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14 updated sekiro mods


Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice by From Software is one of the great gaming masterpieces of our age and a must-play for everyone seeking a fantastic action game. The game’s graphics and narrative are matched only by its fierce and engrossing fighting, which abandons the ponderous and defensive playstyle of From’s prior releases in favour of a more aggressive sword-based combat system. As a result, many players have yet to finish (or even begin) Sekiro due to the game’s fighting. The tremendous difficulty of Sekiro’s fighting is a substantial entrance hurdle and a major topic of contention around the game as a whole.

But what if there were a method to adjust the game’s complexity to make it more approachable? Or unlock the game’s 60 FPS limit. Or defeat the Ashina clan not as Sekiro the one-armed wolf, but as a huge frog with a sword? All of this and much more is possible because of the vast community of modders devoted to modifying the Sekiro experience.

Here are some of the greatest modifications for Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, along with instructions on how to install them.


1) Sekiro, The Easy

The whole idea of difficult FromSoftware games such as Dark Souls and Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice is that players must “become good” in order to go farther in the game. However, it need not be this way.

If you’re merely interested in the mythology and the showy ninja techniques, Sekiro The Easy by Ttwin531 is an excellent method to take in the scenery without worrying about your life. Once implemented, Sekiro will become far more robust and resilient than before. Additionally, he will have almost infinite stamina, and fall damage will no longer affect him.


2) Sekiro as Rikimaru

Sekiro is heavily influenced by traditional ninja sagas such as Tenchu. And there is no better way to celebrate this gaming heritage than playing Sekiro as the legendary Rikimaru.

Rikimaru has been in every Tenchu game, therefore it is only fitting that he appears in this spiritual sequel. This skin is both of good quality and among the most period-appropriate available online. The designer Vergilfox provides many masks, coat, and scarf options for Rikimaru.


3) No Tutorials

The lack of hand-holding in the Souls video games is a common source of humor. You are thrust into peril as soon as the game begins, and are mostly left to figure out the controls and game mechanics by yourself. In comparison, although Sekiro is by no means an easy game, it does make an attempt to introduce the player to the game’s principles more gradually and transparently.

For those who considered the fabled difficulty of the Souls games a touch too challenging, this additional assistance was mercy. The No Tutorials mod, however, is designed for masochistic, challenge-hungry players that relish being pushed into the game’s deep end. It removes the game’s tutorial and suggestion boxes for a Souls-like experience in which you must figure out everything on your own.


4) Minimal HUD

Sekiro is a game that goes above and beyond to immerse you in medieval Japan. With many games, however, several players believe that the inclusion of an in-game HUD interferes with this, as it acts as a distracting reminder that we’re playing a game. The Minimal HUD modification is designed for these gamers. It enables you to adjust the degree to which the HUD is present during the gameplay.

You may eliminate the signs that indicate the opponent is aware of your presence, lessen the HUD’s hue, and make other minor adjustments. It’s not for everyone, but for many gamers, the reduced quantity of visual distraction makes the environment seem more genuine.


5) Ultimate Character Collection

Sekiro is a wonderful game. There are some awe-inspiring architecture, opponent designs, and assault animations, as well as some awe-inspiring stages to traverse. In addition, we have some spectacular cutscenes, all of which are presented on the PC in the highest quality possible. One thing cannot be disputed, despite all I’ve just said: the main character is unattractive. Sekiro is an eyesore in an otherwise beautiful game due to his ugly combination of orange and grey colors.

To remedy this, we have Ultimate Character Collection. This gives you several choices for the character model you wish to use in-game. Because Sekiro does not permit armor alterations and the like, any character may be put on top of Sekiro’s basic model. You may select from characters from bloodborne, the Tenchu series, Red Dead Redemption 2, and a multitude of other titles. This also improves the visuals of the gameplay, as some of the character customization choices now have very vibrant hues.


6) Cloud Strife from FF7 Remake

I’ve just begun playing the 2020 remake of Final Fantasy VII, and my affection for the protagonist Cloud is as strong as ever.

This mod by VictorGopher allows me to continue being a Cloud fanatic even while playing Sekiro, since it replaces the Wolf with everyone’s favourite gloomy RPG protagonist. The guy and his Buster Sword are stunning in this image. If immersion is important, you will have to do some mental acrobatics to rationalise his existence in this context.


7) Sekiro Resurrection

Despite the fact that Sekiro is unquestionably an excellent game, the action may get monotonous after a time. Repeatedly facing similar foes and the like might get quite monotonous. In essence, Sekiro Resurrection is a remake of the game. It includes brand-new bosses, expands on old bosses and minibosses, and alters all other opponent encounters substantially.

Additionally, the whole experience has been rebalanced, meaning adversaries will be positioned differently, new objects will be available, and new prostheses, fighting styles, and more will be accessible. This is a mod that is still officially in development, so you should keep that in mind as it is very experimental. Because of this, you should create a backup of your game data to ensure that nothing goes wrong.


8) Boss Rush

Similar to the Souls games, Sekiro’s gameplay focuses mainly on boss battles. Throughout the course of the game, you will face a wide array of bosses, each with varying levels of strength, speed, and strategy. And, similar to Souls, they will each need the player to devise a unique strategy in order to overcome.

The Boss Rush modification is intended for players that find these monsters to be the most exciting aspect of the game. The patch adds a second game mod that allows players to teleport straight to any boss or miniboss battle of their choosing. Each one is indefinitely replayable, and the player is rewarded for triumphs. It is great for those who like to investigate the many techniques and possible approaches for each of these battles.


9) Sekiro Online

Given the prevalence of internet multiplayer these days, single-player-only games are becoming more uncommon. And although this is a feature that many players like in games like Sekiro, sometimes you simply want to share the experience with your pals.

The Sekiro Online mod allows you to duplicate the Dark Souls experience by battling Sekiro’s enemies with up to five players. Alternately, you may demonstrate your fighting ability in the PvP mode, where every boss encounter is sure to be different.


10) Sekiro FPS Unlock and More

Timing is very crucial to excelling in Sekiro’s fighting, which is some of the most impressive available. The difficulty is that the experience is often incapable of exceeding 30 frames per second. While this results in a tiny delay that makes things more theatrical, in a game like Sekiro, the ability to reach 60 frames per second is really essential. With 60 FPS, your input to action on-screen lacks any delay to give the smoothest possible on-screen animation, and because Sekiro depends on flawless timing and animations, this is of the utmost importance.

Sekiro FPS Unlock and More include a simple tool that eliminates the frame rate cap. This also provides adjustable resolutions, the field of view adjustments, and a window display without borders. The final result is a totally configurable visual experience that not only provides you choice for whatever resolution you like but also gives you the opportunity to get the greatest FPS possible, so you don’t continually lose to the Owl because of input lag. Now, if you lose, it will be all your responsibility.


11) Katana Merchant

The only aspect of Sekiro’s fighting that may be improved is the diversity of weapons. Yes, it makes logical from a narrative perspective that the samurai takes one sword and preserves it for life, but what does this mean for the player? A role-playing game is all on variety, yet Sekiro offers almost little weapon and armor diversity.

Katana Merchant is a fantastic mod that adds a wide variety of katanas to the game. These won’t alter anything in terms of attack strength or skills, but they will bring some wonderful visuals to the game, such as blazing swords and all sorts of colourful colours that give fighting a lot more flare.


12) Sekiro Mod Engine

You should install at least one foundation mod before experimenting with additional mods for the majority of games nowadays. It belongs to Sekiro.

The Sekiro Mod Engine is a need for several of the game’s existing modifications, for example. In addition, it provides creative users with the ability to modify the game’s armour, weaponry, textures, and other elements.


13) Murasaki Oni

This brilliant violet costume is quite out of character for Sekiro, given his natural modesty. Purple has always been linked with monarchy and majesty. It is better suitable for a warlord or someone of comparable height. Still, he performs well. Did I mention that you will also get a purple Kusabimaru? Eyedeability’s modification is the way to go if you’re sick of appearing like you’re living off expired coupons.


14) First Person Mod

Why not engage in Sekiro fighting in close quarters? With First Person Mod, the whole game may be played from the first-person perspective. The only difference is that your actions are accompanied by disembodied hands. Initially, it’s a little unsettling to behold, but after a time, you won’t even notice due to the mod’s increased intensity.

While these may seem to be small modifications to the game, witnessing battles against monsters such as Lady Butterfly and The Owl in first-person adds a whole new aspect to the action, as you can see the animations of strikes arriving much more quickly than normal.

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