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Which type of astrology is right for you?


Which type of astrology is right for you?

Today, people are using astrology for everything, either for choosing a date for harvesting to fix a marriage date, to find their lost things, etc. There are different types of astrology work for different purposes. Usually, when you talk to astrologer, they read the birth chart and tell you about your present and future. Choosing the reading types of astrology indicates comparing the different types of specialist doctors to treat your ailment. 

Which type of astrology is right for you? This article is the breakdown of 8 types of astrology to get started. 

  1. Modern astrology 

Reading types- It varies in session, usually from 45 to 90 minutes. There is excellent availability of practitioners to make astrology predictions. 

It is best for newbies in astrology who want to search for personality-based and simple astrology. 

Reading from modern astrology provides information about your life’s joys and challenges. This astrology also tells you who you are, why, or what you need to do. 

  1. Traditional western astrology 

Reading types- The session of this live astrology, my astrology, also varies from 45-90 minutes. Due to the tremendous variety, many practitioners use this kind of astrology to make predictions. 

It is best for those new to astrology or who want to find the living conditions and make plans. 

The astrologer reading specializes in traditional types of western astrology, helps you to connect with your situations, cut off from past circumstances, and make the best plans for your future. 

  1. Evolutionary Astrology 

Reading types- Sessions of evolutionary astrology varies from 45-90 minutes. Even though there is less variety in this astrology type, it has come under more specialty categories.

Best for It is best for people of soul searching who is expert in astrology and want to get deep and unique insights into current astrology. 

Evolutionary astrology tells you the circumstances of your present and past lives. It best fits those who want to embrace the poetic side of live astrology, my astrology

  1. Vedic Astrology 

Reading types- It is a lengthy session of astrology, usually more than 3 hours. This is the reason why it is an expensive type of astrology. 

Best for It is suitable for those who already know astrology and are interested in holistic astrology integrated into human life. 

Vedic astrology comes from the root of the Vedas. Like another kind of live astrology, my astrology astrologer also practiced this astrology. They integrate the Vedic tradition in spiritual roots to integrate holistically into your life. 

  1. Horary astrology 

Reading types- It is quick astrology, of a 15-20 minutes session. It is less expensive astrology. 

Best It is suitable for people who have only to ask a few questions within a specific time limit.

Horary astrology is best for you whenever you want a quick answer. The best thing is that horary astrology provides accurate readings in less time. 

  1. Location astrology 

Reading types- It is one on one reading astrology that is expertise in modality. It is an expensive type of astrology. 

Best for Locational astrology is used by astrology for those looking for the best way to make changes in their life. 

If you want to find your soulmate, then locational astrology is an excellent choice for you. When you talk to astrologers in this specialty, you can determine how much they have the experience to provide you with a rundown of your compatibility with particular areas and cities. This way, it helps you decide about a job shift or move to find your love.

  1. Electional astrology

Reading types- It is another quick and one-to-one session type of astrology, known as electoral astrology. It is an expensive type of live astrology, my astrology

Best It is the best fit for those who want to find a suitable date for a business launch, marriage, or any other occasion. 

Electional astrology reads according to your stars and planets and tells you the correct date for your new venture, marriage, etc., whether in business or a relationship. This astrology helps you to move towards your success way. 

  1. Relationship astrology 

Reading types- It is a lengthy and expensive type of astrology, named relationship astrology. 

As the name suggests, this astrology best fits those who want to stay in the relationship or understand each other better. Usually, this astrology is popularly known for committed people or couples. 

This live astrology, my astrology, helps you strengthen your bond with your partner. It improves your relationship status on a cosmic level. 


So, here is all the above-mentioned types of astrology used today to make present and future predictions. The right type of astrology depends on your reading types and conditions. 

Cary Grant
Cary Grant
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