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4 Effective Ways to Boost Philanthropy Among Employees


If you’re looking for effective ways to boost philanthropy in your company, consider implementing a crowdfunding campaign. Providing paid time off to work on charitable causes can also increase employee involvement. Other suggestions include offering a high matching ratio or creating strong traditions.

Crowdfunding Campaigns 

A recent study revealed that crowdfunding campaigns had boosted employee philanthropy. This phenomenon allows people to make charitable contributions on their own time and in real-time – even if they don’t know the organizations they donate to. Another benefit is that it broadens the pool of potential donors. 54.9 percent of respondents said they occasionally share a crowdfunding campaign on social media. However, 62.3 percent of respondents said they would not ask family and friends to donate to a campaign. Companies can leverage the power of crowdsourcing to boost employee philanthropy by donating funds to nonprofits in their name. By linking these donations to employee-matching gift programs, companies can increase corporate giving and raise the profile of their brands. Moreover, crowdfunding can help raise more funds for charitable causes and connect brands with charitable initiatives.

As mentioned by Cane Bay Partners, crowdfunding campaigns should feature a campaign’s mission and goals to engage clients and prospective donors. In addition, it should be branded to guarantee donor security. This ensures donors’ trust and helps organizations gain more recognition. Also, a crowdfunding campaign’s visuals should be designed to captivate donors. These visuals should follow a narrative timeline to keep donors engaged and inspired.

Providing Paid Time Off For Philanthropy

In the tight labor market, promoting employee philanthropy is an effective way to engage employees and attract top talent. Employees are looking for more than a paycheck – they want a sense of purpose and connection with the company. Investing in your employees’ volunteer work will increase morale and engagement and help them stay loyal to your company. Giving a company match for employee volunteer time is another way to build a culture of giving. It shows employees that the company cares about their community and shares their values. Another great idea is to match employee gifts and provide paid time off for philanthropical activities. 

Offering A High Match Ratio

Offering high match ratios for employee donations can be a powerful way to boost employee philanthropy. Companies like Microsoft and Apple have matching gift programs that allow employees to give at a 2:1 ratio. Apple also matches employee volunteer hours up to $50 per hour. While not all companies match gifts in the same way, these programs can make a big difference for nonprofits.

Ask your company how much you are willing to match to get the most from your matching gift program. Most companies will match gifts at a 1:1 ratio. For example, if an employee donates $100 to a nonprofit, you can match that amount with a gift of $200. The match amount will vary depending on the employee’s status, such as if they are part-time or a CEO of the same company. However, if they have retired from the company, the ratio will be reduced. Other companies will match gifts by any current or former employee. These companies will often match gifts from an employee’s spouse as well. These programs are most likely to apply to educational institutions. Many companies may tailor their matching gift programs to suit specific employee positions.

Creating Strong Traditions

Creating a tradition of charitable giving within an organization is a great way to attract employees with similar ideals. Not only will employees be loyal to the company, but they will also work harder. Furthermore, helping others will also create a positive brand image for the company. While philanthropy has many positive benefits, it takes work to implement. Companies should first consider whether their contribution program is contextually relevant. Then, determine how they can best use their strengths to help those in need. Then, design a contribution program that considers the surrounding community’s needs and the organization’s unique characteristics.

Creating a corporate philanthropy program is complicated, and many factors must be considered. The most important element is the alignment between the strategy of the organization and the context in which it operates. For example, if a company specializes in a certain industry, it may want to focus on developing skills in a particular field. Then, it may consider investing in infrastructure and technologies to increase its competitive advantage.


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