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Professional Development Training Programmes: An Overview


It takes more than hiring new, qualified workers to skyrocket your company’s productivity. You must also invest in the professional growth of your company’s current workforce. At In Professional Development, we offer numerous seminars for working professionals. You can rely on us to deliver promising results, no matter the scope or purpose of your organisation. The professional development programmes we offer set us apart from other providers of corporate training programmes.

About Our Courses for Professional Development

We guarantee that each professional development course will provide a stimulating learning environment. We routinely take on projects for new and returning clients across a wide range of industries and sizes of companies. If you’re looking to advance in your current position or switch careers, you’ll find that our programmes are invaluable resources. To accommodate students from all stages in their profession, we offer courses for beginners, intermediates, and advanced students.

We provide business, financial, marketing, leadership, and sales courses in central London, Manchester, and online classrooms where participants can learn at a speed comfortable to them. The Advanced Management and Leadership Programme, the Advanced Sales Leadership Programme, the Coaching and Mentoring Development Programme, the Executive Mini MBA Accelerator Programme, and the CMI Courses are among the most popular options from our extensive selection of available training.

Certification and Accreditation System

Certifications ranging from CMI Levels 5 and 7 to Postgraduate Diplomas are available upon completion of our programmes (PGCert). 180 credits are required for a Master’s degree, and a PGCert will count for 60. We have been recognised by esteemed institutions such as the Universities of Chester and East London. The support of well-known brands in your field will strengthen your resume and make you an invaluable addition.

Eligibility, Prerequisites and Inclusivity

No prior knowledge is required for enrollment in our classes. We assist businesses and professionals of all levels and backgrounds in accomplishing their goals. However, we recommend at least three years of professional experience in a senior management position before enrolling in our leadership and management courses. This includes the Directors Development Programme, the Senior Leadership Programme, and the Mini MBA.

In Professional Development was founded by a group of forward-thinking individuals committed to providing high-quality business education. We maintain cooperative teams that are adaptable to a variety of learning styles and requirements. If we are made aware of any special needs of our delegates, we ensure they have the resources they require.

Customised Delivery, Virtual and Face-to-Face

Professionals across the country can currently take advantage of our virtual and in-person training and course delivery. Clients interested in training, such as executive coaching, are free to pick the location.

We at In Professional Development have trained thousands of participants from new and established companies. We have developed custom training programmes for organisations, from private firms like Adobe and DHL to public agencies like the National Health Service, the Ministry of Justice, and the ADHD Foundation.

We partner with the University of East London to offer three distinct leadership courses: the Advanced Management Programme, the Strategic Leadership Programme, and the Higher Education Leadership Programme. Popular companies have previously chosen our CMI courses, including American Express and the English Football League.


We cater to a wide range of clients at In Professional Development, and each of these clients has specific requirements. Our goal is to provide the services and expertise necessary to expand their organisation’s reach while keeping things as straightforward as possible. To help you fulfil your business goals, our account management team works with you to create custom training programmes tailored to your requirements.

If you wish to rise the corporate ladder, there’s no point staying put. Explore our offerings and contact one of our executive education consultants if you have any questions or want more information about our ongoing or upcoming programmes.

For more information, visit https://www.inpd.co.uk


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