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Teal Swan On Dealing With Emotional Traumas and Past Wounds


Emotional traumas and past wounds are not easy for one to forget and forgive. These wounds stay stuck in the mind and body, causing the person much pain and suffering. People who hold on to their bitter past are seldom happy with life and their relationships when it comes to life. They carry the burden of bitterness, which significantly affects their mental and physical well being. 

  • Teal Swan and her effective healing techniques 

Teal Swan is no stranger in the new age spiritual world. She is widely loved and respected by millions of people around the globe. She is an international best-selling author of six books and has her own YouTube channel called Ask Teal. Here, she connects with her followers and addresses their concerns regarding life and its challenges. 

She was born in Santa Fe, New Mexico. She was subjected to severe childhood abuse because she was born with a range of extrasensory abilities that attracted the undue attention of a cult. She escaped from their clutches and today uses her harrowing experience to help others. She teaches them the practice of compassion and self-love that is important for a happy life. 

  • The importance of the truth in maintaining genuine relationships 

According to her, most people find it uncomfortable to express their feelings and thoughts. They often feel awkward hearing the thoughts and feelings of other people as well. However, she is cautious that these feelings and thoughts must never be suppressed. 

  • Baring the truth for a real relationship is important 

When it comes to genuine relationships, the truth can be revealed only when it comes out totally on the tables. You cannot love the person you think you love if you are not aware of their truth at that moment. 

She adds that everyone, in essence, is in love with a plunging illusion. This means that you ask another to love an illusion of yourself unless you are open and vulnerable enough to show them the absolute truth of who you are in the moment. 

  • Averting tension and disharmony by suppressing the truth 

Many people suppress the truth, as they do not want tensions and disharmony in the relationship. Little do they know this causes them more harm than good. You need to accept reality and reveal the truth irrespective of the consequences. There are times when the opposite becomes true. You might attain liberation and peace after letting go, which takes you to a happy and authentic path. 

Teal Swan has an extensive list of self-help videos on her official website and some free meditation tools to help people overcome past wounds and emotional traumas. She wants people to attain the proper version of themselves and bring positive change and transformation to the world. She believes when a person is whole, the world will become whole too, which will bring positive change making the globe a better place for everyone to live in.


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