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15 Best Jedi Fallen Order Mods


While awaiting the release of the sequel, it may be entertaining for gamers to replay Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Following the events of Revenge of the Sith, players travel a tiny portion of the galaxy as Jedi Padawan Cal Kestis and learn Jedi abilities while being pursued by Imperial Inquisitors. If players have previously defeated the “vanilla” version of the game, installing modifications to create a new experience may be a smart idea.

Numerous of the greatest Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order modifications are aesthetic enhancements that help the game seem more authentic to the user. Different modifications may alter the context of the game such that adversaries seem like other Star Wars characters, such as Republic Clone Troopers or Sith Shock Troopers. Modifications enable players to create the experience they choose and keep the game fresh and engaging for longer than it would have been otherwise.

Here are some of the top Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order modifications gamers can download in 2020.

1) Skywalker ReShade FX – True HDR

As with the majority of games that already look nice on their own, the only graphical enhancement you can expect is a ReShade preset. The Skywalker ReShade FX – True HDR is by far the finest choice for improving the aesthetics of the game, providing a solution to its HDR difficulties.

This patch utilises ReShade to provide a carefully chosen assortment of visual effects to simulate how the game might seem on an HDR display. Overall, the outcome is a lot more colourful and less washed-out appearance.

2) Fast Travel

In Jedi: Fallen Order, backtracking is one of the most common gameplay elements and is required for progression. This forced mechanism may be rather annoying, particularly if you miss anything in the region or travel there by mistake.

No one in a sci-fi world where warp travel is possible will have to endure the agony of walking back to a location where Fast Travel is available. This patch enables you to teleport anywhere on the map, allowing you to make extensive use of the teleportation ability. It is not advised for the first playtime.

3) Better Sabers

Given the armies of cult followers who stay devoted to the original mythos, it is difficult to create anything Star Wars-related. However, it is inevitable that everything will be scrutinised in great detail. The lightsabers must be one of the first things that people notice.

There are many modifications for lightsaber customization, with BigTP’s Better Sabers being one of the greatest. This patch modifies the colours of all lightsabers to make them look significantly brighter than they did in the original game.

4) Lightsaber Color Editor

First and foremost, we must discuss the most crucial aspect of the game: the lightsabers! In this sense, there are several Jedi alternatives, although even the default may be quite limiting. The Lightsaber Color Editor eliminates the game’s restrictions on creativity and alignment.

It allows you to build and personalise the colours of your lightsaber. Now, red and even white lightsabers are available. You may even make them resemble the Darksaber if you so like. With this hack, you will never lack alternatives for your lightsaber. Note that there may be compatibility issues with other modifications that alter lightsabers.

5) SooperSnell’s Sabers Pack

Those who are already acquainted with the game are aware that plundering various chests throughout the planet awards you with cosmetic lightsaber pieces that you may use to customise your weapon. The components are just ornamental, but they provide an easy method to customise your weapon and make it seem more distinct with each subsequent unlock.

The Sabers Pack by SooperSnell replaces some of the sabre components found throughout the game with more recognisable ones, making it seem more like an Easter egg hunt than random treasure drops. Installing this mod will allow you to construct lightsabers used by Darth Revan, Qui-Gon Jinn, and even Darth Vader.

6) Gal Kestis

It was just a matter of time until someone presented Cal Kestis with a gender-bending character. Jedi: Fallen Order suffers from a notable lack of character creation and gender customization options. This is what Gal Kestis intends to rectify.

This modification replaces male Cal Kestis with a female model that has longer hair, a more feminine skeletal shape, and lighter complexion. Additionally, the anatomy is accurate, albeit you may choose to muffle the voice, since it is still male Cal speaking.

7) The Mandalorian

The world owes a great deal to The Mandalorian as one of the few things that salvaged Star Wars fandom this year. Then, you may demonstrate your appreciation for the series by transforming Cal Kestis into Din Djarin with The Mandalorian mod.

It’s a visual upgrade mod that replaces the playable character model in Jedi: Fallen Order with Din Djarin and his gleaming Mando armour. The details are complete with the exception of the Darksaber and Grogu/Baby Yoda. For enhanced gaming, this is the method to follow. You are aware.

8) 13. Better Sabers

Well, I’m a huge Star Wars fan, and one thing I’ve noticed is that the Jedi Fallen Order doesn’t provide a wide variety of colours for lightsabers. But there is always a solution…

Given the multitudes of cult followers that remain devoted to the original narrative, creating anything related to Star Wars is a tremendous undertaking. However, it is inevitable that everything will be scrutinised in great detail. The lightsabers must be one of the first things that people notice. Obviously, the lightsabers are the finest part! There are many modifications for lightsaber customization, with BigTP’s Better Sabers being one of the greatest. This patch modifies the colours of all lightsabers to make them look significantly brighter than they did in the original game.

9) Dismemberment Alpha

Any game with a playable lightsaber but no dismemberment is begging for a review score reduction or is attempting to get an age rating. In Jedi: Fallen Order, the use of lightsabers is quite moderate.

The Dismemberment Alpha is required to unleash the full capabilities of this exquisite weapon for a more civilised era. Dismemberments are, after all, the first thorough demonstration of a lightsaber in a series with a dismemberment fetish.

10) The Clone Wars

With fans seeking to bring the game closer to what we’ve seen in the films, we want to revamp characters other than our main character. In Star Wars canon, the Clone Wars have always been a popular event. And Fallen Order modder Mr. Fox intends to achieve the same aesthetic.

He does this by updating the graphics of the Storm Trooper so that they resemble those of the Clone Troopers more closely, including new textures for the Storm Trooper, Heavy Gunner Storm Troopers, Official Storm Troopers, and Rocket Launcher Storm Troopers.

11) Sith Shock Troops

Purge Troopers are a formidable threat in Jedi: Fallen Order, but happily, they are few and you don’t face too many of them. You may make their looks more distinctive by giving them a red hue to reflect their Sith affinity.

Similar to those seen in the Sequel Trilogy, the Sith Shock Troops mod transforms the Purge Trooper’s clothing into a crimson armour that bleeds. It is a simple colour adjustment, but it makes fighting with Purge Troopers more memorable.

12) Kylo Ren

Kylo Ren, the most current antagonist from the Star Wars sequel trilogy, is the next subject. Ben may have been conflicted in the movie, but in this incarnation he has embraced the dark side, inspired by his hooded look in A New Hope.

And although Kylo Ren’s distinctive lightsaber is the only one with a crossguard, this mod lacks that element, so you’ll have to settle with a standard red one.

13) True New Journey Plus

This year, developers launched a new game mode called New Journey+. This feature lets players to carry over whatever cosmetics they uncover from one playing to future playthroughs. As part of the game’s narrative, though, Cal’s talents are reset in this mode. The True New Journey Plus mod by Callyste allows players to choose precisely what is carried over to the next session. They may pick between a full or partial carryover, which will include skill advancements and Force Powers. However, players should be warned that a complete carryover would interfere with the main plot advancement and open all regions, even ones that Cal should not be able to visit until later in the main tale.

14) The Mandalorian

For many fans, The Mandalorian is the television counterpart of the video game Fallen Order. The original films set the bar so high that it’s difficult to satisfy diehard fans. Many believe The Mandalorian to be the finest Star Wars release in recent memory, particularly considering the generally negative reception to the sequel trilogy.

Din Djarin’s presence in the Fallen Order is therefore entirely appropriate. This mod has his whole Beskar armour set, and these textures look fantastic. Just don’t expect to see the weaponry he uses on the programme; that would be a little much, even for me.

15) Cal Customizer

This relatively recent mod by AlexPo21 just provides the user with extra customization options for the main character. The Cal Customizer has 15 hair colours, 30 eye colours, and 15 skin colours to provide players with the opportunity to start the adventure again with a different character. AlexPo21 intends to add further features to this mod, such as more female alternatives (the mod is compatible with Female Jedi to some degree), alien races, and face textures like as facial hair and scars.

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