place of worship, and you are advised to pray to him daily to bless you. 
  • Make it a point to plant a Tulsi plant in your house, and light a ghee-filled mud-lamp near it every evening. This will ensure that Goddess Lakshmi never leaves your house and bless you in abundance with prosperity and happiness. 
  • To please the Goddess of Wealth, make donations in white. 
  • An astrologer app forbids keeping or using broken vessels in the house. 
  • Offer water to Lord Vishnu every Friday through a south opening conch shell. This will please Goddess Lakshmi immensely. 
  • Ensure praying to Goddess Lakshmi and seeking her blessings every day after bathing. Apply a tilak made of saffron on your forehead. 
  • Feed green grass to a cow every Wednesday to overcome financial troubles. 
  • To attract money, the lady of the house should throw a tumbler full of water every day at the house’s entrance every morning. This ensures that wealth and prosperity enter your house easily. 
  • To please Goddess Lakshmi to bless your home, feed 3 unmarried girls Kheer and donate yellow garments and some money to them. 
  • Keep the northeast angle of the house clean. According to astrology, the Northeast corner of the home is a very holy place, and it is advised to build a home temple or place of worship in that direction. Make sure that corner is always neat and clean. Do not keep it dirty. This ensures that happiness, peace and prosperity remain intact in the house. 
  • Thorny, poisonous or milk-producing trees should not be planted inside the house. According to astrology, it is believed that these plants are not auspicious for the health and wealth of the people of the house. 
  • Not ensuring that the doors of the bathroom or toilet are closed properly after use can affect the health of the people in the house and their financial condition. 
  • As per astrology, it is believed that the broom of the house is a symbol of Goddess Lakshmi. It should always be kept hidden and placed near worship or a place of wealth. 
  • If your financial problems seem to be unending, consider placing a vessel full of salt in the northeast direction of your house. To maintain the promising effect of this remedy, change the salt from time to time. 
  • Choose to place a money plant inside your house to attract luck and wealth into the interiors. 
  • According to astrology, it is considered lucky to place a picture of Goddess Lakshmi sitting on a Lotus in your wallet or bag. This helps in attracting wealth, abundance and prosperity. 
  • Write your wishes on red paper, tie it with a red silk thread, and put the paper where you keep your money or your wallet to attract wealth and prosperity. 


Money comes to those who know its value and ways to attract it. You can follow these astrological tips to attract money and keep the lack of money away from your life. To ensure prosperity and wealth flow in your house, follow these tips properly and enjoy your life in peace. These astrological tips have been known to work for people for millions of years now. Adhere to these tips if you are someone who has been struggling to earn money or keep it in your house. 

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