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Daniel Klibanoff – How Can Good Business Ethics Bring You Consistent Sales?


A highly successful marketing leader has sharp business acumen and excellent analytical skills. They are adaptable with their business strategies to make them meet the situational needs of the hour. Leading a team of marketing professionals is a challenge, and they fulfill this task with their rich experience and dedication. The biggest thing such leaders believe in is to seize the business opportunities that come their way and optimize them for the benefit of the company’s goals. Visit below link for more information


Daniel Klibanoff – An inspirational leader in business marketing and innovation

Serial entrepreneur Daniel Klibanoff is one such inspirational marketing leader who has generated millions of dollars as revenue for all his companies in the USA. He spearheaded the success of his first company in 1982 with just $500 and transformed it into an established name in data and marketing solutions, generating millions of US dollars every year.

Currently, he is the President and the CEO of the widely respected company Multimedia Lists, Inc in Asheville, North Carolina. His esteemed clients include names like Allstate, Chase Manhattan Bank, BlueCross Blue Shield, AARP, Mutual of Omaha, and several others.

A respected, authoritative professional in direct marketing

Today, he is widely respected in the direct marketing industry for his rich experience and proven track record of success. He believes in maintaining a strong work ethic and a healthy lifestyle to make salient business choices that steer his companies to success. In short, he believes that what you give out to others, you get back yourself. Treating others with respect and dignity is the key to invoking equal treatment.

According to him, marketing strategies should be customized to your corporate goals. These objectives have to be clear and precise for you to strive towards attaining them. Understanding the customer is important, and the business message must be specific and to the point. Treating the customer respectfully invokes goodwill, which goes a long way for long-term business growth.

Donation and charitable causes

Besides being a successful entrepreneur, he believes in giving back to the community and spends a lot of time working on several charitable causes close to his heart. With his wife, Cathleen, he supports many causes, both personally and financially.

He is a dedicated philanthropist and is the recipient of awards from the Muscular Dystrophy Association and American Heart Association for exceeding fundraising goals and his leadership. He is a board member with several non-profit concerns and is the founder of Angels Among Us- a non-profit company. It offers financial aid to children who have shown dedication to civic duty by volunteering consistently in the community and requiring help for a college education.

Daniel Klibanoff motivates his peers and subordinates with his exemplary leadership skills and love for philanthropy. He was born and spent his childhood in Florence, Alabama, before moving to Asheville in 2016. He believes in the power of perseverance as it brings your business success. No matter how big the challenges are, you should never quit. Having belief in your abilities will pull you through and help you taste the fruits of success over time!


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