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Open and Closed-Cell Spray Foam Insulation: Comparing Benefits


As a combination of an insulator and an air barrier, spray foam insulation can seal the attic, wall, and floor spaces. It is becoming increasingly popular in commercial and residential buildings because of the growing demand for products that improve energy efficiency and conform to stricter fire performance standards.

Open and closed-cell insulation are two primary types of spray foam insulation. Each has its benefits and drawbacks, making it better suited for particular applications. So, while both types can be used to insulate a building, they do so in very different ways, making choosing one more complex than it might first appear. Here, we will compare open-cell and closed-cell foam to help you settle on the best per your needs.

Open and Closed-Cell Insulation: Which Is Better?

Closed-cell spray foam trumps open-cell spray foam in preventing draughts and maintaining a comfortable temperature as it is denser and more rigid. However, this reduced resilience usually elevates the cost and complexity of the installation process. Sound and vibration are better stifled by open-cell spray foam. Its substantial expanding properties make it less dense and more flexible than closed-cell spray foam. Also, this has the potential to lower the price and simplify the installation process.

Which spray foam insulator is most effective, then? It comes down to different benefits offered, best suited for your requirements.

Different Benefits Offered by Open and Closed-Cell Insulation

Open-Cell Insulation

Open-cell insulation has a lower density than closed-cell spray foam. If the density is low, the R-value is also low, and the insulation will not be as effective. Open-cell spray foam is superior to other types of insulation in lowering noise and vibration. In contrast to its rigid closed-cell counterpart, open-cell spray foam is easily applied to challenging spaces with expansion. As it dries, it seals any holes or voids it finds.

Broadly, open-cell insulation can:

  • Seal cracks and openings to help keep out chilly air and wind.
  • Benefit air quality by assisting in eliminating allergens and dust, enhancing air quality within a building.
  • Provide excellent coverage with minimal effort due to its ability to expand to as much as 100 times its original size to reach tight and tricky areas.
  • Provide a lightweight, soft, and flexible solution that is user-friendly and structurally compatible.
  • Significantly lessen the amount of ambient noise and reverberation present in a given space.

Closed-Cell Insulation

Closed-cell spray foam may be the best option if you need insulation that will keep the heat in and the cold out. It is more effective than open-cell spray foam because it is denser and has a higher R-value. In contrast to open-cell spray foam, closed-cell spray foam is highly rigid, making it challenging to work with in confined areas.

Closed-cell insulation can:

  • Be functional in flood-prone or windy regions. Water resistance prevents dampness from seeping in and serves as a waterproof barrier for your structure.
  • Provide superior thermal insulation properties, making it an effective barrier against draughts and heat loss.
  • Expand between 25 and 30 mm for each layer applied with its tightly compressed bubble structure
  • Be applied to reinforce a building’s structural integrity serving a high density.

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If installed by a contractor lacking proper training or certification, issues like improper chemical mixing and off-gassing can arise, no matter which spray foam type you choose.

Isothane’s nationwide network of licensed installers can assist you in making an informed decision and carrying out a smooth installation, helping you bypass such challenges.

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