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Why Cloud Phone Systems Are a Must-Have for Remote Teams


Cloud-based phone systems deliver customers a full range of standard business voice features and unified communications options. Unlike traditional PBX systems, they’re hosted off-site so that time to value is less, and IT resources don’t have to be devoted to hardware maintenance.

You can tailor your platform on the fly to meet specific needs. 


Boost employee productivity and cut costs with a cloud phone system that reduces upfront hardware investments and ongoing maintenance costs. Most providers offer user licenses and advanced features on a pay-per-user basis so businesses can scale capacity without breaking the bank.

By moving the infrastructure to the cloud, IT leaders can focus on other projects that benefit the business. They can also free up their team members to focus on the things they do best.

With a focus on cloud phone, calls are routed via internet connections, meaning employees can make and receive business calls on any device with a reliable Wi-Fi connection. This eliminates the need to invest in costly hardware installations and allows remote employees to connect from anywhere.


Whether your organization is growing or shrinking, it’s essential to have access to scalable voice services. With a cloud phone system, business owners can easily upgrade or expand their capabilities without spending money on new hardware.

Additionally, many cloud phone systems offer fail-over capabilities, mitigating the risks of mass data interruptions. With this, the risk of customer frustration and lost revenue due to unreliable services is drastically reduced.

Furthermore, cloud phone systems are more cost-effective than legacy phones, requiring only a monthly subscription fee, usually based on usage rather than hardware costs. This can save businesses up to 30% or more in total operating expenses compared to traditional phone systems.

Ease of Use

Modern cloud business phone systems operate as part of a unified communications platform, providing advanced calling features, email integrations, CRM software, and more. The best providers also offer live support and security options to help businesses keep their communications secure.

These systems replace traditional phone lines and use VoIP to connect calls over the internet, allowing users to work anywhere. Some of the best solutions feature a user-friendly interface compatible with desktop computers and mobile devices.

Look for a system that offers free local and toll-free numbers, auto-attendant and online faxing. Other convenient features include call routing, voicemail to email and SMS messages, customization, notes, and more. Some providers offer advanced unified communication tools.


Unlike on-premise phone systems that require complex hardware, cloud-based business solutions are hosted off-site, which makes them less prone to system outages and data interruptions due to on-premise hardware failure or natural disasters.

A cloud phone system enables remote teams to work together on projects without the usual distractions of a physical office environment. In addition, the top cloud telephony providers enable CRM integrations and call pops, allowing callers to view relevant customer information during inbound calls. They also offer features such as voicemail to text and callback scheduling to eliminate customer wait times and increase productivity.


By providing a business phone system that is easy to use, mobile compatible, and offers CRM integrations and communication APIs, you can give your remote team all the tools they need to stay productive.

This flexibility also allows you to customize your plan so that sales and customer service teams have advanced features and support teams get a more affordable rate.

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