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Boneworks Best Mods (2022)


 Looking for the greatest Boneworks modifications? Boneworks is one of the greatest virtual reality (VR) games ever released. If you’ve played Boneworks VR, you’ll know that the game is deserving of the acclaim it received from the VR player community, regardless of your level of experience with the technology. Unfortunately, recent iterations of the game may seem deficient or give players a feeling of routine or repetition.

Consequently, a significant percentage of players get trapped in the same game modes and activities, which may be one of the reasons for the game’s relatively poor retention rate. However, this is no longer the case, as a result of a robust modding community, there are now innumerable Boneworks modifications available.

As a VR player, you want ultimate immersion in your games. If you’re seeking for Boneworks tweaks to make it the ideal VR game, look no further. Today on HowToMods, we’ll be highlighting the modifications for Boneworks that are certain to transform your gaming experience and give the game a new appearance and feel.


Here are the top Boneworks modifications:

1.    r2modman Mod

A simple and straightforward mod manager for several Unity games that utilises Thunderstore.

2.    Multiplayer Mod

As the name implies, this patch adds multiplayer support to Boneworks. Did you expect it to perform some other function?

3.    Spiderman Mod

This skill allows you to swing around the map, pull items, and more! If you have index controllers, you may change the default controls from double-tapping B and Grip to the Spiderman gesture, trackpad, or touchpad. Release grip to release the web; maintain grasp and push the bind to fire a web!

Web Indicator: A little symbol that indicates where your web will be directed. The ability to switch on and off.

Spider Strength: Makes you 200x stronger! Also allows you to launch yourself off the ground while clinging to a web.

You now regenerate seven times quicker than usual. However, you are not exempt, so avoid being arrogant!

Super Speed: You can run 1.5 times as quickly as normal.

Your leap height has been significantly improved by Super Jump. Tap the jump button for a hop; hold and release for a fence-spanning leap.

Sticky Hands: You can scale practically any wall in the game! Additionally, your hands have increased friction, enabling you to hold yourself between two walls.

4.    Custom Maps Mod

A mod for loading in custom things, making the lives of other mod developers simpler, and much more.

5.    Lightsaber Mod

A light sabre is a weapon that fires a coloured light beam powerful enough to sever items in half. While you cannot sever objects in half, you can cut through NPCs and glide the blade smoothly through objects! I will continue to add more features to this lightsaber, such as new grips, effects, etc.

6.    Player Models Mod

Are you sick of playing the same old Ford? Change your personality using this mod.

7.    City Map Mod

This map is only a place for amusement or for usage with the Spiderman mod (what I use) The bank is now a new structure with 15 foes and 5 fords. Defeat the foes to get entrance to the vault and its unique loot: the void cube. In addition, it now contains a fighting arena… from spiderman 2002! In the cage bout, bonesaw is the opponent.

8.    Butterfly Knife Mod

You may now lock it (though this is still a work in progress); a new knife with the filename locktestbk.melon has been created; this is the knife with the lock capability. That functioning butterfly knife is pretty cool ig.

9.    Wuhu Island Mod

This is Wuhu Island from Wii Sports Resort transferred to BONEWORKS with all of the small nuances from the Wii game.

Climbable Surfaces

NPC Spawners


There is much more to uncover.

10. Entanglement Multiplayer Mod

Alternative multiplayer mod for BONEWORKS that prioritises efficiency and scalability! This modification utilises Discord networking and is thus compatible with Steam and Oculus clients; enjoy cross-platform multiplayer!

11. Complete Save Hover Junk UpdateMod

A save including all sandbox objects. Place the compressed file’s contents in user/AppData/LocalLow/Stress Level Zero. Currently has all 1.5 and 1.6 items.

12. Lore Friendly Gloves Mod 

Gloves that match the bodysuit so as to match the game’s style.

13. Modern Warfare Variety Pack Mod 

This is a collection of five firearms from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare (2019):

9mm chambered CX9 Submachinegun (CZ Scorpion EVO 3)

CR-56 AMAX Assault Rifle (IWI Galil ACE) in 7.62x39mm calibre.

SCAR-H Battle Rifle with 7.62x51mm chamber

AKS-74u Submachine Gun with 5.45x39mm Chamber

The 7.62x39mm calibre AK-47 (also known as Revolution) owned by Farah.

14. Better 1911S Mod

Changes the skin of the 1911 to one of your choice.

15. 100 Percent M-H Save File Mod

134/135 File from Update 1.6. Overall, items have been gathered for the M-H file. It states that four objects are missing from the sandbox, but there are really very few. More than the majority of goods are present, including breakable planks and all containers. Enjoy the attached file.

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