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Reddy Kancharla Explains the Importance of Identifying Water Leakage in Construction


Water leakage in any construction project could result in a weak structure; this is the basic and foremost reason why Reddy Kancharla says it is vital to detect and identify the defects of water leakage. He has noticed that these leaks run down to the foundation of the building and then it won’t be late when the basement of the building would become waterlogged. A situation is not at all preferable for any construction work, and the only solution to which would be the involvement of emergency plumbing solutions.

But even the most experienced plumbers may fail to work under such a difficult situation of a waterlogged basement. Hence, Mr. Reddy suggests that it is best this problem is nipped at the bud. Thus, professional plumbers ought to be immediately contacted as soon as even a hint of some leakage is found. The adage ‘procrastination breeds corruption’ comes to life even at the slightest neglect of a problem such as this. A line of problems ensues with this delay.

The first of these includes expensive utility bills. A leakage causes an obviously increased consumption of water and its consequent rise of the amount of the utility bills. The best way that Reddy Kancharla hence recommends is to make a little extra investment at the onset instead of going through this mess later. The solution is to arrange for a waterproofing treatment to prevent such leaks.

Water leaks are like cancer, they slowly and stealthily affect every other thing that comes in its way. Rusting and damage of metal parts, such as the water pipes are gradually affected which in turn leads to a high maintenance cost for other things. The water begins to seep through the walls and floor as well, dampening them and leading them to become weak eventually. In case, wires come into its path, these too get damaged and enhance the risk of short-circuiting, putting the health of the inmates of that building at stake as well. Also, there is an increased chance of fire hazards because of the leaks. This thereby makes it pertinent that the leakage is identified at the beginning itself so that this high maintenance problem is not encountered.

Reddy Kancharla rightly points out that if the building has water heaters installed in them, they too become inefficient. Irrespective of how much effort is put into increasing the efficiency of the heater, water keeps leaking, nullifying the effect of the heater. This again results in high electricity bills and a strong pinch to the pocket of the common man. Unless you purchase an energy-efficient water heater, your prepaid electricity plan will suffer deeply from a leaking water heater.

The final adverse water leakage effect is the increased humidity in the constructed structure, which in turn affects the health of its inmates. The damp walls and floor become a breeding ground for mold and mildew making living conditions inferior. This could be a direct reason for respiratory and dermatological damages for all those living within this space. Thus, there are several reasons that should make one consider the eradication of even the slightest water leakage within any building.


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