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Tips to Get the Most of Behavioral Medicine Therapy – Curtis Cripe


Behavioral medicine is a medical specialty different from other general medicine specialties, so you need to be careful and knowledgeable while approaching it. In case of availing behavioral medicine support, one should work closely with the therapist to set and achieve the goals and measure the progress. While approaching a behavioral medicine specialist, the first few sessions will allow you to talk to the therapist, ask questions, and try to relate to identifying if they are an ideal match for you. There is no point in availing yourself of treatment from someone you are uncomfortable with.

  • A few questions to consider – Curtis Cripe

While finalizing your behavioral therapist, here are a few questions compiled by Curtis Cripe that you may ask yourself.

– Is the behavioral therapist available and cares about your problems?

– Does the therapist accept and accommodate you?

– Are you feeling comfortable revealing your challenges to the therapist?

– Do you feel the therapist is honest and open?

– Do you have to hide things or pretend to be someone else?

– Whether the therapist willing to listen without interrupting or judging?

– Whether the therapist trying to understand what you are saying?

– Whether the interactions make you unsafe or overwhelmed?

After talking to a few accessible behavioral therapists, you may try to answer these questions genuinely, which will give you an insight into who the ideal choice is.

  • The scope of online therapy

If you find it challenging to visit the therapist in person or if transportation or access to childcare seems challenging, then you have the option to opt for online therapy. Taking therapy online will let you access professional help from the comfort of your home over the internet through your smartphone. Videoconferencing is how therapists will be interacting with you, and only if needed may they request you to visit the office. While attending the sessions from home, you can also be more accessible and relaxed in a comfortable environment to discuss your challenges.

  • Getting the most out of behavioral therapy

Behavioral therapy can be an individual journey. What may work for one individual may not work the same for another. You are likely to benefit from behavioral therapy only if you are willing to learn and apply the change to your life. For this, you need to take care of the below things.

  • Based on the therapist’s advice, you have to make healthy lifestyle changes as your mental health is primarily connected to physical health.
    • Consider the therapist as a partner as the therapy cannot solve the problems, but the therapist can work with you and guide you to provide new insight.
    • Be honest and open about your feelings and thoughts to be discussed with the therapist to get the most out of the therapy.
    • Be committed to the treatment and do not skip sessions.
    • Do your homework well as the therapists may ask you to start some exercises or practice some lifestyle changes.

Curtis Cripe reminds us that behavioral therapy is challenging work, and you may need multiple sessions before you start to see the results.

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