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Just Cause 4 Mods: These Are The Best Game Additions Of All Time


The Just Cause series has been running strong for more than a decade now, and it provides players with the opportunity to investigate some very outlandish scenarios. Just Cause 4 is the most recent video game to carry on this tradition, which is particularly fitting given that the most recent instalment allows players to acquire a cow rifle. Of course, if you play the game on a personal computer (PC), you can always make the experience better by downloading and installing various modifications.

If there is one thing that Just Cause is renowned for, it would be the anarchy that ensues.

It’s ridiculous, it can be amusing when it has to be, and it’s a great deal of joy to see Rico take on hordes of villains.

The amazing physics and the ridiculous armoury of devices at your disposal are what make all of this feasible. These factors make it possible for you to literally fly about and kill everything that comes into your line of sight.

Just Cause 4 may seem like it has enough spectacle on its own, but the addition of mods takes things to a whole new level and paves the way for you to pursue new avenues in your mission to bring the bad guys to justice (and everything else you wanna do, for that matter).

Have a look at our top selections for some of the most interesting must-try mods that are currently available in order to get you started on the correct path. Of course, nothing is charged in any way.

1) Infinite Ammo

Does controlling ammunition cause you worry at all? Your worries may be put to rest, though, thanks to a mod known as “infinite ammo,” which, according to its name, provides Rico with an unlimited supply of ammunition for each of his weapons.

In a game that takes great pleasure in causing as much chaos as is humanly possible, particularly by using squad reserves to take control of Solis, this mod will make it a little bit easier for you to take it back, and you won’t have to worry about running out of ammo during a particularly intense firefight.

2) Paintjobs Plus V2

The high amount of personalization that is available to you in open-world games is one of the genre’s most appealing features. Paintjobs Plus V2 is for you if you love playing Grand Theft Auto V to develop a collection of rare and expensive sports vehicles so that you may personalise them to the nth degree.

The modification gives players the ability to add their own unique paint jobs to some vehicles inside the game, such as the Prisma Azor, the Verdeleon Eco, the EM-909, and the Skycastle Cargo Plane. To add to the mayhem that already exists in the world of Just Wreak, deck up your bike and get ready to cause some mayhem.

3) Ultra Realistic Lighting Graphics

The year 2020 has shown that creating realistic visuals takes a lot of work, but in the end, it’s typically well worth the effort to see how stunning a video game can become. This modification for Just Cause 4 helps to make the open world’s scenery seem even more beautiful than it already did.

The trees in the game seem as if they were taken from the actual world and placed into the game directly, yet the water has a lot more vibrant appearance and is more visually appealing. If you want your game to look as good as it possibly can, then you should use this mod instead of any other one.

4) Vehicle Edits

We spoke about pimping your car before; but, if the performance isn’t improved as well, what’s the use of the visual customizations? The full vehicle customization game will need to be replayed since vehicle adjustments will increase vehicle performance.

Players are able to do acrobatics and blitz over the map thanks to the increased speed of the cars and the addition of turbo and super leaps. There is also a second version included inside this that grants unrestricted access to ammunition for vehicles. Be aware, however, that muscle vehicles purchased from Daredevils cannot have this modification applied to them.

5) Grappling Hook ++

The series is most well-known for its focus on the grappling hook, which serves as the best buddy of the main protagonist, Rico. The grappling hook is a wonderful tool, and using it is a lot of fun, but it could always be improved. This modification will help make an already fantastic device even better.

Things like the reel and retract speed have been enhanced, which results in a significant boost in the force of the grappling kick as well as an increase in the distance that the hook can be shot at. You now have the ability to dash across the battlefield at a pace that seems like lightning rapid speed, get the drop on your opponents, and vanish into thin air as if you were a ghost.

6) Infinite Ammo – No Intro

The tedious opening sequences of “Just Cause,” which you’ve seen a million times and skipped a million times as well. But what about the little ammo that you have, which makes it difficult for you to practise? We have all shared the desire to put an end to these two forms of suffering, and the community of modders has been kind enough to provide a limitless amount of ammunition with no introduction.

When you turn on this mod, the game’s introductions will not play for you, and your ammunition will never run out. In addition, the grappling hook distance has been raised to 1,000 metres, and it is now possible to reel in much more quickly. With this modification, there are so many improvements that you don’t even know where to start. Let the chaos begin to unfold.

7) Better Supply Drops

Drops of supplies are an integral aspect of the gameplay experience and have been a feature of the franchise from the very beginning. This mod eliminates the need that the player complete a mission or wait for an event to take place in order to get an item. In addition, it is capable of running any downloadable content that may have been purchased for the game.

With the improved supply drops mod, you may have any weapon and vehicle in front of you in mere seconds. If you are seeking for a challenge, you should steer clear of this one since it functions in many ways similarly to a cheat code. This mod is suggested for you, though, if you are searching for an enjoyable experience that you can simply goof about with for a while.

8) Tendril Weapons

Wait till you see what the tendril weapons are capable of doing before you decide whether or not a boulder launcher is insane. The tendril weapons give you the ability to shoot to make something, which you can then either destroy yourself or use to destroy other things. This is a significant improvement beyond just shooting objects to cause their destruction. Alright, let me see if I can make it a little clearer for you. When you shoot a tendrilizer, something will spawn, but what it is will vary depending on the version of the game that you are playing.

If you are playing the original version of the game, firing the tendril weapon will result in the appearance of either an antagonist or a bomb vehicle. If you’re using the Daredevils of Destruction edition, you’ll be able to spawn in automobiles with your weapon. Lastly, the Demons variation provides you with an improved version of the alien weapon, which, in comparison to the standard version, enables you to fire a greater number of tendrils.

9) Entity Spawners

The entity spawner, as its name suggests, gives players the ability to create almost any object they choose. This may be anything from weapons to vehicles to adversaries in order to help spice things up a little in a section of the game that would otherwise be really dull. Additionally, it enables you to modify Rico’s outfit, giving you the opportunity to give his sense of style a little bit of a boost.

You have the option of either spawning only one of anything at a time or spawning everything under the sun. Whatever it is that you want to bring into the game, whether it be something to assist you or feel what it is like to play God for a little while, the entity spawner provides something for everyone who is interested in doing either of those things.

10) Better Supply Drops

Supply drops have always been an intriguing aspect of the Just Cause franchise and serve as one of its pillars. You no longer have to complete missions in order to unlock stuff, nor do you have to wait for an event in order to get access to higher drop tiers now that greater supply drops are available.

This patch can even be made to work with downloadable content, which is a definite benefit. In a matter of seconds, you may have all of your preferred weapons and vehicles brought up in front of you. Even while finishing the game in this manner can be considered unfair, doing so is quite enjoyable. In addition, nobody is observing you to pass judgement, so there is no need not to.

11) Paintjobs Plus V2

Let’s begin with some of the aspects of Just Cause 4 that get less attention than others, despite the fact that wreaking havoc is one of the most entertaining things to do in the game. Open world adventure games nearly often provide you the option to improve and personalise your vehicles, much as the Los Santos Customs garages in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City.

Just Cause 4’s vehicle customization possibilities have been expanded with to the addition of Paintjobs Plus V2; players can now create unique paint jobs for vehicles such as the Priza Azor, Verdeleon eco, Skycastle cargoplane, and even the EM-909 private aircraft. If you take pride in pimpin’ that bike, you should most certainly check this out.

12) High Quality Icons

While the game itself looks excellent even without any visual tweaks, the icons inside the game do not have the same degree of style as the rest of the game. The game’s symbols give the impression that very little work was put into designing them. Thankfully, the high resolution icons mod contributes to a significant improvement in their overall appearance.

The icons have had the blur removed from them, making them much simpler to read, and they are now lot clearer than they were before. Because these symbols are of greater quality and easier to see, it is also simpler to recognise map icons, which makes it easier to navigate across Solis.

13) Vehicle Edits

When it comes to the cars in Just Cause 4, we obviously can’t limit ourselves to only aesthetic enhancements; but, what other options do we have? The Vehicle Edits mod created by Protato improves not only their appearance but also their overall performance. Because this patch bestows nitrous and turbo jump capabilities on practically all cars, you will be able to pull off those over-the-top action stunts regardless of the vehicle that you are driving.

However, there are a few exceptions, such as the fact that modification constraints prevent construction trucks and muscle cars from the Daredevils of Destruction from being included in the coverage. However, that is not all; the update also provides an infinite supply of ammunition for all armed vehicles.

14) Loaded Rebels

What could be better than getting your weaponry upgraded? What the heck are rebels doing with their enhanced weapons?! Yes, you may now add some excitement to the situation by providing the rebels with loaded weapons that have been updated. Give the insurgents some top-notch weaponry so they may wreak havoc with their improved and automatic rifles and shotguns. This will help them enhance their armament.

Just Cause 4 should be made as difficult as you could possibly want for it to be in order to keep you occupied for the remaining hours of the day. Your just cause 4 map runs with loaded rebels may take some time to finish, so you may want to clear some time in your calendar.

15) Hoverboard Edits

There are several alternatives to driving or flying when it comes to getting about Solis. And there are times when it’s even more exciting to soar through the air with your wingsuit and grappling hook in order to get the full action hero experience. It does require a little more talent to master the grappling hook in the current game, which may be too much effort for some of you. Just Cause 4 made some adjustments to the way the grapple hook works, and it does take a bit more expertise to wield it.

If this is the case, the hoverboard is going to be your greatest friend since it will allow you to virtually float over any surface on the map and get you to where you need to go without any problem. The Hoverboard Edits mod makes your hoverboard even better by providing you with more customization choices for determining the maximum speed it is capable of. It’s so powerful that you’ll be able to move quicker than aircraft, which in a Just Cause game isn’t really all that out of the ordinary.

16) More Chaos

Just Cause has always taken great satisfaction in its ability to cause as much mayhem as humanly feasible. As though the series is encouraging the reader to bring about as much of the problem as they possibly can, When the greater chaos mod is used, that dial is increased to a value of 1,000, and Solis afterwards becomes a state of complete anarchy.

Everyone is antagonistic towards each other, including the rebels, the military, and the Black Hand, and they will attack anything that moves on top of Rico himself. This covers both civilians and even the allies who are associated with each group itself. Take pleasure in the constant mayhem and bloodshed.

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