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Startling Realities about Driving in Miami! Facts to Know


Miami exotic car rental companies are available in plenty! You simply need to look for a service provider for “exotic car rental near me” with a proven reputation. Booking in advance is always preferred. It gives you peace of mind and also ensures the availability of preferred vehicles. Online bookings are convenient and easy. However, some of these rental companies may have a “no cancellation” policy. Make sure you keep this in mind before booking. In case you change your mind about the trip, you may end up losing a lot of money. 

Driving in Miami

Once you have planned to drive a luxury car and have opted to rent a BMW in Miami, there are some basic lessons to be learned about driving here. Of course, there are some preliminary rules to follow. These will be shared with you by your service provider. However, there are some more interesting facts to come to terms with. We take a look at some of them here.

  1. Lane cutting is Common: No matter how much this may surprise you, lane cutting in Miami is a common occurrence! And cars swerve in and out without offering any alarms or signals! So, if you are distressed with unruly driving, Miami is not the place for you to enjoy your driving stint. You have to be truly open-minded and free from prejudices when driving here! 
  2. Texting and Calling when Driving is Common: The very reason the vehicle ahead of you is refusing to give way could be because he is busy texting his friend with one hand on the steering wheel and the other on the phone keypad! This is likely to be a common practice when in Miami! Although phone usage while driving is illegal, no one cares about the law! So, if you witness such behavior, it is not a good idea to get into a squabble with locals. That is how it is here! You need to get used to it and drive accordingly to avoid accidents. 
  3. Red Lights do not Always mean Stop”: When in Miami, red lights never mean stop. You will often find at least three to four cars queuing up for sneaking into a left turn through an intersection even after the lights have turned red! There is no point in losing your cool if something like this is witnessed. That’s the way here! Make sure you are always on guard, even when resting at red lights. You never know what vehicles around you are up to! 
  4. Honking for no reason is Common: Honking for no particular reason is not uncommon here! Someone who is honking his way to glory right behind you could be simply celebrating a soccer match or recent elections win maybe. Creating a honking tirade is the local way to sound boisterous and happy! Don’t let anger get the better of you! 

Before you opt for an exotic car rental in West Palm Beach, Florida, prepare yourself to fall in line with driving habits here. Make sure you tune yourself in sync with the locals. Finding order in chaos is the right approach. 

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