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Investing in Crypto-Currency – Is it a Smart Move?


Cryptocurrency or virtual currency as it is called is a futuristic concept. In this internet-driven world, everything that is virtual is worthy of interest. The pandemic has also taught us more about the magic and convenience of the online world! Crypto-currency has become so famous today that you can easily find a “Bitcoin ATM near me” without much of a hassle! You can simply visit these kiosks and exchange crypto money for fiat currencies or vice versa with ease! 

Cryptocurrencies and Investments – how was this Correlation Established?

Cryptocurrencies came about with the concept of developing an alternative currency system. This was planned so that we can have a currency that is exchanged only between two parties without any sort of intervention from any presiding authority like a financial exchange or a bank! That dream has not been achieved thus far although significant progress has been made in that direction. Businesses today are planning to equip themselves with bitcoin exchanges so that they can accept bitcoin payments in exchange for goods and services. 

What has however come into the limelight is using BTCs are investments. Why has this become so popular? What makes investing in cryptocurrencies such an interesting prospect? Owing to the intense volatility in the crypto markets, investors have either made or lost big money. A prominent industrialist and tech-generation leader like Elon Musk has sworn by the power of cryptocurrencies. 

Today, crypto has become a proven investment instrument, especially for the Millenials. They are being resorted to for making a quick buck and also for long-term investments over the years. Dependable coins like bitcoins, purchased from a BTC ATM or through an online exchange, or variants like Ethereum have become top choices. Once you have purchased you need to wait for the right price point and learn how to sell for reaping neat profits. 

Preparing for Crypto Investments: Important Measures to Undertake

To prepare well for crypto investments, some preparatory measures need to be undertaken. Important ones include:

  • Information Gathering: Before you begin, gathering information is important. You need to have a basic understanding of blockchain technology and know how currencies can be traded across this network. You also need to understand what cryptocurrencies are, how they can be bought, where they should be stored, and so on. 
  • Getting Investment Advice: If you aren’t a specialist yourself, you need advice on charting a suitable investment portfolio. What percentage of your portfolio should be dedicated to crypto-money? Have the risks been mitigated well? Is holding a great strategy or should you consider quick liquidation? These are some of the important questions to find answers to before investing.
  • Getting to Know about pitfalls: Common pitfalls of crypto investments are the intense volatility in the markets. The drastic swings in prices can result in humungous losses at times. Pitfalls related to pilferages from online wallets should also be considered before investing.

Once you think you are ready, heading out to a Bitcoin ATM in Tennessee would make sense. Make sure you know how to operate crypto machines and carry KYC documents with you every time you go. 


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