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DirecTV Program Packages Guide


Whether you are a sports fan, a movie buff, or just love staying up-to-date on the latest TV shows, DirecTV has a program package that is perfect for you. Check out this guide to DirecTV’s program packages to find the one that best suits your viewing needs. 

What does DIRECTV have to offer in satellite TV programming? There are more than 255 channels, broken down into several packages. Here are the details about DirecTV channel packages.

DIRECTV packages

1. The Family Package

This is DIRECTV’s starter package – perfect for families with limited budgets. This package includes 40 channels of family-oriented programming, all of which can be used by children. You can also get local channels with this package.

2. TheChoice Package

This package is their most popular. This package includes 140 channels of satellite TV programming. These include movies, sports, and family programs. The package includes local and music channels.

3. The Xtra Package

This package is ideal for those who are looking for a lot of variety but don’t require a DVR (digital visual recorder) to record their programs. This package includes 185 channels that include movies, sports, and music as well as specialty and family programming. The package includes 3 months of HBO, Cinemax, and Starz plus local channels.

4. The Plus Package

This package offers 185 channels, including music, movies, specials, and family programs. It is another popular one. The package includes DVR service, 3 months of HBO, Cinemax, and Starz plus local channels.

5. The Plus HD Package

This package is DIRECTV’s most expensive DVR package. This package includes more than 195 channels, including specialty, family, sports, music, and specialty channels. The package includes 41 HD channels, DVR service, and three months of HBO Cinemax, Showtime, Starz, and Starz.

6. The Premier Package

This one is for TV lovers. This package includes more than 250 channels, including music, movies, specials, and family programs. The package includes 31 channels for movies, 30 regional and specialty sports networks, as well as local channels.

The Bottom Line

DIRECTV offers a variety of program packages to suit your viewing habits, no matter how few you watch a week. Click the link to find out which shows are available on which channels and what DIRECTV has for you.

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