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19 Best Dying light 2 mods You should Install now


Dying Light 2 is a wonderful sequel that builds on everything from the first game and adds a multitude of new gameplay features to keep things fresh and intriguing. Even though the game has a lacklustre campaign, uninspired characters, and an excessively lengthy playtime, these are minor flaws in an otherwise fantastic experience.

PC users who get Dying Light 2 may make the game even more exciting by installing a variety of modifications. It is quite astounding how many modifications have been released for this game in such a short period of time, with an astonishing number of mods significantly enhancing the gameplay. The finest of the bunch are listed here.


1) Spark

Spark is a very versatile weapon mod. Insert this into the tip of your weapon to electrocute adversaries with critical blows. It is advantageous for three reasons. To begin with, it provides extra damage. Second, it momentarily incapacitates the Infected or Renegade it strikes, making them unable of attacking. It then arcs to neighbouring foes and applies the same effects.

Beautiful and helpful for balancing weapon durability, hacking away at Infected or Renegades and then seeing a full room of opponents explode in chain lightning is really a thing of beauty.


2) Avalanche

Avalanche is the best weapon mod for saving lives. This mod plugs into the shaft of your weapon and charges over time; it may be triggered at your discretion.

It freezes foes in a broad area in front of you, rendering them utterly immobile for a while. It is ideal for situations when your health is poor or you are in risk of getting swamped. Simply enable the mod, freeze the foes, and utilise the resulting window to flee and heal.


3) Better Paraglider

The paraglider in Dying Light 2: Stay Human is outstanding. It enables you to traverse rooftops in a manner that parkour alone could never do. Nevertheless, it has restrictions, which is where this mod comes in. The paraglider will now arrive with all of its perks unlocked, as well as a number of adjustments that make it quicker, simpler to operate, and much less sluggish while attempting to ascend.


4) Unlimited Weapon Durability

In Dying Light 2, players may discover a multitude of weaponry during the course of the game. The vast majority of these weapons are very effective in combat, despite the fact that wear and tear eventually affects these weaponry.

With this mod, players may now freely use their preferred weapons without concern about their durability. It may make one of the game’s systems irrelevant, but gamers cannot dispute that the entertainment element has improved at the expense of difficulty.


5) I am Reborn Legion

I am Legion Reborn is a complete redesign of Dying Light 2: Stay Human. In general, it revamps the difficulty of every game mode, but it goes much more than that. No matter how you play, enemies are designed to be more sophisticated and dangerous. The infected are the primary target, and many are now examining sounds more carefully, making nighttime living very unpleasant. Nonetheless, the mix of human contacts has been altered to allow feat travel at any time. This mod is for people who want a much more intense experience.


6) Physics Are Back

The I am Legion mod modifies the game’s physics engine for stunning effects. The majority of players really just want these modifications, although they may feel compelled to install the full mod in order to experience wackier and more entertaining physics.

However, this is not the case, since the altered physics system has been published as a separate mod. It’s a fantastic method to make landing strikes in Dying Light 2 even more exciting.


7) More Loot

Aside from obvious additions such as damage, debuffs, and the like, more of virtually anything is generally a good thing in video games. Given Dying Light 2’s focus on looting, it seems reasonable that gamers would want their exploration to yield more substantial rewards.

This is when the More Loot modification comes into play. It allows players to loot extra stuff from opponents, containers, and anything else along the same lines as indicated in the title.


8) Real Time

Real Time is a mod that performs precisely as expected. It modifies the minutes, seconds, and hours in Dying Light 2: Stay Human to reflect real-world values. Therefore, one second passes in the game for every second that passes in real life. This should enable you to do considerably more during the day and forgo the night entirely if you so choose.


9) Slit 

9) Slit  This weapon mod connects to the tip of your weapon and causes bleeding on critical hits. It causes cumulative harm over time. Put this on a fast-striking one-handed weapon, and you should have little trouble slicing into a difficult foe to inflict bleeding and evading their retaliation. The cumulative damage piles up rapidly, and you’ll be astonished by how quickly top foes fall.


10) Less XP And Trophies Grind

Almost usually, grinding is the most irritating aspect of games with RPG features. Dying Light 2 does not deviate from this guideline.

With this easy tweak, players’ total XP gain may be multiplied by eight, improving the game’s pace and pleasure. In addition, the prerequisites for upgrading equipment have been reduced in terms of both trophies and gold.


11) Infinite Stamina

The player’s stamina determines how much running, jumping, gliding, and other gymnastics they can accomplish before Aiden runs out of breath. It’s a crucial game element, but it’s also quite restrictive and unpleasant.

Those who wish to use the game’s parkour system without having to cope with these restrictions may utilise this simple but effective mod. This hack transforms Aiden into a parkour god, making it a must-have for anyone who abhor managing stamina in games.


12) Photorealistic Villedor

This is the only shader mod available, since Dying Light 2: Stay Human already looks rather decent. This modification just gives something new for those who want the game to feel more like Resident Evil 8 or to look a little spookier overall.


13) More Inventory And Player Stash Slots

In a game that emphasises looting everything in sight, it may be rather irritating when the player runs out of storage space for all the stuff they have acquired. This modification eliminates the aforementioned problem.

Players may now loot anything in sight to their heart’s content without worrying about their inventory swiftly filling up. The mod also increases storage capacity, allowing players to completely go bananas with treasure!


14) Extreme nights V4 

This mod is required for anybody who believes Dying Light 2: Stay Human is too easy. It half the sunlight each day and twice the evening. Other modifications, like as Volatile patrols and twice the infected population density at night, make the game seem like a battle for survival. Warning: this will push you to your absolute limit and beyond.


15) Fair Prices

In Dying Light 2, selling and purchasing things is a significant aspect of the gameplay cycle. However, it may be rather frustrating for players to discover that their ultra-rare weapon or item sells for pennies in the majority of stores. This problem is resolved by the Fair Prices mod, which rebalances the game’s economics. Merchandise are no longer priced at excessive prices, and the resale value of products is more equitable than ever.


16) Puff

The Puff is one of the finest weapon modifications since, under the appropriate circumstances, it may eliminate foes quickly. It attaches to a weapon’s shaft and charges during combat. Once it is prepared, you may manually trigger it to release a powerful energy blast.

Imagine a rooftop filled with hardened Renegades. When the mod is activated and the evil men are positioned at the edge of the roof, suddenly It’s Raining Men. You have resolved your interpersonal issues in an instant.


17) Empowerment

Empowerment is a Grip Mod that does not add anything visible to your weapon. However, it is still quite potent. Empowerment increases the basic damage of the weapon it is applied to. The amount of additional damage depends on the Mod’s upgrading level.

This Mod is especially effective with two-handed weaponry. Sledgehammers will feel like wrecking balls, while katanas will slice through the hordes of the undead like cheese. Be mindful of this fact before to installing Empowerment, since it will often occupy the Reinforcement slot.


18) Infected Arrows

There are other varieties of elemental arrows, but none are as helpful or entertaining as the Infected Arrows. The Harran Virus is coated on these arrows. They are ineffective when applied to the diseased. People are a different story.

Humans who are struck by an Infected Arrow will transform into Virals. This is useful if you need to sneak into a bandit stronghold and wreak mayhem. You may strike a person with the arrow to turn them. They will then turn on their buddies, and you may opt to avoid them or join the battle with a little edge.


19) Bane

Bane is a Shaft Mod that gradually charges. It infects all foes in front of you with venom, forcing them to double over and absorb damage over time. While opponents are doubled over, it is possible to leap over them and execute power kicks and aerial strikes.

Bane is not only advantageous because to its attacking skills, but also due to its usefulness. All of the adversaries around you become platforms for your Parkour abilities and a new means of movement. Before adding Toxic to your weapons, make certain to invest in the proper Parkour Skills.

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