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16 Best Rimworld Mods


RimWorld is a massive and intricate game, and things only get more intriguing when you dig into the Steam Workshop’s hundreds of modifications. There are modifications that totally alter the gameplay, provide new methods to experience the lives of your colonists, and simple tweaks that improve the quality of life.

Experienced players may have a list of dozens of modifications for RimWorld, but for the sake of this list, we’ve chosen the 10 finest mods, all of which are accessible on the Workshop. These modifications significantly alter the gameplay, yet the underlying savagery of RimWorld stays same.



1) EdB Carefully Prepare

Starting a game of Rimworld is mostly reliant on chance. At the start of the game, available colonists are spawned with randomly determined characteristics that govern their behaviour. The EdB Prepare Carefully allows you to tailor your colonists beforehand, giving you somewhat more control over what you get.

You may freely choose available equipment, alter their names, and award skill points. There are options to restrict point distribution, although this restriction may also be eliminated. Just be cautious, since making OP beginning characters may rapidly become tedious.

I would suggest beginning a game without this so you can experience the original game. Once you have a clearer notion of what you’ll need from your beginning characters, equip this item.


2) Multiplayer

Multiplayer is one of the most fun game modifications since it enables you to play with your friends. Using this modification, you may commit many war crimes with the greatest people around you. It is also compatible with Royalty and has over 99% of features, with the exception of the colony name.

This mod is compatible with RimWorld versions 1.1 and 1.2. It is possible to play with an unlimited number of people with this mod; however, the makers of the mod do not encourage doing so with more than eight players.


3) Blighted Alert

As previously said, Rimworld may be a lot of fun but is not ideal. It’s very unusual for creators to ignore little nuances, which gamers finally discover after hours of play.

Once rectified, the blight mechanism makes you question why it wasn’t included in the original game. The only thing the patch does is provide a switch for when blighted plants appear on the map. This allows you to eliminate them before they may spread.


4) Men’s Hair

This mod seeks to rectify the fact that the main game does not always adequately represent the characteristics of the characters. You may create new hairdo choices for colonists using Men’s Hair. Even if there are several mods for introducing new hairstyles, such as vanilla expanded, this mod offers a fresh range of hair colours and styles.

In addition to new hairstyles and hair colours, this mod provides a variety of face hairstyles. Grow a goatee or sport sideburns. No matter whatever option you select, we’re certain you’ll have a fun personalising characters.


5) Draggable Corners

Draggable Corners is another another mod that will make you question why the game was made to be so difficult. Why does Rimworld only permit individual-line wall construction?

It seems as if there should be an easier way to construct houses, since this method is extremely laborious. Lucky for us, modder sparr made it feasible. With Draggable Corners, you can now design L-shaped conduits and sandbags, as well as squares and rectangles for walls and other impenetrable structures.



6) Animal Variety Coats

Numerous modifications may be employed to improve the look, intelligence, and conduct of your pawns. However, Animal Variety Coats let you to alter the appearance of animals by giving them distinct hues so that they seem distinct from one another.

In the default game, all creatures seem identical. However, this patch helps you distinguish various creatures by giving them a new skin, bringing more colour and personality to the game.


7) Blueprints

Blueprints are another fundamental that alleviates much of the difficulty associated with construction in Rimworld. It essentially lets you to produce blueprints from structures you’ve previously made, allowing you to put replicas conveniently in the future.

If you believe you have made the ideal bedroom, you will no longer need to construct it again. Additionally, there are a multitude of additional important features. Before establishing a structure, you may alter the wall materials and other characteristics of the structure.


8) Common Sense

The colonists and pawns in RimWorld are controlled by artificial intelligence, but the pawns are not intelligent enough to determine what should and should not be done. On the basis of AI, they often end up doing something you do not want.

This issue is remedied by Common Sense, which requires them to do a series of new tasks, such as cleaning the room regularly. You may activate and deactivate each respective sensation with a single click. The mod provides you greater power and lets your acute management sense to either assure compliance or lead to full anarchy.



9) Color Coded Mood Bar

Managing colonist dispositions is a crucial aspect of the game. In Rimworld, like in almost every management game, you play the role of a deity. Here, more than in any other game, colonists seem to have minds of their own, and things may rapidly get chaotic.

While significant work has been made in making moods simpler to control, this patch simplifies the process by introducing a color-coding system. The standard game contains a diminishing mood metre behind colonists; this mod just adds colour to make it much simpler to determine if they’re happy or unhappy.


10) HugsLib

HugsLib is one of the most subscribed modifications in RimWorld’s history, mostly because it functions as a database that enables numerous modules to run concurrently. HugsLib is required by a vast majority of RimWorld modifications in order for them to function. Obtain HugsLib before embarking on a journey to download hundreds of modifications for the game. The platform has been modified for the 1.3 release this summer, and many modifications are now supported via the Library.


11) ResearchPal

The research menu has also been reported to be rather problematic. Particularly when employing modifications, the research tree is known to group various technologies together, making them very difficult to handle.

The mod reworks the research tree substantially, making its loading times faster and its structure simpler to comprehend. There is also a great deal of usefulness here, since the research queueing feature eliminates the need to repeatedly access the menu.


12) Factional War

Factional War is a big mod produced by Shadowrabbit that offers four new raid events on a far grander scale than any previous raiding in RimWorld. It actually makes you feel like you’re in the middle of a gigantic conflict, while you’re not required to participate.

Faction Assault causes a massive war to erupt on your map, Faction Bombardment causes two factions to fight across your map (you can swoop in for resources destroyed by their bombs), Faction Contention causes rare resources to spawn on the map (you can grab them if you dare), and Faction Defense makes you the target of a massive army. Do so only if you are prepared to battle.


13) FashionRIMsta

How about we take a break from all the quality-of-life enhancements so far and spice up the game’s visuals?

FashionRIMsta offers several clothing choices to the game, giving your colonists a more varied appearance. The mod is not entirely visual, though, since it also affects some of the game’s core gameplay. Many of the clothing items will need study before they may be crafted.

However, once they are unlocked, they also grant work bonuses. This is what really makes this mod unique. Specialized attire improves work performance — a chef’s hat will help you cook quicker, scrubs will boost your performance in the medical field, etc.


14) 1-2-3 Personalities

If you enjoy RimWorld for its organic spiralling narrative, then 1-2-3 Personalities is the ideal mod for you. It is not too obtrusive on the gameplay (there are many module levels to choose from), but adds a touch of flare to your pawn’s attributes.

Different personality aspects of your pawns may interact with one another, allowing them to create friendships or rivalries depending on their own ideas. The modification is currently a work in progress, but it is routinely updated, including modifications for the future 1.3 release and its beta.


15) Hospitality

Interaction between colonists does not seem to play a significant role in Rimworld, although enhancing this element may have a significant impact on how you play the game. Beginning with the Hospitality mod by Orion, the pointlessness of visiting factions is addressed. Visitors from other factions sometimes stroll into your colony, explore for a while, and then return to their homeland.

There is no actual purpose to it. They come and go as they choose without having any meaningful effect on the game. This mod modifies that, allowing you to engage with guests in a variety of ways. You may persuade guests to remain, equip them with comfortable sleeping quarters, enable them to purchase from your inventory, and even engage in commerce with them.


16) EdB Carefully Prepare

This mod has the highest rating on Steam’s Workshop, and for good cause. It gives the player complete control over their starting location, colonists, and game scenario. The mod was last updated in August 2020, however it is compatible with the current RimWorld 1.2 release.

EdB Prepare Carefully is a mod worthy of exploration. You may prepare for a difficult RimWorld run, or you can develop a group of powerful colonists who annihilate everything and make it simple to construct a fantastic off-world colony. The decision rests solely on the player.

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