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14 Awesome Mass Effect Andromedas Mods You Didn’t Know About


Mass Effect: Andromeda was… not quite on par with BioWare’s original trilogy of science-fiction role-playing video games. Despite the fact that it wasn’t a totally terrible game, the exploits of Commander Shephard and his handsome and humorous squadron were noticeably lacking.

There were certainly aspects of the game that should have been improved, but where the developers and publisher EA missed the ball, fans were glad to take up the slack by adding mod support to the PC version. Here are ten modifications that make Mass Effect: Andromeda much more playable.

Mass Effect: Andromeda remains a painful place for longtime fans and everyone else who played it, but that doesn’t mean it’s not worth playing. The game provides an intriguing new chapter in the Mass Effect series, and with the plethora of modifications available, it may be readily improved.

Check out some of these modifications that make the game somewhat more playable.

1)   Quick Loot


The Quick Loot mod is one that addresses an issue that players experienced with the game, even though it was not strictly a bug. When Ryder opens a container, the Item Pickup menu displays, enabling them to choose which items to take and which to leave behind.

However, there are few instances in which the player does not wish to accept everything and go on. Quick Loot eliminates the pop-up menu and just transfers all loot to the player’s inventory. If the player is interested in what they’ve picked up, item information continue to surface on the screen’s side.

2) First Person Collection

First-Person Mass Effect Andromeda is comprised of three different modifications that work together to form the final game. Creator BlackMaz3 has been developing them and distributing them in a modular fashion, so you will need to download and install the Combat, Conversations, and Exploration modules individually.

You will then be able to convince people to stake their lives for the Initiative while looking them in the eyes. It is comparable to playing The Outer Worlds, except worse.

3)Tempest Superstore

The Tempest Superstore mod guarantees that the Tempest Kiosk is stocked with all materials, augmentations, weapon modifications, nomad upgrades, paint jobs, and consumables, as well as other items.

Additionally, the mod ensures that there are plenty supplies, but a fast save and reload will restore the stock if you want more. The main disadvantage of this mod is that it must be updated whenever a new weapon rank is unlocked.

4) Shut Up SAM

I read often in online MEA forums how frustrating the majority of people find SAM, the AI that guides you through your implant.

As a result, author Watafuzz has published Shut Up SAM, a mod that, as claimed, mutes this pathfinder AI for the duration of the game. Well, with the exception of tale segments and life-threatening scenarios in which it may remind you to monitor life support. A companion AI is acceptable. But surely nobody wants another Navi from Ocarina of Time?

5) Remnant Sudoku Puzzle Glyphs to Numbers

As part of the major tasks, The Remnant in Mass Effect: Andromeda leave various basic riddles for the player to complete. The Remnant Sudoku Puzzle Glyphs To Numbers mod identifies these puzzles as glorified Sudoku.

This modification enables players to utilise numbers in place of the strange, unintelligible symbols, making them considerably simpler to complete. Since it is just a retexture, the developer of the mod notes that the numbers will not always be consecutive, but they will make more sense.

6) Materials for Sale

Back in the day, if we wanted to make games simpler, we could only hope that their designers supplied cheat codes. Now we have moderators.

Due to the sluggish rate at which materials may be accumulated, and the fact that even material dealers never appeared to have enough, the modder Tabbed had a difficult time constructing what they want. Their idea was to supply the Tempest’s Kiosk with crafting supplies. Each one, in stacks of 100,000, is provided gratis.

7) Fast Mining 

Fast Mining  The only remaining option for players was to mine planets for their resources, which was, to say the least, uninspiring.

The Fast Mining mod eliminates the tedium for players, allowing them to get the important minerals required to craft products without all the searching. The mod’s designer claims that achieving 100% mining completion is considerably simpler with this patch.

8) Squad Is Actually Useful

A significant issue for players in this Mass Effect game was that their squad could not compete with their erstwhile allies from the Milky Way galaxy under Commander Shephard. The names Liam, Vetra, and Jaal cannot compete with Garrus, Tali, and Liara. This applies both from a gaming and a narrative standpoint. While modders cannot significantly alter the plot, they may contribute to the gameplay.

With this modification by user Forkinator, your squadmates are far more strong and character-appropriate than in the base game. With these modifications, the Krogan known as Drack is a formidable melee fighter, since most Krogan and Cora hit as hard as an Asari Commando-trained human. Now that you no longer have to supervise your teammates, you can concentrate on having fun.

9) Alien Squadmates Overhaul Peebee Vetra and Jaal Armors

The Alien Squadmates Overhaul mod provides Peebee, Vetra, and Jaal with new armors, skin tones, eye colours, and casual attire. All of the pictures are breathtaking, and the developer keeps true to the mythology while reimagining the characters.

Some players were quite dissatisfied with the degree of detail in these characters’ clothes and looks; it’s hard to believe that 10 additional races were intended for the game.

10) MEA – WIP Hairstyles

Some individuals can never have sufficient customising choices. And MEA is not exactly the most diverse in terms of Ryder customization. The character creator is very lacking.

KittenTails, a NexusMods user, is working on translating hairstyles from The Sims 4 to Mass Effect so that Ryder may have the most ridiculous haircuts while conquering Andromeda. KittenTails is gradually expanding its collection of hairstyles, which now consists mostly of girlie hairstyles with plenty of volume and a Barbie-like aesthetic.

11) Profiles Reworked

Despite the fact that Andromeda’s Profile system may be used to develop good builds for the player, a number of players claimed that a number of the attributes were pointless and the benefits were insufficiently distinct. The Profiles Reworked mod adds additional bonuses and benefits to each pathfinder profile.

The developer adds that similar modifications already exist, however they felt the existing ones to be unbalanced. Each profile type’s specifics are mentioned in the mod’s descriptions, so users may examine it for themselves before downloading it.

12) Faster Kadara Doors

Numerous sandbox-style games have a section in which the makers made a calculation error. In MEA, it’s Kadara. I mean, why does it take so long for those doors to open? What is this, Resident Evil from the 90s?

As a result of modder Nightwolf2503’s efforts, these doors are now properly lubricated and operate normally. Keep in mind that this is only worthwhile if your computer’s specifications are near to those suggested. Alternately, you will experience static loading as the game loads the region behind the door.

13) Ryders Wardrobe Overhaul

The protagonist of Mass Effect: Andromeda, Ryder, is a perfect match for the position. Their history is intriguing (it’s one of the things that fans want to learn more about in the future game) and they’re rather customizable. Nonetheless, Ryder’s sense of style is not for everyone.

The Ryders Wardrobe Redesign mod modifies the wardrobe choices offered to casual Ryders on their ship. New male and female versions are available, and the pants cannot be tinted. There is an option for gamers who desire a serious leader or a laid-back boss.

14) A Better Nomad

The Nomad was one of the few aspects of the original trilogy that was enhanced in the Andromeda trilogy. Compared to the Mako and Hammerhead vehicles from the first series, this was far better. However, it was not a flawless car, as there were still a few elements that might have been improved. The good news for gamers is that one modder agreed with them and chose to take action.

This modification by user Watafuzz modifies the game’s six-wheeled powerhouse engine. First, the amount of damage caused on foes by running over them varies with your level, guaranteeing that crushing them with the Nomad is always effective. Additionally, the vehicle’s max speed, manoeuvrability, and leap boosters are upgraded to ensure that it can go everywhere.

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