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Dragon Age Inquisition Mods in 2022


Dragon Age: Inquisition, the third instalment in the Dragon Age series, was released in 2014 to widespread acclaim. It is perhaps the finest game in the series to date, not just because to its sophisticated visuals and gameplay, but also due to its deep, story-driven content. Considered the most successful entry in the Dragon Age series, Inquisition provides players with a once-in-a-lifetime gaming experience with its outstanding plot, strong character development, breathtaking visuals, and overall engaging gameplay.

As with any other game, Dragon Age: Inquisition still has a few flaws, and some of its character building choices may rapidly become tedious. Fortunately, the vibrant modding community has taken issues into their own hands, creating hundreds of modifications that handle anything from common bug repairs to aesthetic enhancements to re-designing the companion and adviser NPCs from scratch.

Here are the greatest modifications for Dragon Age: Inquisition for every player who wants to relive the Inquisition’s journeys throughout Thedas or experience the game in a fresh manner.

1) SK Hair Pack

Character development is a crucial component of every role-playing game, with the majority of players spending hours crafting the ideal personalised character. Dragon Age: Inquisition is rather adequate in this aspect; nonetheless, there are still those who would have loved more comprehensive customization possibilities.

If nothing else, this hack allows users to experiment with hairstyles. The process of designing a unique Inquisitor with a distinguishing haircut is unexpectedly intriguing for many gamers. It makes character customisation more entertaining.

2) DAI Community Patch

Before a video game is released to the public, it normally undergoes extensive testing for flaws, although occasionally even completed video games have a few glitches. The DAI Community Patch mod addresses the remaining bugs and other problems in Dragon Age Inquisition. This patch is not intended to repair mesh or texture issues, but it is still important to have in your mod folder.

This patch addresses difficulties with acquiring mosaic pieces in the Hinterlands and Western Approach, hence enhancing the game’s playability.

3) War Table – No Waiting

There is a technique for eager players seeking a speed run to complete these War Table tasks in record time. Typically, when a player selects a War Table assignment, it will take their advisers and agents a set period of time to achieve the objective. In addition to waiting for the work to finish, players must also wait to utilise the adviser on another mission, which may result in delays or bad decisions.

Install the very popular War Table – No Waiting mod by Tahira to avoid this issue. Except for one, all missions will be completed upon activation. To prevent a known problem, the “Truth or Dare: A Dangerous Game” task takes one minute.

4) Immersive Starting Armors

In Dragon Age: Inquisition, the beginning armour of all races mostly overlaps. It’s a rather basic problem, but one that irritates people who love these little yet intriguing touches. With this Dragon Age: Inquisition mod, each race in the game will have their own distinctive beginning armour. These designs are intended to complement the mythology rather than contradict it. This makes it a must-have mod for anybody who wants their Inquisitor to be as distinctive as possible, particularly in the game’s opening minutes.

5) Fall Damage Nullified

This mod is rather basic and might be useful for those that prefer to leap from gate to gate as quickly as possible. The Fall Damage Nullified mod prevents your character from taking fall damage while falling from great heights.

This mod is very useful when attempting to reach the next destination or quest marker as quickly as possible, which may include leaping off of towering mountains or falling down a cliff by mistake. However, the developer warns that this patch will clash with any other mod that uses the same script.

6) Search Radius Increased

Eagle Eyed is another Inquisition Perk that players may get from the War Table. This perk increases the search radius to help players locate easily-missed treasure. Using this perk does not significantly expand the radius. The Search Radius Increased mod is the most efficient approach for completionists to get every item in the game.

Created by jerrybullet, who has other modifications on this list, Search Radius Increased gives players the option of increasing the search radius by 50 or 100 percent. The modification also removes the line-of-sight limitation, enabling the search function to locate things that are out of reach or behind walls.

7) HD Eye Textures

It may be a minor flaw, but Dragon Age: Inquisition’s eye textures lack even the most basic level of graphical quality. Graphics-obsessed players would be upset by the poor quality of the characters in this game.

This modification enhances the resolution of the game’s eye graphics, as its name implies. It may seem like a little tweak, but for gamers who care about these tiny things, it makes a world of difference.

8) Quicker Looting

The motion of looting adds some flare to the game, making it seem as realistic as possible. However, there are instances when it might seem as like looting is taking a long time. The mod Quicker Looting eliminates the looting animation. With this ability active, players may bypass the looting animation, saving them time when looting. This is an excellent alternative if you are in a hurry and have a large number of locations to plunder.

9) Party at the Winter Palace

During Wicked Eyes and Wicked Hearts, the Inquisitor brings their advisers and party to the Winter Palace to attend Empress Celene’s ball and peace negotiations in order to foil an assassination plan. The primary goal is such a departure from the rest of the story’s weight, and it may be amusing to watch your pals playing politics after a few drinks.

It may be difficult to choose a party for this occasion. Thankfully, sapphim and starrarte limit the importance of party composition to fighting. With Party at the Winter Palace installed, any recruited buddy may be talked with during the Ball. Moreover, as the Inquisitor approaches Empress Celene, every acquired figure will be proclaimed to the court. Players should be aware that booted out party members will still be notified even if they are not present. Nonetheless, if gamers have ever wondered what an Inquisition road trip may entail, here is their opportunity to find out.

10) Ardent Blossom Misc Store

The Ardent Blossom item is a unique headgear that is difficult to get legally and is highly wanted by enthusiasts. This item is the prize for a side-quest that was concealed from players for a very long period, making it extremely unusual since it is not something that players would naturally stumble across.

The Ardent Blossom Misc Store Mod may allow players get this item if they do not choose to do it the normal manner. The mod enables players to get some uncommon things for free from merchants such as Barnabus’ store in Val Royeaux and others.

11) More Inquisition Levels

In the base game, the Inquisition cannot gain Influence beyond level 20. As Influence is directly related to Inquisition Perks, this limits players to a maximum of 19 Perks. Players who have completed or want to do completionist runs of the game will discover that there is far more gameplay than 20 Inquisition Levels.

Ghostfish’s More Inquisition Levels mod for Nexus Mods raises the maximum potential Inquisition level to 30. Additionally, players will get up to 34 Perk points, enabling them to access all Inquisition Perks. This modification is incompatible with both NewInfluenceTable and Ardent Blossom Misc Store.

12) More Banter

Dragon Age: Inquisition offers some of the greatest banter available, providing you with wonderful chuckles while you play. What if you could have it more frequently? That would be the greatest thing ever.

More banter reduces the default activation duration for banter from 20 minutes to 15 minutes.

Due to various circumstances, the banter sometimes skips. However, the moderator maintains constant discussion every 15 minutes, enhancing the whole experience.

13) Multiple Romance Mod

One of the most beloved aspects of the Dragon Age series is the ability to romance and form relationships with your favourite characters. However, once the player begins a connection with a companion or adviser, the game disables flirting and the ability of initiating a second relationship without first terminating the current one. Some fans dread missing out on some of the most engaging dialogues when characters flirt.

The Several Romance Mod enables players to develop relationships with multiple characters. The Inquisitor may flirt once again, or perhaps get into many relationships. The mod disables the game from indicating that the player character is already in a relationship if it is installed.

14) Increase Inventory Capacity

A big complaint of any game is the limitation on inventory capacity; the last thing players want is to be deep in a dungeon and realise they’ve surpassed their loot-carrying restrictions when there’s still plenty of valuable items to collect. In addition, because there are no stores in the midst of the deep highways, players must often sacrifice stuff in order to carry more.

The game has its own inventory improvements, however the Increase Inventory Capacity mod not only simplifies this process but also greatly expands the inventory size. This mod may raise the normal beginning inventory size of 400 slots to a staggering 32,767 spaces.

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