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13 best Monster hunter rise mods


Monster Hunter Rise is the most recent installment in Capcom’s Monster Hunter series. As the name suggests, the game concentrates on monster hunting in addition to the crafting, fishing, and exploration that are typical of the franchise. It is an open environment, similar to Monster Hunter: World and its gameplay and aesthetics have attracted gamers.

Monster Hunter Rise has seen a renaissance owing to the PC version and a robust modding community. There has also been a rise in activity as a result of the upcoming release of the Sunbreak DLC in late June. There has never been a better moment to leap into the Monster Hunter Rise adventure, and players may earn useful “skips” for Hub assignments by completing the Single player experience and passing licensing exams.

Best Monster Hunter Rise Mods

There are a large number of modifications available on the Internet, with some having a simpler installation procedure than others. Some modifications are not genuine mods, they may contain a virus, or the mod developer may have the goal of stealing your important information. Therefore, the modifications mentioned in this tutorial are entirely trustworthy and risk-free. Therefore, there is no need for a lengthy procedure of verification. To further highlight some of these fantastic modifications, the following list has been expanded.

1) Drop Rates Enhanced

Despite the fact that Monster Hunter Rise is an enormously engaging game, the endgame grind may be quite tedious. These components may have a soul-crushingly low drop rate, necessitating that players kill certain monsters in order to get them. This may trap players in a seemingly unending cycle of pursuing the same monster over and over again in the hopes of obtaining a rare drop.

There are modifications available that may alleviate the excruciating drop rates of some items. Even in multiplayer, this mod by Korayshin will increase a player’s drop rates. This may be accomplished in a balanced or unbalanced manner.

2) Monster Has HP Bar

Assaulting creatures in Monster Hunter Rise presents players with a conundrum since there is no HP gauge to indicate how long they must continue attacking. If you believe this to be an issue, this mod is for you. Any creature that approaches you will have an HP bar above them, so you will no longer have to estimate how long it will take to capture or kill them.

3) Embers – Cinematic Reshade

This mod is recommended for individuals who have played the forerunner to Monster Hunter: Rise. It will give the game a Monster Hunter World aesthetic. The images will be desaturated, the sharpness will be increased, and more graphic tweaks will be made, altering the game’s appearance.

After downloading the mod, copy the Embers.ini file to the game’s executable directory. Select the selection from the drop-down menu; you will likely need to click “reload effects” for the AO to function correctly. In addition to installing additional effects, your job here is complete.

4) Clarity  Shader

Monster Hunter Rise has an abundance of modifications that make the game much more entertaining. Downloadable items include new HUDs, DPS meters, extra frameworks, and even items that display a monster’s health and vulnerabilities. However, some modifications may affect the game far more than gamers would expect. An excellent illustration of this is the Clarity Shader created by modder Revonlieke aka SebastianJSL. The Clarity Mod is a simple shader pack that may considerably improve the overall clarity of Monster Hunter Rise by smoothing out some of the game’s horizontal lines and eliminating the irritating blur effect that obscures some of the backdrop and character model features.

This small patch will provide players with a much clearer view of the surrounding areas and creatures.

5) Rise Scripts

If you have a powerful gaming computer, we suggest installing this. The mod is just a collection of REFramework scripts. It will permit modifications to the game’s technological components.

Suppose you have a 60Hz display and do not want to see 60 fps cutscenes due to VSync. Then, you should use the mod to eliminate the FPS limit. You may also restrict the amount of frames or make them infinite. However, the mod is a little more difficult to install, so be sure to follow the instructions in the mod’s description.

Simply place the files in the autorun folder to install the Rise Scripts mod. If you want to adjust the fps limit, though, simply open the file in notepad. Change the “YourMaxFPS” value to the desired number of frames.

6) Monster Hunter Frontier Music Pack

If you are a longtime Monster Hunter player, you would miss the sentimental value that the music from the prior games provided. This pack contains all the music from Monster Hunter Frontier, which may be played in Monster Hunter: Rise.

These are some of the modifications that can be downloaded to enhance the PC version of Monster Hunter Rise. If you like this article, you can also read our other tutorials.

7) 4K HUD Mod

Although the game is now accessible on Windows, it was first published for Switch. The User interface includes functions that are still connected to the Switch’s programming.

The 4K HUD Mod will replace the game’s default HUD and user interface with a version with a higher resolution. This is achievable because to the upscaling to 4K resolution and the combination of reconstructed and original parts.

8) Rise Tweaks

MistressAshai’s RiseTweaks is an additional quality-of-life enhancement for the game that incorporates a number of minor, but much-appreciated changes that address the game’s deficiencies. All of them are related to the game’s graphics display quality.

The hack primarily performs two things: it unlocks the 30 fps framerate limit in cutscenes and it enables the picture quality to be changed beyond the 150% maximum preset.

9) Weapon Stay Big

If you are one of those players who cannot stand seeing your weapon shrink every time it is sheathed, this mod is for you. Then the Cursey mod Weapon Stay Big is for you. Great Swords are the most prevalent weapon of crime.

However, when you store most weapons, they shrink to a smaller size, and these weapons also have a set circumference. With the Weapon Stay Large mod, none of your weapons will diminish in size. Instead, they will remain large, and it will have no impact on the game’s performance. Simply place its script in the REFramework autorun folder to install it.

10) Layer Any Weapon

Obtain the Peasly Wellbot’s Monster Hunter Rise mod if you like to use a weapon with a layer similar to Rampage S. After installing this, all of your Equipment Box’s weapons will be selectable at Smithy. Choose one of these to ‘Layer Rampage Weapons’ there.

Before downloading ‘Layer Any Weapon,’ you must first install the REFramework mod and create a backup of your progress. Following these procedures, you may modify the weapon’s layer after installing the mod:

1. First, equip the weapon you want to duplicate.

2. Open the [Layer Any Weapon] option using the REFramework overlay.

3. Click “Save Held Weapon to Layer Slots” afterward.

4. Equip the weapon whose look you want to replicate.

5. From the corresponding save space, choose “Apply to Weapon.”

Finally, fully reload the weapon model.

11) Infinite Wirebugs

If you like employing firebugs in battle and for scaling buildings and mountains, you should utilize the ‘Infinite Wirebugs’ modification. Normally, there is a cooldown while using the firebug. The cooldown resets each time the wirebug is used.

Imagine having a limitless number of wiebugs with no cooldown or delay. The ‘Infinite Wirebugs’ mod by Fylex will allow you to use it an unlimited number of times around creatures and in the surroundings.

Move the.lua files into the autorun folder produced by REFramework upon installation.

12) Charm Editor And Item Cheat

Sometimes, you just want a voice in what objects you own and what they can accomplish. Fexty’s Charm Editor and Item Cheat mod does this, within reason. This mod enables users to modify the rarity, skills, skill levels, and slots of charms. It enables users to generate a limitless number of goods in their inventory and box, as well as adjust the quantity of Zenny and Kamura Tickets they possess.

The restrictions on modifying charms stem from the fact that the game verifies whether a charm meets legal requirements. This is partly due to the fact that Monster Hunter: Rise provides a multiplayer experience and certain charm configurations are absurd.

13) Carve Timer Skip and Fast Return

The Godoakos mod is for individuals who do not want to wait after killing a monster. As you already know, after a boss is vanquished, a carving timer begins. The ‘Carve Timer Skip and Fast Return’ ability will bypass the in-game carve timer and animation after the mission concludes.

Then, with a single click, you can return to your camp or Kamura Village within seconds. Additionally, you must have the REFramework mod loaded before using this one.

There are two installation methods for the mod. First, the REFramework may be downloaded and installed, followed by the d2d plugin. The second step is to extract the.zip file to the Monster Hunter Rise root directory.

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