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Ram Chary- An Overview of Financial Technology Consulting Services and Its Advantages 


When it comes to modern technologies for banking and payments, they have gained vast predominance in the market in recent years. Both banks and financial institutions have managed to boost customer service and satisfaction thanks to their presence. Likewise, fintech has expanded the growth of banking and financial institutions rapidly in the recent years, especially after the pandemic. It has improved customer satisfaction and helped banking and financial institutes carry out their daily operations seamlessly.

Ram Chary- Finance Technology consulting is the need of the hour today 

Ram Chary served in several roles at Fidelity National Information Services Inc and was the Executive Vice President of Global Commercial Services. In the past, he led the technology division of Fidelity National Information Services Inc, a leading company in banking technologies and payment services. 

Before he joined Fidelity National Information Services, he led the professional services organization of eFunds Corporation, a respected name in infrastructure and technology consulting. 

According to him, fintech is today appearing as a sort of financial sector with an attempt to boost the way transactions are conducted traditionally. By deploying it, companies are setting up many advanced devices in the industry to enable seamless money transfer transactions, funding, mobile payments, and wealth management. 

Creating a new space for the financial sectors 

With the help of fintech, consultants are developing a brand-new space in the financial sector. It offers many platforms for resolving the challenges that clients face in financial transactions. Given below are the areas where fintech is growing- 

  • Security
  • Artificial intelligence 
  • Investment and trading 
  • Blockchain technology 
  • Funding 
  • E-commerce 
  • Insurance 
  • New payment technologies 
  • P2P lending platforms 
  • Modernized personal finance, and others. 

Discover the advantages 

Fintech consulting has become globally mainstream in the markets that boost consumer awareness at its highest priority. Through fintech consulting, companies are deploying numerous technology-driven platforms for offering the best services to the client. These advantages are listed below- 

  1. Fintech consulting works near the best companies and supports them throughout the working lifecycle of the product, right from the execution of the idea to a complete software solution. 
  2. In the current situation of globalization, businesses are dependent on these companies as they sync with the technological world that is hugely dynamic. It assists in combining the following-
  • Payment systems 
  • Relocation of the cloud 
  • Uprooting advanced and new security checks with other methods 

According to Ram Chary, financial technology consulting offers a host of advantages to its clients by providing competent expertise and an impartial perspective. It also plays an instrumental role in contributing inshore and offshore skilled talents. Companies can get a competitive edge in the market when they embrace these services. 

When hiring a fintech consulting company, one must always ensure the organization has skilled talent and proven track records in the field. You should always resort to careful research with time to get the best company to cater to your needs with success. Check out several service providers before you make the final call. Research and being aware will help you make better-informed choices.

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