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CBD: How does it work?


Although increased interest in CBD has arisen only recently, the effects of cannabidiol have been known for many centuries. According to an article in Dialogues in Clinical Neuroscience, the effects of cannabidiol were first described more than ten thousand years ago.

Today, CBD is widely used in cosmetology, nutrition, and medicine. Creams with cannabidiol are used as an anesthetic and regenerating agent, and CBD gummies are used before bed to combat insomnia and chronic fatigue syndrome. Also, CBD oil is used for nervous disorders, chronic headaches, convulsions, etc.

However, there is a lot of conflicting information about cannabidiol on the net. Let’s shed light on the main questions about this.

What Is CBD?

CBD is a plant-derived cannabinoid. There are many cannabinoids with different effects on the human body. Cannabidiol is effective and safe. Unlike, for example, THC, the content of which in licensed products must not exceed 0.3%

Main benefits of cannabidiol

The only CBD drug approved by the FDA is Epidiolex, used to treat epilepsy.

But many use CBD as a dietary supplement or cosmetics. Products with cannabidiol have a sedative, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory effect. Because of this, cannabidiol oil and other products are used to relieve chronic pain, improve well-being, and recover from injury and illness.

Research is ongoing, which means we can learn about the new properties of CBD products very soon.

Should You Use CBD for Pain Relief?

  CBD is a safe thing with a pronounced analgesic effect. Of course, this is not a universal remedy for solving all problems, but it can significantly improve the patient’s condition. In addition, it calms and enhances mood. After all, the mental state of a person is also important.

How to use CBD?

There are several ways to take CBD. For example, if you want to achieve a sedative and relaxing effect, cannabidiol can be taken as a dietary supplement (like vegan CBD gummies). You can add cannabidiol oil to food or buy, for example, marmalades with this substance.

A cream, oil, or ointment with CBD is suitable for local anesthesia. It is enough to apply it to a sore spot and wait for the effect. Also, cosmetics are used to prevent wrinkles due to a pronounced regenerating effect.

Are there additional ingredients in CBD products?

Yes, if we are talking about Full Spectrum CBD. In this case, the product also contains terpenes – substances that affect flavor. They provide an additional relaxing effect. A residual THC content is also possible, but its percentage should be no more than 0.3%

Can pregnant women take CBD?

No, you shouldn’t take cannabidiol during pregnancy or breastfeeding. Children, the elderly, and patients with liver disease should take CBD products cautiously.

Is –°annabidiol used in veterinary medicine?

Animal studies have been conducted on CBD. However, at the moment, products with cannabidiol have not found application in veterinary medicine. Therefore, if you want to give your cat CBD gummies, it is best to refrain from doing so and deal with pet aggression or anxiety in other ways.

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