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Types of Custom Packaging


The days of delivering your products in a plain package to customers are long gone. First impressions are crucial, whether individuals prefer to admit it or not. Quite a bit. And you’ll never have another opportunity to make a good first impression. Custom packaging is a fantastic and cost-effective approach to not only wows your customers, but also to create a lasting impression on your brand, resulting in improved word of mouth, social sharing, brand loyalty, and income. It’s not always about what’s on the inside that counts! When it comes to building a relationship with your clients, the packaging you choose to distribute your items is crucial. The correct external packaging can boost your product’s perceived worth and demonstrate to buyers that you care about presentation. Not only that, but good product wrapping has spawned a flurry of “unboxing films,” in which consumers share videos on social media expressing their delight at getting a particularly well-packaged item. What are the chances? Your product might be the hero of the next viral video if it comes in the appropriate packaging. Customize Packaging plays a key influence in the unboxing experience, which is an important component of the brand-consumer interaction. Often, brands have a fantastic idea and a fantastic packaging designer on hand, but their efforts fail to provide the desired results due to poor packaging selection.

Benefits of Custom Packaging

  • Brand Value Has Increased

A product’s packaging raises brand awareness, adds value, and improves the customer experience over basic packaging. Packaging plays an important role in today’s market, as people are looking for unique and customized items. Boring and generic items that do not make the buyer feel special and entertaining are likely to be a significant turnoff and leave a lot to be desired.

  • Improved Customer Service

As previously said, superior packaging results in a better customer experience. Customers like well-crafted and designed packaging because it makes them feel happy and special. People will sense as if something is lacking from packages that are unsightly, uninteresting, and monotonous.

  • Improved Product Safety

Custom packaging is a wonderful alternative for improved shipment protection if you have a product that is a unique shape or more prone to breaking. The last thing you want is for your items to shatter during delivery because the conventional box you’re using doesn’t fit tightly enough or isn’t adequately cushioned. Custom packaging options are perfect for protecting your product from a variety of damages. You may also like to learn about Eyelash Boxes Wholesale.

Types of Custom Packaging

  • Cardboard Boxes

Cardboard boxes are pre-assembled boxes that are commonly used to package products and materials and can be reused. Professionals in the industry only use the term cardboard on rare occasions because it does not refer to a specific substance. Cardboard can refer to a wide range of various paper-like materials, such as card stock, stacked fiberboard, and so on.

  • Shoulder Box

If you’re looking for a unique form of custom printed packaging, this one sticks out. There are three sections to this unusual box design. The first half is a base, which houses a particular tray, and the second is a tray that sits on top of the base. The shoulder, which lies between the lid and the base to provide a division inside the box design, is the third component. Retailers like this box to package luxury and elegant products because of its unique design configuration. When you color the base and tray the same while creating a contrast with the shoulder, you’ll get the best presenting results.

  • Paperboard Boxes

A thick paper-based substance is referred to as “paperboard”. While there is no hard and fast distinction between paper and paperboard, paperboard is typically thicker (for the most part over 0.30 mm, 0.012 in, or 12 points) than paper and has several distinct advantages, such as foldability and rigidity. Paperboard can be easily cut and shaped, is lightweight, and is used in packaging because of its strength.


Your product’s custom packaging can make it stand out from the crowd. Because there are so many varieties of custom packaging, it’s critical to pick the correct one for your goods. Because they create a premium look and feel, rigid boxes are a popular choice for high-end products. They’re also tough and can keep your merchandise safe during transport. Another common option is mailer boxes, which safeguard your merchandise throughout shipping.

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