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12 Best Mods for Hades


In spite of the fact that it had been in the beta stage for a considerable amount of time, the roguelike action game Hades seemed to take the gaming world by storm when it was finally released in 2020. The first ever Hugo Award for Best Video Game was given to Hades, and it also won several other honours, including the BAFTA for Best Game.

The game received praise for its plot, music, dialogue, and gameplay from both public audiences and game journalists. At the time this article was written, the title had piled up some outstanding sales numbers, having sold over a million copies. This alone is an impressive accomplishment.

Many people were confused as to why Supergiant Games, the company that developed Hades, did not add any new material to the game after its initial release. The underworld realm of Hades is populated by well-known figures from Greek mythology, such as Zeus, Aphrodite, and Demeter.

However, it does not include all of the gods that are worshipped in the Greek pantheon; in fact, it is missing several important deities like Apollo and Hephaestus. Many players felt that these characters would have been wonderful inclusions to a Hades downloadable content pack. Instead of waiting for Supergiant to maybe provide changes to the game, one of the community’s members has taken it upon themselves to offer Hades an unauthorised expansion. [Citation needed] [Citation needed]

You’ll find a list of some of the greatest modifications for Hades below. Installing them will not only make the overall gaming experience of Hades more enjoyable, but it will also adjust the gameplay in certain ways to make it more player-friendly and less punishing.

1) Zagreus’ Weapons 100x Stronger

Before Zagreus can reach his father Hades and vanquish him in the Temple of Styx, he will have to face a large number of adversaries along the way. Even though Zagreus’ sword is rather excellent to begin with, your foes are dangerous and can easily slice through you if you give them the chance.

You will be able to raise the power of your weapon by a factor of one hundred with the assistance of this mod, rendering the majority of the foes you face in combat meaningless and simple to eliminate. Be careful not to let the fact that bosses in Hades will also employ abilities divert your attention away from the weapons you need to concentrate on.

This mod was developed by Doctor Doom, and it will provide your weaponry with a significant edge in the battleground, allowing you to make mincemeat out of your opponents more quickly than ever before.

2) Better Bow

Many players feel that the bow is the most difficult weapon to use well in the game. This patch adjusts the fundamental characteristics of the bow, notably the charged shot, to make it both more effective in combat and more enjoyable to use. Even while this mod does not alter the weapon in such a fundamental way that it completely breaks the game, it does make the bow a more effective weapon overall. The charged shot’s range, damage, and velocity are all increased as a result of this. It also widens the already narrow window that exists in which to land a great shot.

3) Zagreus the Angler

If you liked the fishing in Hades but thought it should have happened more often, raise your hand if you’ve felt that way. If your answer is yes, then you should definitely download this mod. By bringing you to spawning pools more often, Zagreus the Angler will make it possible for you to fish more frequently.

You will have a better chance of capturing fish as a result of the mod’s removal of phoney bobs, and some locations, such as Tartarus and Surface, as well as other locations, will have an increased number of pools. Now that you’ve got everything out of the way, you can kick back and take it easy as you fish and enjoy some leisure time in Hades as Hell continues to burn.

4) Climb of Sisyphus

After you have successfully completed a run, this hack will allow you to enter an infinite mode. This modification enables you to continue playing the game even if you are currently participating in a really enjoyable run or just have a particularly entertaining build. After you have vanquished the final monster and have been granted the opportunity to go back to the House of Hades, you will be presented with a dialogue window that gives you the choice to either end your run or continue it. If you go forward with this, you will have to begin your journey through Tartarus from the very beginning in the very first room. You will not lose any of your run-related items, including your weapon, stats, upgrades, or boons. Because of this, you will be able to keep going for as long as you want.

5) Codex Menu

On his trip, Zagreus will often get help from the Gods, who will bestow boons and provide the players with some of the most powerful powers available in the game. This mod will not only give you the feeling of being unstoppable while employing the might of the Gods, but it will also give you the ability to really play as a God.

You will not, however, suddenly turn into Ares or Zeus if you use this mod. Instead, you will be able to activate God Mode and get access to an unlimited supply of blessings, goods, consumables, foes, and bosses as well as strong commands.

You will get a good idea of the scope of your abilities and the opportunities that a little bit of manipulation may open up for you when you use the Codex Menu. If you’re having problems making progress in Hades, we strongly suggest that you look into using this mod as soon as possible.

6) Ello’s Starting Boon Selector

The Starting Boon Selector mod for Ello gives you the ability to pick the seed that is used to create each run. The mod places a particular emphasis on the random number generator seed, which is used to determine the first boon you get. Open the Boon Menu before you go for a run, and then click on the new option that is located near the bottom of the menu. This will allow you to alter the seed. You will be presented with a new interface that consists of arrows in order to choose the seed. Additionally, the user interface will indicate which deity will make their debut in the run first. You also have the option of changing things such that you get a Hammer of Daedalus first. This is a fantastic mod that will allow you to get the Boon or upgrade that you want for a certain build at an earlier stage.

7) WUPCR (Weapon Upgrade Cost Reducer)

The quantity of Titan Blood that is required to upgrade your weapon in Hades has been adjusted thanks to the WUPCR patch. This is necessary since weapon upgrades may be challenging in Hades because the Titan Blood required to do so can be tough to get.

With this mod, you may upgrade your weapons for as much Titan Blood as you have in the game. When combined with the Codex Menu mod, you can actually kill lower monsters in Hades with a single shot, which, although being simple, still manages to feel fulfilling.

The fact that this modification does not need any updates makes it one of the nicest features of the mod, and it will continue to function normally even after an official update to the game has been released.

8) Loot Choice Extender

The Loot Choice Extender mod that was created by MagicGonadsNEW enables you to expand the loot choice menu so that you have more than three alternatives to choose from. To get the most out of this modification, there is some little setup work that needs to be done. You are going to want an editor such as Notepad++ or Visual Studio Code in order to setup the mod. Players have the ability to control the number of extra loot choices that display in each run by modifying the MinExtraLootChoices and MaxExtraLootChoices lines. This has the potential to change choices like those found in the Boon and Hammer of Daedalus menus. If you are aiming to develop a certain weapon build but are concerned that you won’t acquire the appropriate boons or upgrades for it throughout your run, this mod will come in useful for you. If you are interested in developing your own custom modifications, the mod’s developer intended for it to be integrated into a variety of other mods. Utilization of ModUtil is necessary for this modification.

9) Generous Wretched Broker

This mod modifies that by making the broker so generous that you may select anything from any broker in the game for 100% free. As we all are aware, buying items from vendors in games leads in you losing out on vital resources.

You will still need to find the broker, but the fact that you have the potential to obtain anything in the game at absolutely no cost at all means that you may fill up all of your resources at any moment without giving it any consideration or giving it any second thought. By using the Generous Wretched Broker mod, you may make the idea of trading seem like a pipe dream, and for a little while, hell will appear like a place where you can own everything.

10) Mod Utility

The Mod Utility mod was created by MagicGonadsNew and is notable for the fact that it performs absolutely nothing by itself. The use of this programme simplifies the process of altering both Hades and Pyre. The primary applications for this feature are mapping tables and wrapping functions. This tool is required for the operation of a large number of modifications. It is recommended that you install it immediately and maintain it updated in order to make advantage of the vast majority of modifications that are presently available. If you want to start producing modifications for Hades or simply make mods in general, this tool gives a decent platform to start with, and the inventor has a GitHub repository with a tonne of helpful instructions for using it. You can get it here.

11) Magic’s Mod Importer

When it comes to modifying Hades, having MagicGonad’s Mod Importer is very necessary. The importer is a simple Python tool that facilitates the straightforward installation of the vast majority of available game modifications. Together with the Mod Utility, this tool helps to make the process of developing and installing modifications as simple and straightforward as possible. For you to be able to use this programme, Python 3 must first be installed on your computer.

12) Turbo Zagreus

This is a great mod to have if you plan on going for a speed run or if you simply like blasting Adamant Rail grenades in general. The mod, as its name indicates, will make you much faster across the board. The only thing that will restrict your speed is how quickly you can spam the keyboard. This is great if you want to test how quickly you can run the whole dungeon, or if you simply really like having things explode really rapidly. Either way, this is a pretty fantastic option.

This list will continue to be expanded with further modifications whenever we deem it necessary to include a mod that will have an effect on the real gameplay of Hades in the near or distant future. These are the most impressive modifications for Hades that you may look at right now. While you are here, make advantage of the modifications to challenge a boss character like Meg or maybe Hades himself.

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