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Modding The Game Jump Force For PC


Given the vast number of well-known characters from manga and anime that were combined into one game, it should not come as a surprise that Jump Force has been so successful. Even while the reviews may not have been very positive, it offers fans of anime the opportunity to participate in intense battles with some of their favourite characters from a wide variety of popular series, including Dragon Ball, Naruto, One Piece, and Bleach.

The fact that modders have found ways to create entirely original characters makes it possible to include even more of your favourite anime heroes in a game that already includes more than 40 of them. This is something that is even better than the fact that modders have found ways to create entirely original characters. The following is a list of excellent game modifications that are well worth obtaining. And in the event that your particular preference is not included on the list, well, just keep an eye out for it. Perhaps the planning stages have already begun elsewhere in the world.

1)     Akatsuki Cloak & Hat

It’s very usual for anime viewers to have a preference for certain clothes that are featured in the series they watch. This is particularly true when considering the fact that anime characters seldom change their attire, which means that every time they do, it is a noteworthy event. Cosplaying, which is a kind of roleplaying, plays a significant and prominent role in the culture of anime.

This patch brings the Akatsuki cloak and hat into Jump Force as well, so you may use it there as well. When designing a character, it gives you the choice to dress them in the well-known Naruto attire, thus expanding the range of possibilities offered by the game. Small but valuable.

2)     Tournament Of Power

The context of the fights in Jump Force contributes significantly to the sensation that these skirmishes are epic. The basic game includes a number of significant locales from the universe of Shonen Jump as well as several real-world sites in and around Hong Kong, Japan, New York City, Paris, and San Francisco.

Fans have, of course, discovered methods to put in additional locales to fight in, so filling the holes that aren’t included in the main game. Using this exact map, you will be able to compete in the arena that hosts the Tournament of Power in the Dragon Ball world.

3)     Tanjiro Kamado

Following that, we will discuss a character from an anime series that came into the limelight much more recently than the majority of the other characters in the game. This patch brings the character Tanjiro Kamado, who appeared in the blockbuster manga series Kimetsu No Yaiba in 2016, into the Jump Force arena.

The modification has also been lauded as being among the greatest ones available for the game. It has a model of exceptional quality, bespoke voice acting, and even a custom move set to round out the experience.

4)     Soundtrack Pack (Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball…)

Despite the fact that the game comes with its own own original music, a lot of fans were hoping for something a little bit more genuine. After all, how could Jump Force be much more immersive when you get to play as your favourite anime characters and the music in the background is the same as what you’d hear while watching the programmes themselves?

This modification gives you the ability to accomplish precisely that by including some of the most well-known soundtrack music from the anime series that are represented in the game. These series include Naruto, Bleach, Dragon Ball, and others. This one is certain to send you on a journey down memory lane if you have been a fan of some of these programmes ever since you were a child.

5)     Genji Shimada

In addition to that, we have the modders who deviate from the general concept of Jump Force in order to build well-known characters from other media that are not constrained by the conventions of anime.

Since a matter of fact, if you give it some serious thought, these modifications may actually help promote Jump Force’s objective of encouraging video game crossovers… as the following mods bring in some of our favourite characters from other games. The hack created by TheLeonX makes Overwatch’s very own cyborg ninja, Genji, available to be played as a fighter in the universe of Jump Force.

6)     Rukia Moveset For CAC Female A

In the event that you are interested in having a more customised gaming experience, Jump Force provides the option to do so inside the game via a feature called Create a Character. While you will have the typical customization options, covering everything from appearance to clothing, one of the more important decisions you’re going to have to make is which fighting style your character is going to master. While you will have these options, you will have to make this choice before you can progress in the game.

The game does not feature a large number of choices, providing the player with just three distinct categories from which to choose. Modders have, fortunately for us, uncovered means through which whole new move sets may be added to the game. This may be used while constructing a character that is unique to you. Your custom-made female character may now employ Rukia’s move set thanks to a mod written by douglinesb; however, there are other modifications available for other move sets as well.

7)     Master Chief by Onifox

You haven’t seen anything yet if you believe that the crossover between Jump Force and Overwatch makes for an exciting storyline. Here we have a modification that takes inspiration from the world of Halo on Xbox and allows us to battle as our “favourite green spartan,” to quote the modder OniFox himself.

Who else would you choose to represent the Halo world besides Master Chief, who serves as the primary protagonist who may be controlled by the player for the majority of the series? To see how a Spartan would perform against some of the anime heroes that are included in the game should provide for some intriguing battles to watch out for.

8)     Sandai Kitetsu Replaces Energy Sword

Since the launch of the game, one of the most common and contentious issues that players have brought up is the sword that may be equipped to their unique characters. It is not possible to construct a swordsman using the basic “make a character” choices, and attempting to finish any animations with a sword-based attack would just result in the character conjuring some kind of energy sword instead.

As a result, many fans were left with the desire to make their own custom characters into expert swordsmen, much like many of their favourite anime characters. The Sandai Kitetsu, which belongs to Zoro, may be used instead of the energy sword if you download and install this mod.

9)     Blaziken

Let’s dial it down a notch since we’ve gotten quite far off track from the original anime and manga inspiration for the Jump Force franchise. The following modification is based on one of the most well-known anime series in western culture.

Don’t judge a Torchic by its adorable look; they may be quite dangerous. When it reaches its full potential and develops into its ultimate form, you will have one of the most powerful fire-type Pokémon available to you. The fact that Blaziken has such powerful fire attacks is secondary to the fact that it has such strong legs, which make it an excellent fighter.

10) Kumo Ha Katana

Gigo’s mod to remove energy swords enabled players of Jump Force to create some unique and imaginative custom swords. And despite the fact that the earlier patch enables you to utilise a more well-known sword from the One Piece series, there are some people who have chosen to make use of the mod in order to construct swords that are entirely unique to themselves.

When it comes to the choice of weapon for your character, the Kumo Ha Katana owned by Kaji22 is a perfect example since it enables far more customization possibilities. The Cloud Blade may be purchased in more than ten different colours and takes the place of Goku’s wrist band, freeing your character from the obligation of using another player’s weapon. Genuine personalization.

11) Captain Marvel

If we are going to have a Marvel bad guy in the shape of Thanos, then it is only appropriate that we also have a Marvel hero who can battle him. GriffinStation has provided us with this Captain Marvel mod, which enables us to take into combat one of the most recent Marvel Cinematic Universe additions.

Even though Captain Marvel has superhuman strength and the capacity to channel radiant energy, I have a feeling that she hasn’t met anything on the level of the heroes who populate the realm of Jump Force. I can’t wait to hear how he does, aren’t you?

12) Luffy Gear 4 Snake Man 

It is not at all unusual for characters in anime to have many levels or forms, particularly when they advance in power or become more skilled at using their abilities. Because Jump Force was published quite a few years ago, and because some of the anime and manga series it contains are still running, it is possible that some of the characters have acquired more powerful forms in the years since then.

An excellent illustration of this is Luffy’s Snake Man. This is a variation of his most recently found Fourth Gear trick that has not been included into the game…yet. Luffy’s Snake Man Fourth Gear has been ported over to Jump Force thanks to the efforts of the modder truonggiang08.

13) Shaggy

Indeed, we have arrived to the stage where even American cartoons are being reimagined as part of the Jump Force universe. And just considering how entertaining this is, it should be at the very top of the list.

Shaggy, Scooby-chubby Doo’s but closest buddy, is making an appearance, but he doesn’t seem to be as as timid as he used to be. And I am aware that it is not widely believed that he has any extraordinary abilities. But we shouldn’t lose sight of the fact that he successfully apprehends the villains every time.

14) Vegito

The opportunity to introduce totally new characters who are not a part of the base game is one of the most exciting aspects of the Jump Force modding experience. As you will see in a moment, the community has devised methods to include almost every character they can think of, even some that have no connection to anime at all.

However, before we get to them, we should mention that the modder Mastaklo has developed Vegito, who has the potential to be one of the most powerful characters in the Dragon Ball series. Have you ever pondered what it might be like to wield the combined strength of Goku and Vegeta in one mighty blow? You are now able to.

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